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7 Sizzling Sex Tips from the Hottest Celebs

Sizzling Sex Tips from the Hottest Celebs

Celebrities attain all of the characteristics we adore. They are attractive, funny and personable. This is why we love to purchase magazines, posters, books and other merchandise branding their personas. At the end of the day, we idolize famous celebrities.
We constantly look to celebrities to emulate everything about them. After all, celebrities are the most beautiful specimens, so we try to copy all that they do and wear. Sex is no different. Since we look to celebrities to figure out what is sexy, it is natural to wonder what they have to say about sex.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be just like the celebrities for a day? Read on to learn about their sex-capdes and sex advice.

1. Go For It And Be Spontaneous

sexy figureOur first tip sounds a little cliché, but many different celebrities claim that the spontaneity of hooking up in a rather dangerous location can really spice things up.
Chrissy Teigen is known for her stunning looks, sexy figure, and culinary ability; truly, she is the mecca of hot babes. According to Chrissy Teigen, one piece of advice is to have sex on a plane, like she did.
She says that she and her boyfriend were flying to Thailand, when all of a sudden she and her man went at it under a blanket.
Interesting to note: they were flying commercial first class, so other people were around; no private jet for this sexy couple.
Jada Pinkett Smith is also one to desire sex in unlikely places. According to a 2009 interview, Jada Pinkett Smith said that switching up the location helps to keep the flame alive in a relationship. She is quoted as listing different locations, such as an office, bathroom, even a guest bedroom.
Her advice is to have a sneaky little date and be sexy with it. For example, if your man works in an office, then sneak in and pretend to be his secretary. She guarantees things are sure to heat up with this little switch-a-roo.
Our next celebrity is no shy gal when it comes to her sexy secrets.

2. It’s Okay To Be Bad

innermost sexy natureSome actresses and female celebrities are known for their badass reputations. Angelina Jolie and her persona of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider are no exception.
Angelina Jolie claims that it is pertinent for a woman to not lose her innermost “bad girl,” even when married.
Her theory is that your man knew what he was signing up for, and just because you marry, have kids, and ultimately settle down, you do not need to lose your innermost sexy nature.
She claims she still has that bad side; it is just harnessed now for Brad and Brad only.
Scarlett JohanssonAnother little well-known bad girl is Scarlett Johansson. Mostly known as an actress with an acquired taste for older men, Scarlett Johansson claims to have a bad girl fantasy.
Scarlett told in an interview that she has the ultimate fantasy of having sex in a car; something that is rather risqué for most. To her, hooking up in the backseat is the ultimate raunchy, sexy act, and she absolutely loves it.
These celebrities have tons of advice and secrets, and some of them revolve around more than where to have sex. Keep reading to learn about when Jessica Simpson and Angelina Jolie love to have sex.

3. A Bun In The Oven Can’t Stop The Lovin

For some, pregnancy is enough to halt all sexual activity. Whether it is out of fear of hurting the unborn child, or simply not feeling sexy, many women scoff at the thought of sex during pregnancy.
However, two of our sexy celebrities advise otherwise.
Angelina Jolie claims that pregnancy is one of the best things that can happen to a woman’s sex life. Why, you ask?
pregnancyAccording to Angelina Jolie, pregnancy allows for creativity in the bedroom. The roundness and fullness of a pregnant woman is simply sexy to her, and she loves it.
Another sexy celebrity who is all about pregnant sex is Jessica Simpson. According to Jessica Simpson, the orgasms she experiences while pregnant are unlike any she has ever felt.
For her, pregnancy helps her feel even more intimate and in love with her partner, and she yearns for more and more intimate connections, if you catch our drift.
Pregnancy is not the only thing that might be stopping you from feeling sexy; read on to learn about how celebrities cope with sex as elderly adults.

4. Age Is Nothing But A Number

Women of all ages might feel as if they lose their sex appeal as they age, and celebrities are not exactly exempt from the aging process.Sure, they have the ability to slow it down by a few years or so, but celebrities also feel the brunt of aging. Older celebrities, such as Jane Fonda, dish about their sex life after 60.
agingJane Fonda admits that her sex life is not quite what it used to be; however, it may not be exactly what you would expect.
Jane Fonda, at age 76, is still feeling sexy and yearning for her partner, but rather it is her knee that is keeping her from fulfilling all of the positions that she loves. Her advice? Work around it. Since Jane claims her fake knee flares up, she says she loves to do it lying down or sitting up on the couch.
Many seniors claim that sex is like a fine wine – it gets better with age, and we can understand why. As you age, you learn about your own body, as well as your partner’s, whether that partner is the same person or not. Sex as a mature, older adult is nothing to be ashamed of, and celebrities are the first to agree.
Age can put a damper on sex, but so can a long-distance relationship. Keep reading to hear what celebrity Sting has to say about his sex life with long distance wife, Trudie Syler.

5. The Miles Between Them Keep Them Coming For More

Sting claims to love having a little distance from wife, Trudie Syler.
relationshipIt is not that he does not love her, but rather he loves avoiding what he calls, “pedestrian sex.” According to Sting, couples can fall into a monotonous rut, something that we believe everyone can agree on.
To avoid this “pedestrian” relationship, Sting and his wife romance the heck out of each other whenever they have the chance.
He claims to dress up, dress her up, and put on a show. Sting and his wife have a playful, coy tone in their sex life, and he says this is what keeps the passion and desire burning.
Being older and in a committed relationship can allow for a passionate sexual connection. However, some younger stars have advice about what to do if you have not really experienced one committed sexual relationship yet.

6. Know Your Own Before You Know Someone Else’s Genitals

Taylor Momsen is a hot star of the popular show Gossip Girl. If one were to compare Taylor Momsen with her Gossip Girl persona of Jenny Humphrey, then they would be extremely shocked to learn the differences between the two.

Whereas Jenny is quite the raunchy teen, Taylor Momsen is an exquisite and mature young woman.At the age of 17, Taylor Momsen was interviewed about sex, especially since she was labeled to be the next Lindsay Lohan.
This is a label that we feel as indicative of her Gossip Girl character, not of her as a person. However, Taylor Momsen answered in the interview an interesting fact.
As a 17-year-old, she felt that it was more important for a young person to know themselves before becoming sexually involved with anyone else. Sheer genius, really. Therefore, Taylor Momsen promoted masturbation and truly knowing one’s own privates before sharing them with someone else.
Now known for her provocative and headstrong role in the band The Pretty Reckless, we can only imagine where Taylor Momsen’s masturbation has landed her today.

7. Be True To Yourself – And Your Vagina

And last but not least, many stars want us to remember to be selfish and keep our vaginas, and sex lives, happy.
happy in a sexual relationshipOlivia Wilde says it best when she claims that while it is easy to lie to our families at the holidays, it is not easy to lie to our own genitals – such a true statement. Truly, if our vagina is not happy, then we can’t fake it.
Gwyneth Paltrow also comments on the idea of keeping ourselves happy in a sexual relationship. To Gwyneth, sexual happiness involves a little selflessness. She explains that most couples yell and scream when they are mad.
Her advice? Turn your anger and hate into love, and give your man a blowjob. Wow – we bet he has a new appreciation for Gwyneth Paltrow now.
Now that you have an abundance of advice from our sexiest female celebrities, why not put them to good use? Find your lover and put all of our advice out for a test run. Remember that whether pregnant or even on a plane, it is never impossible to have a hot, sexy encounter.
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There is nothing to be ashamed of. These hot celebrities have bared all, so why don’t you?

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