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Unsolved Mysteries Of The Penis

9 Unsolved Mysteries Of The Penis

Do you ever just wish that your penis could talk to you? Imagine for a moment if you could open up your zipper, ask a few important questions and have your penis reply with simple, yet concise information?
Since the human penis does not have the ability to communicate, there are many unsolved mysteries behind how it functions. Even reproductive system professionals have a hard time trying to explain the reasons behind what and why the penis is the way it is. (more…)


8 Insane Places Where Rockers Have Put Their Manhood

For many, rock stars are like gods. They make great music, sell millions of albums around the world and party every day. Better yet, they are constantly surrounded by the most beautiful women and of course, they have the most ridiculous sex life. Thanks to their popularity, millions of women around the world worship them and long to get inside their pants. (more…)

bigger penis size

6 Bizarre Ways Men Pretty Up Their Penises

When you are a woman, you will never understand men and their fascination for “size” down there. For men, how well-endowed they are, or the lack of it, is a big issue. Although it is not always the case, having a bigger penis size is often associated with better performance in bed. (more…)

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