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Protect Your Erections

10 Natural Ways to Protect Your Erections

For reasons some people don’t understand, a man’s penis has always been a man’s bragging rights. Perhaps how big you are down there and the number of women you have slept with is one of the reasons why some dudes are jealous of you. Unfortunately, certain lifestyle habits could put your man down there in peril. Your daily trips to the bar, your lack of sleep and stress could lead to lost testosterone, a lack of libido and difficulty to take off. (more…)

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

9 Reasons to Avoid Prescription Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

In March 1998, the world said hello to a little blue pill that could change everything in the bedroom – the birth of Viagra. Originally, this drug was intended to treat high blood pressure and angina, a form of chest pain associated with coronary heart disease. Later on, Pfizer realized that the very same drug they use for heart disease also reported an increase in erection among men with heart conditions. (more…)

7 Scary Sex Toys That Belong in a Torture Chamber

7 Scary Sex Toys That Belong in a Torture Chamber

If there is one thing you should be thankful for, it’s the fact that you don’t have to feel ashamed when it comes to sex. Gone are the days when doggy style, reading the Kama Sutra and even same sex marriage is acceptable, sans the fear of going to jail or being burned alive. (more…)

Syphilis and Men: 3 Ways to Prevent STDs from Ruining Your Life

There have been growing concerns due to the rising number of sexually transmitted disease (STD) cases all over the world, for men and women alike. Sex is a universal language, and therefore spreading infections can be rapid and uncontrollable in the coming years. That poses a huge threat to future generations. The World Health Organization (WHO) has conducted random tests, research and promoted safe sex education to pacify the growing number of STD cases. (more…)

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