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The ProExtender improves your sex life in two ways.

1. Improving Bedroom Performance

The ProExtender is designed to skyrocket your confidence in bed by helping you unleash bigger, harder, longer-lasting erections that just won’t quit.

2. Improving Sexual Satisfaction

The ProExtender is designed to help you enjoy better sex that feels more satisfying and fulfilling.

The ProExtender® works by applying the Traction Method. The Traction Method “triggers” a natural cell duplication process for increasing blood flow resulting in bigger, harder erections and better sexual performance. This method is clinically proven to increase erectile function according to the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF).

Yes. The ProExtender is safe. Our clinically tested device has helped over 500,000 customers without any reports of adverse side-effects.

No. In fact, it’s comfortable.

The ProExtender® is designed with multiple comfort features in order to deliver a pain-free user experience. Unlike cheap imitations, the ProExtender® won’t pinch, poke or pull your penis in any way that causes pain.

The ProExtender® is easy to use. Simply scan the QR code (on the ProExtender carrying case) to watch a short instructional video. Follow the simple step-by-step directions in the video and that’s it, you’re all set.

You could start noticing results in just 2 weeks.

For best results, use the ProExtender for a minimum of 3 months.

Yes, you can use the bathroom while wearing your ProExtender®. No problem.

Yes. You can have sex immediately after wearing your ProExtender®. Just slip it off and have fun!

First, the ProExtender® is a certified medical device (CE certified and FDA-cleared). The method is proven in clinical studies and that’s why it’s recommended by surgeons and physicians worldwide. Not to mention, this device is used by over 500,000 satisfied customers.

Second, the ProExtender® is backed by a 100% satisfaction, 6-month, money-back guarantee (the imposters wouldn’t dare guarantee their cheap imitations).

Third, imitations of the ProExtender don’t work. They can’t work. That’s because to successfully achieve “Traction” (which triggers cell growth for better sexual performance), you must have specific amounts of tension applied to your penis. Fake devices can’t give you the tension you need to achieve Traction.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

But beware, the top complaints with the knock-offs are:

  • 1. Fall apart easily (sometimes within the first week)

  • 2. Painful to wear (constantly pinching the skin of your penis)

  • 3. Difficult to use (confusing instructions heighten risk of injury)

  • 4. Doesn’t work (not enough tension)

  • 5. No money back guarantee (go figure)

As you can see, choosing the ProExtender® is a no-brainer. Our customers find comfort in the fact the ProExtender® is a real medical device (not some plastic gimmick with no real certifications).

Don’t sweat it. Erections can occur spontaneously day or night. And if you happen to achieve an erection while wearing your ProExtender®… it will simply “slip off” without hassle.

Absolutely. The ProExtender® works for uncircumcised men, too.

Don’t sweat it. Erections can occur spontaneously day or night. And if you happen to achieve an erection while wearing your ProExtender®… it will simply “slip off” without hassle.

You have a full 6-months to “test drive” the ProExtender® for yourself – without risking the purchase price.

Simply order today. When your package arrives, open it, and start using it right away. You could start seeing results in just 2 weeks. Continue regular use and if you’re not 100% satisfied, send it back (within 6 months) and we’ll promptly refund your money. No questions asked. No fuss. All we ask is that you cover the shipping charge. Does that sound fair?


Order the ProExtender today, and try it risk-free, for 6 months.

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