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10 Facts About the Penis That Will Amaze You

Talk about a penis to any woman and she will smile comically. Dicks are really peculiar. Although not too attractive, funsticks are a great tool for fun and sexual pleasure for women. And, women are always on the lookout for learning incredible facts about this organ. (more…)

Comic Characters

10 Comic Characters We Suspect Have Bizarre Genitalia

Perhaps while growing up, you were always nose-deep in a Marvel comic. Every year, you may have swarmed Comic-Con. You may even wish you were Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk or Batman. If you have related to any of these statements, then chances are you are a comic book whizz. You can probably ramble off the super powers, abilities and backgrounds of many different characters. But can you describe their penises? We sure can. (more…)

Fun with Your Man's Penis

9 Ways to Have Silly Fun with Your Man's Penis

Too often, we become preoccupied with being sexy and appealing to our partners. Instead, we should strive to enjoy our partners. Have fun and relax. Isn’t this what is most essential in a relationship? (more…)

10 Incredibly Funny Things Men Do With Their Penises

It is no secret that a man’s penis is their power of strength and authority. Although it is a status or dominance thing, some men that do incredibly unusual and funny things with their penises.
To some looking from the other end, it may be strange, but for the man, it is a normal day-to-day activity.  A majority of the activities may surprise you, since they are weird and unheard of, but to a man, they are quite normal. (more…)

6 Crazy Things Men Do to Spice Up Their Nether Regions

Tattoos, body piercings, nail art and implants – these are only some of the many ways you can improve your appearance. While these procedures are already culturally acceptable, did you know that there is something you can do with your area down there, too? And believe it or not, these options are slowly making raves and are considered by many to spice up their sex life. (more…)

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