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10 Awful Ways You Can Turn a Great Night into a Nightmare

Great Night into a Nightmare

Sex is not just the deed. Well, okay, sex is the deed. But the whole lovemaking thing does not end when you both reach a climax. It goes well beyond that point and making it a perfectly intimate experience for the both of you depends on how you act after the coitus part. There are pros and cons, and rules when it comes to sex.
After sexAfter sex, as you may realize in horror that you might not have thought of some of those unspoken rules. One wrong move and you can turn an intimate night into a horrid nightmare.
Then you can say goodbye to your lover forever.Doing something else after the deed can leave your partner thinking that you have just been waiting for it to be over with, so you can move on to the things that you need to do.It leaves your partner feeling neglected, which can then lead them to feel irritated.
The next thing you know, an argument starts and then bam, your lovemaking transforms into a cold war. That’s a no-no, if you want a full-blown sexual and intimate relationship with your woman.
Any woman loves to cuddle even for a few minutes after sex.In that account, here is a list of sexual faux pas that you need to look out for after sex. You might think they’re okay and are something that you both are used to, but hey, you never know, she could be counting your mistakes.

1. Falling Asleep After The Deed

Falling Asleep After The DeedLadies, raise your hands if this happens a lot. Sleeping right after the deed is one major sexual faux pas that many guys commit, even if you refuse to admit it.
Falling asleep on your woman after sex can make her think that you have been rushing to get it done, so you can sleep. Ouch for her.
Sure, you were all extreme, give-it-your-all performance and that was one tiring fête. But can’t you just stay up for a few minutes more?Your woman likes to experience that after sex glow and sensations with you. If she can stay up after that wild ride, so can you.
Gentlemen, please do all women a favor and just keep your eyes open. You can fall asleep together. That’s more romantic, right?

2. Jumping From The Bed And Rushing To The Bathroom

What could possibly be so yucky that you run for your life to the bathroom to clean up? Unless you have a call of nature, this is absolutely ridiculous. Any slimy, slicky, sticky whatever that you have on you is from both of you. Sometimes it’s even mostly from you.
Rushing To The BathroomSo it’s not gross, got that?If you’re obsessed with cleanliness, be creative. Ask her to join you in the shower.
That’s more polite and romantic. Plus, you might just get lucky in the shower and get a round two.

3. Icky Actions

So, number two is not rushing to clean up. There’s a borderline to that and that’s not being overly gross. Like taking a piss on the bed, letting the dog lick you up.Those are icky actions that are just a major turn off, it’s not even funny. Some may have fantasies and fetishes for those acts, but a majority of the women do not find them sexy.
A little slick and sticky here and there on your body and hers, enough to remind you both of the wild ride that you just had. There’s a distinction when you are going overboard and if it involves animals or secretions from other body parts, so stop it.

4. Checking Your Mobile Phone

Checking Your Mobile PhoneUnless it’s an emergency, whoever is on the other end of the call or text message can wait.
Checking your mobile phone right after you have sex can leave your woman feeling less important and make her think that you just used her body for your pleasure. That’s right, women think that.
Women understand your need to be stay connected to social media and read updates on your favorite sports, but you also have to respect the time that you partner gives you. Put that phone down for a few minutes and give her the attention she deserves.

5. Leaving Right After Sex

This is probably the most douche-y of all douche bag moves. “What am I, your little sex toy?” is something women will think if you decide to bounce after having sex.
Leaving Right After Sex
The sex could be all good and pleasurable, but leaving right afterwards will make your woman think that you’re just using her body for pleasure.
Maybe you’re busy, maybe there’s an urgent matter to attend to. Why don’t you settle these things first, and then come back and make unhurried love to her. That way, you don’t have to leave right away, and you can take time to enjoy each other more.

6. Watching Television

“What, the sex was too boring that you need to watch TV instead?” Watching TV after sex is a slap in her face, metaphorically.It’s like you’re saying that you were bored with the sex, or that you’re done and she should move over, so you can watch basketball.
Watching TelevisionYou may already be done with the sex, but watching TV right after the act can make her feel like the whole lovemaking thing was too unexciting for you, and you opt to watch sports,instead.
If you both like watching TV, then you can watch something that you both like and continue the lovemaking. But if you’re doing it because the sex is done – dude, that’s really insensitive of you.

7. Saying Those Three Words: “I Love You.”

This is ridiculous if you’re on a one night stand, so just don’t. But, if you’ve been with the same woman for quite some time, those three words are something that you will have to think closely about before saying.
I love youSaying “I love you” involves emotions, and it is something that you cannot take back. If you are not in this part of your relationship yet, then you better steer clear of this declaration of your feelings.
If you do love the woman you’re with, after sex is not really the ideal venue to declare your love for her. Sure, the emotions are there, you’re both together, just the two of you.
But men sometimes say things they don’t really mean because they’re happy, or because they just had an awesome experience. That is something women are skeptic about, so, say these words at the right place, at the right time.

8. Not Returning The Favor

She spent a good five minutes down there pleasuring you. Do you think you could return the favor and do the same?Sure, she may enjoy exciting you and watching you come apart by using her mouth. She would also love for you to try and do the same to her.
She may not really demand for you to do it, but hello? An eye for an eye? Not returning the favor is just impolite, ungentlemanly and selfish. Her mouth on you will feel just as good to her with your mouth on her, so by all means, return that lavish favor.

9. Asking “How was it?”

How was itAre you holding a survey by asking women to rate your performance in the sack? Asking how you performed will give you a formidable zero.
It’s like asking for compliments and also bragging about yourself. There is really no good in asking your partner how she liked your show. Plus, you might not like the answer.
Now it’s different from asking your partner what she liked best, for the purpose of taking note of it and repeating it in the future to pleasure her. That is the good way of doing it.

10. Not Cuddling

What is really the point of all this? Women are natural-born cuddlers. Women like spooning, like to stay in bed, like your arms around them, like you whispering sweet nothings to them, like it when you fall asleep together. Women like to cuddle. Women like men who like to cuddle.
CuddlingCuddling is intimate, sweet and romantic and is perfect when done right after sex. The romance entangling the two of you after doing such an intimate act is perfect.
So, if you are not a cuddler or cuddling is something that you don’t like doing, then you better work on it now, because cuddling is a major turn on and a requirement for women.
These are just 10 things that can turn your private, romantic and intimate night into an awkward no-talking scenario, or worse, it can lead to an epic argument.
You may not have noticed that you were already doing these things, and sometimes the intentions of these actions are not to offend your woman. However, you need to watch out for these unpleasant ways that can ruin your night as it may start to cause a rift between you and your woman.
Sex should be an enjoyable activity, before, during and after. You should give your full attention and performance to your partner when you are making love to her. She deserves no less, as do you.

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