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10 Natural Ways to Protect Your Erections

Protect Your Erections

For reasons some people don’t understand, a man’s penis has always been a man’s bragging rights. Perhaps how big you are down there and the number of women you have slept with is one of the reasons why some dudes are jealous of you. Unfortunately, certain lifestyle habits could put your man down there in peril. Your daily trips to the bar, your lack of sleep and stress could lead to lost testosterone, a lack of libido and difficulty to take off.
If you don’t do anything about it, it could lead to erectile dysfunction, or the inability to get it up or maintain an erection – for good. The good news is,there is something you can do to reverse these unwanted side effects of life. The thing is, you need to act now.
Instead of asking your penis, “To erect or not to erect,” here are tips on how to preserve your man down there, sans the pills and surgery.

1. Be Wary Of What You Eat

veggiesThe saying, “You are what you eat” is applicable in this situation. The truth is, your diet plays a major role, not just in your health but also in your man down south.
At the same time, a diet that is bad for your heart affects your erections too, and in a negative way.
What Does This Mean?
According to studies, eating patterns that cause heart attacks could also impede blood flow in your area down there. The culprit is the restricted blood flow in the coronary arteries. Keep in mind that erections are all about blood flow. If there is not enough supply of blood in the penis area, then don’t expect your man to get up anytime you want to.
Therefore, eat healthy. Try the Mediterranean diet, which includes fruits, veggies, whole grains and heart healthy fats. Stay away from anything refined, processed and sweetened. If you learn to love your body, your penis will repay you for a job well done.

2. Check Your Medicine Cabinet

antidepressant drugsPrescription drugs are there for a reason – to help relieve whatever symptoms you are currently experiencing. Unfortunately, medications come with unwanted side effects.
If you are taking any antidepressant drugs, blood pressure medications, allergy pills or the hair growth drug Propecia, then your ability to get it up might be a problem.
It turns out that these types of medication could kill your body’s ability to get aroused. The best way is to talk to a doctor and look for alternative drugs to curb possible erection problems. Checking your medicine cabinet and choosing the right prescription drugs could do a lot in the area down there.

3. Work, Work, Work It Out

exerciseHowmany times do you see exercise in lists of healthy things to do? Many times, right? This is because regular workouts dohelp a lot in boosting both your health and guy down south.
At the same time, there is strong evidence that links a sedentary lifestyle with erectile dysfunction – a condition you want to avoid as much as you can.
Therefore, take a few minutes of your time each day to work out. Running, biking, swimming and other aerobic exercises are excellent in preventing ED. Lifting weights and other strength training exercises can give your T levels a boost. The point is, you need to move around and don’t settle on watching TV with a big bowl of buttered popcorn on your lap each night.
Be careful, though. As much as possible, don’t put excessive pressure on your perineum, or the area between the scrotum and anus. When there is too much pressure on this area, the nerves and blood vessels that supply proper circulation in your penis will be affected.

4. Stay Away From Work-Related Stress

Work-Related StressWait, is that even possible? Of course. If you are serious in protecting your man down there against the bad guys, then you should start with saying goodbye to stress.
Work-related stress takes a toll in your sexual function. Your anxiety levels are in high gear most of the time, and sleep and exercise tends to take a backseat.
This doesn’t mean you should stop working. The best you can do is to leave your work in the office and enjoy the comfort of your home. Incorporate more stress-free activities and go on a vacation once in a while. You deserve a break – and your penis will be happy about it, as well.

5. Visit Dreamland More Often

five hours or less sleepDon’t you get tired of hearing the phrase, “Sleep for at least six to eight hours every night?” Just like diet and exercise, sleep plays an important role in the bedroom department.
According to a research from the University of Chicago, researchers found out that five hours or less sleep reduces testosterone levels by 10 percent. It turns out that sleep affects free testosterone, a hormone that supports sexual function and libido.
At the same time, a balance of brain hormones is important to keep your guy standing up when the situation calls for it. If you don’t often hit the snooze button, then there will be imbalance of brain hormones that affect your erection.
Therefore, get some sleep. Six hours every night is fine, but aim for seven to eight hours to make sure your T hormones are on the right track.

6. Kick The Butts

smokingHave you been smoking? Smoking may make you look like a cool dude, but deep inside your body, the nicotine is working its way to ruin essential functions that could help you get an erection. If you are planning to stop, then you have to stop now.
There is much emphasis on blood flow and erections for a reason. Apparently, smoking harms the blood vessels and slows the blood flow to your penis.
At the same time, the nicotine content found in cigarettes makes your blood vessels contract, thereby hampering proper blood flow down south – and you know how important blood flow is, right? Therefore, kick the habit. It’s not good for you, anyway. Plus, you are putting your health at serious risk.

7. Don’t Cradle Your Laptop

cradling your laptopIs your laptop always on your lap? Then you might have a problem. The results may not be instant, but cradling your laptop could decrease your sperm count and T levels. This is because laptops generate high amounts of heat that could warm your testicles.
It may seem harmless since you get a considerable amount of heat when you’re under the sun, right? Apparently, the cells in your testicles that are responsible for your testosterone and sperm are heat-sensitive. This could affect your T production in a bad way and affect your man’s ability to get up.
Therefore, work at a desk, and stop cradling your laptop.

8. Keep Alcohol Under Control

Sorry to break it to you guys, but alcohol really has a negative effect in your body. Fine, it gives you enough courage to talk to the girl you’ve been eyeing for the longest time.Once the alcohol ingredients kick in, you might get disappointed. Worse, it might ruin the night you planned.
Keep Alcohol Under ControlAccording to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, too much drinking can affect your sexual function in the most awkward and embarrassing way possible.
It helps you calm your nerves but at the end of the day, alcohol is still a depressant. This means you are more exhausted and lazy than aroused.
You can still drink. Just make sure to limit your intake with just a couple of bottles only.

9. Two Words: Oral Health

You might be thinking – how is oral heath related to your man down there. Surprisingly, poor dental hygiene could affect your guy down south – and the results are not good.In fact, the British Dental Health Foundation reported that four men out of five experiencing severe erectile dysfunction was suffering from gum disease.
Why is This Even Possible?oral heath
When your teeth decay because you forget to brush your teeth and floss, your immune system attacks the pathogens in your mouth.
The bacteria will go directly to your bloodstream and damage your blood vessels, affecting the blood flow. This means there is a higher chance that blood won’t go down there, right where it should be.
The bottom line: Brush your teeth three times a day and floss regularly.

10. Say Goodbye To Your Number Two

The site does not advocate infidelity. Just in case you are seeing someone else aside from your wife or girlfriend, then you better get rid of her as soon as you can.It’s not just about the guilt feelings. When you are unfaithful, you start to feel guilty and eventually, this guilt will turn into anxiety.
Say Goodbye Once you are anxious, your body produces chemical changes in your brain that negatively affects your ability to get it up.
Worse, it prevents your body from releasing neurotransmitters that are in charge of getting you excited in bed.
More importantly, instead of using your energy with someone else, just go directly to your ladylove. Infidelity is never a good thing, nor something you should be proud of.

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