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8 Insane Places Where Rockers Have Put Their Manhood


For many, rock stars are like gods. They make great music, sell millions of albums around the world and party every day. Better yet, they are constantly surrounded by the most beautiful women and of course, they have the most ridiculous sex life. Thanks to their popularity, millions of women around the world worship them and long to get inside their pants.
Don’t be fooled. Because of their rock star status, these people have had the strangest sex-capades, to the point of putting their manhood in the most bizarre places. Here are eight famous rock stars and their interesting experiences with their dicks that may change your perceptions about them:

1. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

According to a survey done in Groupie Dirt website, the Aerosmith front man and former American Idol judge is the best rock star to have sex with – ever.
In fact, Tyler has been described as a “sex god” who has earned high praises from the groupies who’ve had sex with him. And that’s not all. He was even commended for his impressive oral sex abilities.
Talk about putting a big-ish mouth to good use.

2. Moby

The old adage, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” definitely applies to this DJ and dance artist. Don’t be fooled by his sensitive guy image, because Moby is one sex machine that comes with an extra surprise: sexually transmitted disease. Moby is a big fan of unprotected sex and worse, he does not even tell his partners about it.
Nonetheless, you have to commend Moby for his choice of women, since he dated Christina Ricci and Natalie Portman.

In case you catch his attention for being small and brunette and he decided to hit on you, proceed at your own risk.
The “I slept with a rock star” may add to your bragging rights, but make sure to have your genitals checked afterwards.
Proceed with caution when it comes to coming with Moby.

3. Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett of Metallica

We perceive rockers as the ultimate sex gods. Apparently, the statement doesn’t apply to Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich. Some say Ulrich is more of a “wham, bam, thank you ma’am,” as soon as he releases his juices. Reports say there are even instances where he can’t get his uncircumcised penis up in the first place. He may like lesbian sex – like most men do – but his fondness for alcohol and cocaine may not work for his prick.
On the other hand, his band mate and guitarist Kirk Hammett is the opposite.
He earned high praises for his fantastic lovemaking abilities and gorgeous manhood. He is also an admitted bisexual swinger who loves to go to sex clubs with his wife.
Lars should seek some advice from Kirk, for sure.

4. Tommy Lee

This probably the weirdest story you’ll ever hear. Did you know that Tommy Lee once put his manhood in a breakfast burrito?
According to Motley Crue’s biography “The Dirt,” Tommy Lee puts his member in a breakfast burrito to prevent his girlfriend from smelling the groupie sex juice on him. Aside from food, Tommy Lee has placed his dick inside, of course, the boobalicious Pamela Anderson.
Tommy should have his burrito and eat it, too. Not.

5. ‘N Sync

If you have been active on MTV and other music channels, then you should know the famous pop boy band, ‘N Sync.
This group of five, composed of Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrick are one of the most successful boy bands of their time. Just don’t be fooled by their squeaky clean “boy next door” looks and images.
Joey Fatone is said to be the horniest guys in the group. Stories say that if you invite him with groupies who love to give blow jobs, Joey is definitely on board. Chris Kirkpatrick has also the biggest member you’ll ever see. Thanks to his breakup with long-time girlfriend, Chris is finally back on the market.
As for Justin and JC, they can be selective when it comes to girls and only go for the most attractive ones. If the rumors are true, some say that attractive men can also apply to JC.
You just never know.

6. Mike Ness of Social Distortion

Have you heard of a guy who can suck his own man down there? If not, then you haven’t heard of Mike Ness yet. The Social Distortion lead singer can suck his own penis and even likes to show it off. And that’s not all.
Mike Ness also likes to put his hands down the pants of clueless female fans and play with himself in front of them.
Kinky is another word for social distortion, for sure.

7.  Kid Rock

He’s fun, he’s sexy and definitely rock star material. Apparently, Kid Rock is one of the filthiest and weirdest rock stars when it comes to sex.
He loves orgies, is into “fisting,” and a big fan of exhibitionism. And yes, he likes cigars, too, but it’s not just for smoking. According to a groupie who had him, he may be dirty in bed but they definitely loved every minute of it.
When it comes to size, there’s a big difference between a fist and a lowly cigar.

8. Glenn Danzig

Glenn DanzigGlenn Danzig may not have the hot, sexy look of a classic rock start. Women’s impressions of him can range from polite and plays the field, to unlikable and well, rather strange.
With a dick that is reportedly only five inches, Glenn Danzig prefers a certain look on women before having sex – black leather or vinyl, high heels and fishnet stockings. And unlike other rock stars, smoking is a big no-no and a major turn off for him.
With so many expectations, Glenn needs to make sure he delivers, too.
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