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I have only been using the device for a few weeks and I am already seeing amazing results. This unit not only lives up to its claim but it is a high-quality instrument. I showed my ProExtender® to a friend who is a precision machinist and he told me that in his professional opinion the ProExtender® is made from high-grade materials and appears to be on par in design, construction, and materials with medical equipment used professionally.

Thanks for making a quality product that delivers on its promise.”

– Rod K.

I wish I discovered the ProExtender 20 years ago!

I’ll admit I had some concerns before purchasing the ProExtender®; namely cost and comfort. [But] factoring in the huge costs involved in enhancement surgery and more importantly, the possibility of complications, made my decision clear, and I ordered the ProExtender® realizing that to settle the discomfort issue I would have to try it – After all, there is a money back guarantee.

As it turns out, the ProExtender® is light, very well constructed, and after the initial unfamiliar feel goes away, in my case about 4 days, I hardly noticed it.


I’ve been wearing the ProExtender® about 5-6 hours a day, 6 days a week. Again, like working out I feel consistency is the key – And I’ve had amazing results. My Confidence, sex drive, and stamina are all vastly increased.

I’m 44 years old, feel like I’m 24 and wish I’d discovered the ProExtender® 20 years ago!”

– Mark A.

The ProExtender is the real deal”

really didn’t think there was a solution to my worries… but one day my friend let it slip that he had been using this system for the last few months and was making great progress. In fact, after he started, he couldn’t stop talking about it. After that conversation he had me convinced and I ordered mine the next day, I started seeing results

They say word of mouth advertising is the best. My friend told me, now I’m telling you (And everyone) the ProExtender® is the Real Deal.”

-John H.

I could feel it working from day one”

I could physically see and feel working from day one. The ProExtender® isn’t cheap, but it’s a one-time purchase, you have it forever. From the first time I used it, I could feel the ProExtender® working. It’s well made, light, and comfortable; I can wear it almost anywhere.”

– Kelly B.

My erections are HARD AS A ROCK”

It is difficult to describe to someone who doesn’t know how it feels when you are not happy with your penis. You eagerly read up on every new product on the market, you spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on products that don’t deliver. Naturally when I saw that ad for ProExtender®, I was a little skeptical, but the more I read, the more it made sense. Especially the reference to the traction method used by tribal people. Now here was a chance to apply the same principles with a modern, lightweight, medically approved apparatus. I was sold.

The truth is, the ProExtender® works. In ten months, my erections are hard as a rock and I have increased sexual energy. I plan on using it for at least another year, it’s so exciting. I really was beginning to think that there was no real solution to my problem, but trust me, there is. It’s called ProExtender®.”

– Kelly C.

My self confidence is through the roof!”

I have been using the ProExtender regularly for several months now and I’m already noticing results. My penis has noticeably grown in length and that’s not the only thing that’s grown. My self-confidence is through the roof, as is my sex drive! I don’t know if it’s psychological or physical but I want sex more and can perform way more than I used to. Before, every time I was with a partner it would be in the back of my mind that maybe I didn’t measure up, but now, no worries at all.”strong>

– Tony E.

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