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The Science of Bigger, Harder Erections Using The Traction Method

Here’s how the Traction Method works using the ProExtender®

Step 1: Securely fasten the ProExtender® to your penis

Putting on the device is simple. That’s because the ProExtender comes with a QR code that will show you how to easily and quickly assemble and attach the device. Just follow along, step-by-step.

Step 2: Adjust screws to the proper degree of tension

Just like adding weight to a barbell, the Traction method applies different degrees of tension, depending on your goals and comfort level. You’ll know exactly what degree of tension you need by watching the easy-to-follow instructional video (which you can review by scanning the QR code on your ProExtender carrying case). 

Step 3: Continue wearing the ProExtender®

In order to see significant results, you must wear your ProExtender® regularly. You’ll have access (by scanning the QR code) to an easy-to-follow, step-by-step program for safely boosting your bedroom performance.

Step 4: Traction (tension + time) triggers mitosis (cell duplication)

The ProExtender® is designed to apply safe, gentle tension (Traction) for extended time periods. Traction stretches the cells, causing them to divide. Meaning, one cell becomes two cells. Two become four. And four become eight. And that’s the entire process. You get the picture?

Step 5: Enjoy the results!

The results you could achieve using the ProExtender® would transform your sex life forever. No more “timing” things just right. By applying this clinically proven method to your member, you could expect “on demand” performance whenever the moment strikes.

Image your bedroom confidence exploding, feeling the raw power that comes with sexually pleasing your partner like in her wildest dreams.

Imagine hearing your partner moan with pleasure while your harder erection is throbbing wildly inside of her.

And imagine that smile spread across your partner’s face after completely satisfying her deepest sexual needs.

It’s the thrill of a lifetime.

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