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Penile Traction Increases Erection Function By Up To 36%!

Penile Traction is clinically tested and known for producing amazing results. In fact, the British Journal of Urology published a study (that was later republished by Science Daily) showing how men using a penile traction device improved erectile function by up to 36%.

Using the ProExtender, you’ll be able to get your hands on a medical-grade clinically tested Traction Device recommended by urologists, physicians and plastic surgeons worldwide.

At 3 months men undergoing penile traction therapy demonstrated significant improvements over controls in erectile function (4.3 vs –0.7, p = 0.01) according to the International Index of Erectile Function.”


“Significant and Clinically Meaningful Improvements”

The results from this clinical trial should slap a smile on the face of any man seeking deeper, more satisfying sex.

Here’s why:

In 2019, the Journal of Urology published a fascinating article. Explaining how 110 men participated in a randomized, controlled, single-blind trial wore a penile traction device. The men were instructed to wear the device for between 30 to 90 minutes, every day, for 3 months.

The results?

According to the Journal, “Significant and clinically meaningful improvements” occurred. More specifically, these lucky men enjoyed significantly better erectile function according to the International Index of Erectile Function.

Men Suffering From Erection Issues  Boost Normal Erectile Function!

The Journal of Sexual Medicine published an amazing study.

You can see the results for yourself in Volume 12 of the May 2015 edition.

Here’s a recap:

There were 54 men participating in this study. Each man suffered from a horrible erectile condition (where the shape of their penis was unsatisfactory). Thirteen of these men were also suffering from erectile function issues. Researchers wanted to see if a Penile Traction Device could help.

The results?

First of all, at the conclusion of the study, this Penile Traction Device was reported safe and minimally invasive. But perhaps best of all, many of the men struggling with erection problems boosted normal erectile function! The results were measured using the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5).


RESULTS: Greater Sexual Satisfaction,Bigger, Harder Erections and Better Sex

Getting surgery sucks. The fear. The worry. The anxiety. All swirling around in the mind like an emotional tornado. But what happens post-surgery can be as equally frightening. For example: Some men are forced to remove their prostate (this is called a prostatectomy). After surgery, many of these men experience erectile issues, like weak erections incapable of penetrating.

Men suffering from poor erectile function post-prostate surgery are stuck with few choices for help. The most obvious option (and the easiest for the doctor to prescribe) is prescription drugs. But now more than ever, men are seeking 100% natural options without reported side-effects.

So researchers got curious.

They wanted to see if penile traction could help men post-prostatectomy improve sexual function. So they conducted a groundbreaking clinical trial with fifty-two men for 6 months.

The results were mind-blowing.

Here’s a quote from the study published in The Journal of Urology:

At 6 months, penile traction therapy achieved greater improvements of erectile function (IIEF-Erectile Function +0 vs −6.5, p=0.03), intercourse satisfaction (IIEF-Intercourse Satisfaction +1 vs −3.5, p <0.01) and overall sexual satisfaction (IIEF-Overall Sexual Satisfaction 0 vs −3, p <0.01).”

In summary:

Penile Traction helped men produce harder erections for enjoying better, more satisfying sex.

It’s no wonder why 93% of participants said they would recommend it to others.


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