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9 Unsolved Mysteries Of The Penis

Unsolved Mysteries Of The Penis

Do you ever just wish that your penis could talk to you? Imagine for a moment if you could open up your zipper, ask a few important questions and have your penis reply with simple, yet concise information?
Since the human penis does not have the ability to communicate, there are many unsolved mysteries behind how it functions. Even reproductive system professionals have a hard time trying to explain the reasons behind what and why the penis is the way it is.
questions regarding your male packageAs a man, we all know you have questions regarding your male package. If you are curious about those questions, you are on the right track by reading this article.
The fact of the matter is, no matter how many times you ask a man about their dick, they can’t give you a direct answer.
You will probably never get a correct explanation. Here are the nine most common unresolved puzzles that revolve around a man’s prick that you are probably wondering about:

#9 Why Is There Always Semen Leaking Out Of The Penis, Even After Orgasm?

Once a man hits their big O, everybody would expect that all the semen would be ejected out of the penis. However, have you noticed a few drops or so still leaking out even after the main ejaculation? According to many health care professionals, this is quite normal for many men and there is nothing to worry about.
The explanation behind it is that semen is quite sticky and thick and it does take a bit more time for gravity to work and eject it out of a man’s urethra.
This is not a bad thing, in other words.

#8 Why Does The Penis Shrink When It Is Wet?

cold temperaturesA wet penis does not cause it to shrink, the chill of the environment surrounding the penis is the cause of shrinkage. The cool air or cool water that touches the penis is the reason why it shrivels up.
A man’s scrotum is located outside the body and the reason behind that is because sperm needs to be a specific temperature for survival.
The muscles around the scrotal area, as well as the spermatic cord, which are connected to the testicles, tighten when they are put in cold temperatures. This in turn pulls up the scrotum towards the man’s body in an effort to keep it warm. With the contraction occurring, the penis tissues and muscles shrink.
Shrinkage is mother nature’s way of warming up your cock.

#7 Why Do Men Have Boners Almost Every Single Morning?

morning sexJust because a man has a boner in the morning, it does not mean that they are feeling horny. For men, their testosterone levels are at its peak in the morning time.
That is the reason why most men have boners almost every morning.. Since the tent is pitched every morning, having some early morning sex is not at all a bad way to start the day.
A rise in your T-levels is nothing to sneeze at, right?

#6 Why Do Men Have Wet Dreams?

Some men wake up in the middle of the night and notice that their briefs or boxers are wet. For some, pee might be the source of wetness, but for others, it is man juice.A wet dream is actually a normal occurrence. It is described to be having an erotic dream, which finishes off with involuntary ejaculation of semen.
For many men, it is basically having sex in their dreams. Wet dreams are a cause of elevated levels of testosterone.
Wet DreamsAdolescent males do tend to experience wet dreams more frequently than older men  since their testosterone levels are higher.
Although explanations are still unsure, many experts believe that wet dreams could be the man’s way making room for fresh new sperm.
Dream on.

#5 Why Do Men Experience Off-angle Peeing Moments?

Many men believe that since their pee hole is set right in the middle of the penis head, their urine would shoot out perfectly. However, some men do experience moments when the pee at an unusual angle. Most men cannot explain the reasons behind that awkward experiences.
masturbating Many men pee at an off-angle usually after sex, after masturbating or after having a wet dream. The reason behind that is because since there is still a bit of semen coming out of the urethra from the orgasm, there is an obstruction in the way.
For most men, this is normal, but for those who experience it more, even if there has been no orgasm involved, it could be a sign of scar tissue or an STD.
Target practice may not help here.

#4 Why Do Some Men Have Penises That Grow Larger When Erect, While Other Penises Get Smaller?

Have you heard the saying “some guys are growers and no show-ers?” This is actually very true. Not every man has the “perfect penis,” so that means some men have to face certain man tool issues.
According to doctors, men who have smaller penises when flaccid usually are longer when erect. On the other hand, men who have longer penises when it is limp have a tendency to become harder but not any bigger. It really just depends on genetics, sometimes.
Blame your parents for this one.

#3 Why Do Some Men Have Problems Getting An Erection During Sex?

situational erectile dysfunctionNow this could be a problem. Imagine, how can a male and female have sexual intercourse without a man’s erection?
Impossible! However, this tends to happen to some men and it is termed as “situational erectile dysfunction.” This is another scenario that should not alarm men if it occurs just once or twice.
However, those men who experience it quite often should probably see their health care professional regarding the problem. This situation occurs when a man is super-stressed out with life and feeling great pressure or anxiety. If the situation becomes really bad, a doctor may prescribe a low dose erectile dysfunction medicine.
Be proactive with your penis problems, man.

#2 Why Do Men Get “Blue Balls?”

Almost every man has experienced “blue balls” syndrome. This happens when a man is severely turned on and nothing follows for an ejaculation or an orgasm to occur.
persistent painMany men tend to describe as a nagging and painful feeling that they feel in their scrotum. The medical term for blue balls is actually “prostatic congestion.”
The reason it tends to hurt is because of the temporary fluid congestion in the testicles. Basically, the man does not reach sexual satisfaction and their ball sacks start to cause them persistent pain.
Sounds like a valid reason to demand sex from your old lady.

#1 Is There A Connection Between A Man’s Hand Or Foot Size And Their Penis?

The common mentality is that men who have really big hands and feet are known to have a bigger prick. For many years, this has been the popular fact when it comes to predicting a man’s penis size.
Although it is a good assumption, it really does not have any connections. The size of your dick all depends on your genetics and body type.
HandThere are actually some men who have small hands and feet, but have a mighty big penis size. So try not to be fooled by a man’s hand and foot size.
You can’t tell a big book by its little cover.
The penis is an organ that has many mysteries, indeed. Now that you have a better idea of some of the most popular questions about a man’s member, you should be way ahead of the game.
Try not to believe the common assumptions people have regarding the penis, because all men are different from one another. The penis has its own secrets that it hides from everyone else – and perhaps even a mind of its own. We’ll never know, or will we?

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