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How it works


Millions of men worldwide are concerned about the size and performance of their sexual equipment -- so it stands to reason that science now applies more time, resources and medical brainpower to this field than ever before. Scientists have been studying and evaluating methods for years. Right now, you can benefit from the very latest in sexual enhancement technologies: ProExtender®

Best yet, ProExtender® is now finally available to you without a prescription or doctor's office visit!

Throughout history, people have discovered ways of elongating and enlarging certain body parts to enhance their beauty or status. Various tribal peoples used a method called traction to gradually transform their bodies: enlarge the lips and earlobes, expand the nose and its openings, and even lengthen the neck, the fingers and the penis.

What they discovered, without knowing why it worked, is that the gradually applied stimulation of traction, or stretching, actually encourages growth and expansion of tissue cells. The growth or change is permanent.


Modern medicine uses a much more refined and controlled version of this process in a number of applications: to grow new skin for grafting by gradually stretching tissue; to expand natural tissue for reconstructive surgery; to facilitate healing. And recently, it has been scientifically applied to the area of penis enlargement.

Doctors in Europe sought ways to make this process more sophisticated and precise to be used specifically for the enlargement of the penis. They knew it was possible to build new tissue permanently -- and they wanted to develop a device that would do this safely and effectively to increase penis length and girth. They also saw the value of the device in treating penile disorders like Peyronie's disease, or curvature of the penis.

Earlier methods mostly involving weights or more primitive processes did offer the potential for new tissue growth, but unfortunately the results were unpredictable at best.

ProExtender® was created to give exactly the right amount of traction, gradually increasing over time in a controlled, accurate and easy-to-use device.

ProExtender® was extensively tested, and was the subject of a thorough study presented at the International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery, in 1998, at Barcelona, Spain, from a study called Tractive Elongation of the Penis by Means of Stretching by Jorn Ege Siana, MD, Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery, Copenhagen.

Urologists and plastic surgeons have found the ProExtender® device to be so effective, they continue to use it in their clinics and hospitals and now endorse the release of this technology directly to the public.

Now this breakthrough is available in the most comprehensive penis enlargement device on the market today: the ProExtender® and ProExtender® Deluxe!

WHAT IS ProExtender®?


The ProExtender® Device was designed and developed in Denmark by a medical doctor and scientist with many years of experience studying and evaluating the effectiveness of penile enlargement methods.

The resulting device is ProExtender®... designed to provide gentle non-harmful and painless traction to the penis. The male body's natural reaction to the gentle force of ProExtender® is multiplication of tissue cells and gradual expansion of the penile tissue. In other words, the penis gradually and naturally adds tissue for a larger, longer penis.

Designed for: Flaccid penis size from 2 to 7 inches (18cm)

Comes with:

  • ProExtender® penis enlargement device
  • 1 Set of 2 Inch Elongation Bars
  • Comfort Strap

ProExtender® Deluxe Penis Enlargement Device

For an even bigger penis, try ProExtender® Deluxe. It packs the best of ProExtender® penis enlargement technology with additional traction and even more visible results. You’ll be large and in charge – and have a very impressive manhood indeed!

Designed For: Flaccid penis size 2 to 9 inches (23cm)

Comes with:

  • ProExtender® Deluxe penis enlargement device
  • 2 Sets of 2 Inch Elongation Bars
  • 1 Set of ½ Inch Elongation Bars
  • Comfort Strap
  • Silicone Tube Strap
  • Deluxe Metal Carrying Box


The ProExtender® is guaranteed to enlarge your penis or your money back. It may be the best thing you can do for your confidence, your manhood and that feeling you get with a bigger penis! Order now and see for yourself...

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