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10 Facts About the Penis That Will Amaze You

Talk about a penis to any woman and she will smile comically. Dicks are really peculiar. Although not too attractive, funsticks are a great tool for fun and sexual pleasure for women. And, women are always on the lookout for learning incredible facts about this organ.
If you are curious, but too shy to ask your partner, read on to learn about some of the bizarre, yet interesting facts about penises that will amaze you.

1. The Penis Was Once a Clitoris

Men and women were created alike as babies because they originally have similar genital tissue upon conception. The genitalia of babies starts to distinguish into a labia or penis after about twelve weeks.
pregnancySo, it makes sense that a clitoris and penis looked alike during the initial stage of pregnancy. The clitoris accompanies a glans, hood, erectile tissue, and a shaft similar to penis.
However, when a fetus progresses into a boy, the genital tissue develops into a penis, and if it’s a girl, it develops into a clitoris.
There are some other incredible facts related to a woman’s clitoris. Although not related to a penis, we are sure you would love knowing about these, as well. When a woman grows up and experiences an orgasm, her clitoris swells; but that joyous little button of a clitoris remains hidden. This is such relieving news, since if women were like men then they would probably be in a busy size contest to determine whose clitoris is bigger.
What’s more, it grows! Yes, you read that right. The clitoris actually grows during a woman’s lifetime. This happens because of the various hormonal changes occurring in the body that usually begin during puberty and continue until menopause. Hey, don’t get upset. The clitoris still remains a small pleasure buzzer, since this change in size is inconspicuous.
testosterone supplementationHowever, testosterone supplementation can make the clitoris grow from one to three inches. The result is termed a mini penis, because it carries a head and goes flaccid to stiff the same way a man’s penis does.
Though there are no testes and no formation of sperm, they cannot ejaculate.

2. Where’s My Donger?

Popularly termed as “Koro,” penis panic was a mass hysteria, where men considered that their willies were at an increased risk of disappearing.Men in Asia and Africa have particularly reported to have such weird feelings where they got obsessed over their penises.
The fear and mania engulfed the group of men completely and they became convinced that this terror would finally take their life. The hysteria began after some guys developed bizarre feelings after the consumption of pork from pigs vaccinated with anti-swine vaccination. Rumors spread like fire, and then panic swamped an entire group of men.
Where's My Donger?Some shocked men even resorted to extreme measures such as wearing red strings, hooks, needles, fishing lines, shoe strings or wooden clamps around their cocks to prevent them from disappearing.
But, these drastic practices only damaged the area further and did nothing to remove that unwanted penis distress.
Finally, the horror came to an end when the Health Ministry declared Koro as a virtual fear rather than an actual condition. Things eventually became normal after a while, but the incident accurately demonstrates how vulnerable people are, and how are obsessed they can be with their private organ.

3. Fetuses Get Hard, Too

Here we are talking about baby boners. If you think your baby boy’s ‘baby arm’ is doing nothing in the womb, then you are wrong. Baby boys in wombs can have erections during the various stages of fetus development.
If you are lucky enough to check ultrasound pictures at that time, you will be able to clearly see an erect penis. This may be a bothering piece of news for would-be-parents; however, experts indicate that it is normal for boys in wombs to have erections.
boys in wombs After birth, mothers may also notice their little boy having an erect penis while they are changing nappies. One might be wondering how a baby’s penis could do that.
Isn’t that crazy? Well, baby erections are perfectly normal. And, unlike your man who gets erections after being turned on, babies get erections right before they have an urge to pee.
So, next time when you see the funstick of your little one getting stiff while taking off his diaper, remain calm and watch out. It’s not sexual or anything serious. He simply needs to pee, so stay out of the way or you’ll get soaked with baby urine.

4. Teeny Weeny Size of Napoleon’s Dick

Nearly two hundred years after Napoleon’s death, it has been established that the political leader had a tiny funstick, measuring in at only one-and-a half inches. It’s a rather unfortunate revelation as he is regarded as one of the greatest military leaders in history. Napoleon’s cock is famous for being miniscule.
Popularly known as “Napoleon’s Item,” this highly-sought after relic was snapped off by the doctor who conducted his autopsy after his death. Later, it was handed to the priest who performed Napoleon’s last rites.
NapoleonThis prestigious item now belongs to Evan Lattimer, who inherited it from her father, a well-known urologist, Dr. John Lattimer.
Dr. Lattimer purchased Napoleon’s cock in 1927 at a Paris auction for the whooping price of $3,000. At the time, it was on display in New York City.
He was appalled by spectators’ reactions as it was mocked for its small size and given weird names such as beef jerky, shriveled eel and a small piece of leather. To protect it from any further sarcasm, Dr. Lattimer bought it and kept in a beautiful monogrammed box, concealed from the public. How thoughtful of him.

5. I’ll Never Be Yours: With Love, Big Balls

So, ladies you will now have one solid reason to suspect your well-loaded men. You really don’t need to spy on your man or hire some detective to confirm his faithfulness. Just check the size of his balls, and get the hint.In one study it has been concluded that primates who carry large balls are more likely to be disloyal. On the contrary, primates with smaller sized balls are trustworthy.
Besides, researchers also found that this has made it easy to determine the inclination of a woman towards her man. The larger the male’s balls, the less truthful the woman. The researcher of the study further elucidates that males with huge marbles find multiple partners to have sex with more frequently.
sex with more frequentlyObviously, big balls equate to more semen, and more semen means a repeated urge to release this stored man-milk. So, in short, the frequent need to indulge in sex is equivalent to fiddling. Is that meant to be taken seriously? Well, you decide.
Beautiful girls and guys, if you are worried about your relationship with your partner, then here is the advice given by the fellow author of this study.
He suggested, with a double wink, that any woman or man who is interested in creating a long-lasting relationship may consider investing in an orchidometer, which is a medical tool for measuring the size of balls. After all, it takes some big nuts to cheat.

6. You Can Really Break Your Penis

Although there are no actual bones in a boner, it can possibly break. An aggressive lovemaking session can actually snap your tool in real life. Penis breakage can occur when an erect penis is forced against a harder object. This could happen if an overly excited guy tries to plunge and pump his cock into his partner and misses the mark and instead hits a pubic bone or another inflexible surface.
Break Your PenisWhen the erect penis is shoved with sufficient force, the thick membranes inside the penis can tear, causing an audible crack sound, severe pain, loss of erection, bruising and a bent shape to the penis.
Penis injuries may also occur if the woman is on the top during sexual intercourse and bends too far backward or forward. Having sex outside the bedroom and in unusual locations can also be the cause of penile fracture.
Experts say this event is incredibly rare and painful. However, if it does occur it’s a medical emergency and requires immediate evaluation and repair. You will be allowed to have a penis splint and a few weeks of bed rest. In a few cases, the guy’s urinary system may fail to work.
So, are guys putting their penises to risk every time they have sex? Certainly not. Penis fractures are a worst-case scenario for men and most guys will never experience this excruciating mishap. But, they need to be more careful and remain more controlled next time they put their P in a V.

7. Do You Want To Borrow My Monkey Balls?

MonkeyNo, it’s not an old wives’ tale. In the late 1800’s, one of the popular organ transplant surgeons conducted various experiments including transplanting monkey balls into men, human ovaries into monkeys, as well as monkey ovaries into humans. Isn’t it incredible?
The main motive of this weird type of transplant, also termed as xenotransplantation, is to enhance the sexual urges in both men and women, and to cure impotence.
Large numbers of men went under the knife during that period to insert monkey marbles into their sacs. Unfortunately, this method didn’t materialize into much of anything.

8. Love Your Wife Or Lose Your Penis

Almost everybody is aware of the popularly famous act of Lorena Bobbitt. The constant physical and emotional abuse by her husband drove her mad momentarily, and due to temporary insanity, she chopped off her husband’s penis.
Later, she drove to a nearby field to throw out his most prized possession. However, on realizing what she did, she immediately called the police and gave them the whereabouts of her husband’s severed penis.
Love Your WifeAfter this horrendous act, many distraught women find this as one of the unique ways to revenge their partners. There were more than a hundred cases reported after this one.
Doctors further confirmed that there were many more cases, but most patients preferred to hide their identity under the cover.
Disturbingly, one of the women fed the severed member to ducks while another woman tied her husband’s penis to a helium balloon and released it. Believe me, these are not made-up stories, but rather, true incidents.

9. Diphallus: When One is Simply Not Enough

Sometimes two is better than one. Having two kids and bearing twins seems so exciting. But, will it be equally exciting for one man to have two fire hoses? Diphallus is one of those strange and rare conditions where a man is born with two cocks. This condition affects one man in five to six million men.
twinsIt’s very unusual for both cocks to be fully functional. Usually one of them is undeveloped and requires surgery. In very rare conditions, both penises are fully functional.
Amazingly, there is one documented case of a man who had two 100 percent functional penises. This man is sexually active and openly talks about his sex life, exposing details regarding his sexual encounters. He revealed that women either love his twin brothers or run screaming in horror.
There are reportedly around one-hundred cases of Diphallia worldwide. While it might sound remarkable, who would like to have a duplicate attached along with the original?

10. Sex Is A Brainless Game

Yes, that’s right. Your brain is not worked-up when you are ejaculating during sexual intercourse. Instead it’s the spinal cord that gets activated while ejaculating. Well, who has time to think this through when they’re busy making love?
sexual intercourseWhile there are many shocking penis facts, these ten are sure to startle you. Penises are always an object of amusement and admiration among women.
This is why almost all men find ways to make their cocks lengthier and thicker to impress their lovers.
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