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6 Bizarre Ways Men Pretty Up Their Penises

bigger penis size

When you are a woman, you will never understand men and their fascination for “size” down there. For men, how well-endowed they are, or the lack of it, is a big issue. Although it is not always the case, having a bigger penis size is often associated with better performance in bed.
Because of this demand for a bigger and better man tool, experts and various manufacturing companies have come up with products and procedures to “pretty up” your manhood. Are you ready to find out what these are? Check your wallet and take a look at six bizarre ways you can do to enhance your guy down there:

1. Penis Enhancement Surgery

Penile LengtheningWhen all natural methods fail, penis enhancement surgery may be your last resort towards that bigger dong. There are two types of procedures you can choose:

  1. Penile Lengthening is when the surgeon severs the suspensory ligament holding part of the penile shaft inside your body, allowing it to drop.
    Although it can add a few centimetres, there have been a lot of reports from men saying they are not satisfied with the results.
  2. Widening Of The Penis, which increases your penis’ girth. This can be done either by injecting fat into your penis, which is not effective, by the way, or injecting silicone or tissue grafts. Among these three, the use of tissue grafts is more effective since it is not re-absorbed by your body later.

2. Donated Human Skin Tissue

This can be super-freaky. One of the many ways to improve the size of your dick is by using AlloDerm, a product that comes from harvested tissues from the penis of a cadaver. Yes, from a dead person whose body was donated for medical purposes. Ugh.
Donated Human Skin TissueAlloDerm is marketed for the use of hernia and breast reconstruction.
However, the American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons endorse this product for widening of the penis where surgeons add several thin layers of AlloDerm beneath the skin of the penis.
They also fold the grafts and place them over your erectile chambers to give extra girth.

3. Penis Injections

if you are not fond of needles, then you’ll be surprised to find out that many men have used penis injections to improve their size down there. But before you inject the syringe on your precious man member, think again.
Penis InjectionsBased on stories published in the Wisconsin Medical Journal, three immigrants injected various substances, such as ylang-ylang oil in their penises with the belief that it would improve their sexual performance.
Unfortunately, they ended up in an emergency room for much-needed medical intervention.
In January 2010, a story was published in the Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice about a man who suffered from necrosis of the penis – or the irreversible death of cells and living tissue – for injecting liquid silicone by an unskilled practitioner.
So, would you still go for penis injections? Right now you are probably shaking your head in a definite “No!”

4. Scrotal Enhancement

Who says all the limelight should go to your cock? Apparently, there is one procedure that is focused on your testicles to make them “look right.” This is what scrotal enhancement is all about, which operates on the assumption that your balls must be round, large and of equal size.
boost their self confidenceSurgeons insert silicone implants in your scrotum and as funny as it may sound, they comes in different sizes, as if you were ordering from McDonald’s.
This procedure has been in place since 1941 to replace missing testicles. Today, the procedure is used to enhance the existing ones and help men feel less insecure of their body image.
Although it takes into account the feelings of men and aims to boost their self confidence, scrotal enhancement can cause pain and discomfort. Would you want balls the size of oranges? I think not.

5. Restoration Of The Foreskin

Did you know that circumcision is a big issue these days? As a matter of fact, the debate is endless regarding the benefits, risks and effects on sexual pleasure. Many men wonder whether the foreskin should be removed or not. Because of this, a procedure was introduced to help men “restore” their foreskin.
Attaching skin grafts on your penisForeskin restoration attempts to replace lost foreskin through surgical and non-surgical procedures. The idea is to stretch out your remaining skin until the surgeon can create a new foreskin by:

  • Attaching skin grafts on your penis.
  • Tugging or pulling the skin in a repetitive way.
  • Taping which is the same with tugging but uses a tape.
  • Attaching weights on your penis.

6. Commercial Products

One thing is for sure: humans are innovative and they will constantly come up with products which you will love or loathe – and the penis is no exception. Aside from surgical procedures, here are some of the things to prettify your prick, and believe it or not, these products are commercially available. Some of them are:

  • Products that cure male genital odor or MGO to make your penis smell perfect.
  • Products that can make your semen taste better or make it less salty.
  • Bulge-enhancing underwear to make you look bigger down there, but has nothing to do with your God-given size.
  • Penis outfits that can dress up your manhood from soldier fatigues to pinstripe suits, button-up shirts and ties. Dapper.

ProExtender SystemGuys, be honest. You seriously want to give them a go and see if they really work.
While there’s no stopping you from trying these procedures, keeping you safety and health should be on the top of your priority list. After all, a not-so-big penis is better than a damaged one, right?
If you are really concerned with your size down there, you can stick to safer methods, such as using penis extender from ProExtender System. It is safe, effective, because it’s backed up and recommended by thousands of doctors worldwide.

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