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6 Crazy Things Men Do to Spice Up Their Nether Regions

Tattoos, body piercings, nail art and implants – these are only some of the many ways you can improve your appearance. While these procedures are already culturally acceptable, did you know that there is something you can do with your area down there, too? And believe it or not, these options are slowly making raves and are considered by many to spice up their sex life.
As crazy as it may sound, here are seven bizarre things that people do to dress up their genitals:

1. Bulge-Enhancing Underwear

There will always be a big thing between men and their size down there. After all, the bigger the cock, the more bragging rights you have.
Thankfully, bulge-enhancing underwear is here. Unlike the regular brief or boxers that hide your penis, this type of underwear will definitely shout out to the world that your manhood exists in a big way.
The DownsideBulge-Enhancing Underwear
Okay, here’s the thing: Bulge-enhancing underwear will definitely give your penis THE look, but it does not and will never change your penis size.
Fine, it is a good way to show off your manhood, but once you remove the underwear and the deliver your package, your partner might be surprised with what you’re hiding. Plus, it may not be comfortable for you to wear.
The bottom line: Be happy with what you have or use something natural, like the ProExtender System to add length to your manhood the proven, scientific way.

2. Piercing Your Privates

Somewhere along the line, men started piercing their genitals. Perhaps it’s the excitement of rubbing your cold, hard steel against your lover’s skin.
Whatever the reason, the jewelry is specially made for the private region by being highly-polished to remove any sharp edges. It wouldn’t be good to tear that condom by accident, now would it?
The most common piercing for guys is the Prince Albert, which consists of a circular barbell, or bead ring, piercing through your ultra-sensitive urethra. Ouch – it takes approximately two months to heal completely, too.

Another genital piercing that takes two months to heal is the Dydoe, a pair of barbell studs made from titanium placed through the ridge along the head of your penis called the corona. Some men believe this type of piercing enhances sexual pleasure for everyone involved, as it should, for Pete’s sake.
But the big bad mother of them all is the Ampallang, which takes nearly a year to heal; however, this titanium barbell stud that goes horizontally through the glans, or head of the penis, makes it stay very firm throughout sex, no matter how long it takes.
The barbells rub on the walls of the vagina during lovemaking, enhancing your lady’s pleasure considerably. So worth it, right?
The Downside
Pain is the biggest downside here. If you don’t mind waiting for the area to heal up, so you can enjoy sex again – or even sitting or moving, for that matter – then go for it. A word to the wise: practice extra diligent hygiene here, because infection is another problem that comes with piercing your man parts.

3. Inking Your Penis

Inking A form of loyalty and commitment, many men are getting their soul mate’s name or initials tattooed onto their penises.
Others are choosing some pretty interesting illustrations, such as a magic mushroom, a pen or pencil, an arrow, flame, or even a slithery snake.
The main challenge is finding a tattoo artist who is willing to work on such an intimate area – and then, who do you show it off to? You can’t just go around town waving your member around proudly.
The Downside
It’s seriously going to hurt and you won’t like it, so this is definitely a bad idea for a first-time tattoo virgin.
embarrassmentYour penis does not have to be erect for this, like most men think, but guess what – it will be – another embarrassment.
Then there’s the sad tale of the Iranian fellow who at 21, had his girlfriend’s initials tattooed on his penis. He now has a permanent erection due to nonischemic priapism, which is the failure of the blood to escape back out from the penis.

4. The BibHanger Genital Weighting System

Did you know that there are devices designed for those with penis size issues? While there is a scientific basis to its prototype, such devices are now used for cosmetic reasons.
One of this is BibHanger which aims to make your man member bigger. It has a weight attachment hook where you hang weights from your dick to make it look bigger.
The Downside
There are men who attest to the effectiveness of BibHanger and how it made their size bigger and longer.
risky workoutUnfortunately, this is a risky workout. A simple mistake can harm your penis and permanently damage it.
If you really want a longer member minus the risk, then stick to something like the ProExtender Penis Enlargement System. It is used and recommended by many physicians around the world, making it the safer choice.

5. Enhancing The Testicles

Somewhere down the line, men got the idea that their testicles are supposed to look, well – pretty. In the quest for perfectly round balls that are equal in size, men are opting for testicular prosthesis surgery.
Reading like a fast food menu, they can opt for medium, large or extra-large silicone implants to make those hanging guys look great.
The Downside
Aside from the risks of surgery, silicone implants can leak and even harden, causing much discomfort, and even pain. The expense is also a big deal, after all, why fix something that isn’t broken?

6. Circumcised No More

Foreskin restoration surgeryA tiny revolution is taking place below men’s belts. Men everywhere are looking into getting their foreskin back.
This takes place surgically using skin grafts, or using some at home methods of tugging at or taping the skin all day, every day.
Devices have popped up in the market like MySkinClamp, to gradually stretch out the skin that remains until a foreskin is formed.
The Downside
Foreskin restoration surgery is expensive and risky; the grafts may or may not take – and the site where the surgeon gets the skin grafts can also become infected. The devices that pull and stretch at your skin can be dangerous if you don’t follow the instructions to a “T,” and even when you do, you can still cause injury if you are overzealous.
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve your appearance. However, if it involves your sexy parts, it might cause serious issues. Remember, your genital area is a sensitive place. So if your partner requires and demands you to use any of these bizarre things, end your relationship. It’s probably not going to work out anyway, and you’ll still have your genitals.

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