Monthly Archives: February 2015

10 Ways to Make Sure You Don't Hit a Homerun

8 Ways to Turn Great Sex Into Amazing Sex

Sex is one of the cornerstones of every relationship. If you really want to take your relationship to the next level, good sex can certainly help. However, even though most men think that they are enjoying sex a lot, they are only thinking from their own perspectives. It is important to think about what the woman must be feeling during the whole intercourse.Continue reading

Reasons Why She's Not Down on Going Down on You

8 Reasons Why She's Not Down on Going Down on You

Oral sex has to be one of the most pleasurable experiences in life. Truly, blowjobs are the best gift of all, and admittedly we all would for our lovers to enjoy them just as much. However, it sometimes it appears as though our significant others do not find as much joy in performing oral sex on us—why is this? How is it possible that we seek so much enjoyment out of an activity that appears to cause others measurable amounts of grief?Continue reading

Sizzling Sex Tips from the Hottest Celebs

7 Sizzling Sex Tips from the Hottest Celebs

Celebrities attain all of the characteristics we adore. They are attractive, funny and personable. This is why we love to purchase magazines, posters, books and other merchandise branding their personas. At the end of the day, we idolize famous celebrities.Continue reading

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