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PEYRONIE’S: Too Many Men Are  Too Embarrassed to Seek Help

If you have a severely curved penis – which hurts during intercourse (or makes it completely impossible to have sex) – then you already know, Peyronie’s is a problem.

The bad news is, according to the Mayo Clinic, without intervention, chances are… Peyronie’s will only get worse.

And for some men, getting “worse” means erectile difficulties… or far worse… a life without sex.

Sadly, because of the sensitive nature of this condition, most men are too embarrassed to seek help.


GOAL: Make Sex Possible (without pain)

The goal of every Peyronie’s intervention plan should be to make sex possible, without pain.

But is it truly possible?

The first line of traditional response, in most cases, is pills. And if pill products doesn’t work, then, needles apply injections, directly into the shaft. If the injections fail, the last resort is surgery.

But surgery has risks. Not to mention… it costs a small fortune. In fact, according to an article in Urology Times: the average cost for Peyronie’s surgery is $11,419, and insurance does not always cover the costs.

If you’re looking for an affordable treatment, the ProExtender® is a great option (with an impressive track record).

“Traction is the most cost-effective option for curvature improvement” – Urology Times

The ProExtender® is a medical-grade Traction device for penile enlargement and curvature correction.

If you’re considering your options, the ProExtender® is an affordable, clinically proven method for tackling Peyronie’s.



  • Plaque Size Reduced
  • Erection Quality Improved
  • Plaque Disappeared!

The ProExtender® was put to the test in a 6-month clinical study… with 26 men… each affected by Peyronies.

These participants had been suffering with Peyronie’s, on average, for 2 years.

Researchers wanted to see if the ProExtender® could help correct curvature caused by Peyronie’s.

So each volunteer wore the ProExtender® daily, for six months.

Proextender traction device

The results?

  • Plaque vanished in 7 men
  • Reduced plaque size in 18 men
  • Improved penile sensation occurred
  • Improved erection quality was achieved
  • Curvature reduced
  • Erection & flaccid length increased

The ProExtender®: An Affordable Option For Reducing Curvature Caused By Peyronie’s

The ProExtender® won’t cost you a fortune. And the method is clinically proven to help correct penile curvature caused by Peyronie’s. Are you ready to give it a try?

You can’t lose.

Using the ProExtender® is pain free. Plus…

You’ll also receive a FULL 6-month, money-back guarantee with your purchase. Try the ProExtender® in the comfort of your own home… and watch the results yourself. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, simply return the device for a full refund, minus shipping, no questions asked. (No refunds if damaged in assembly or use.)

Reducing curvature with the ProExtender® is simple, painless, affordable and RISK-FREE.

Try it risk-free and start writing a new chapter in your life today.

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