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9 Ways to Have Silly Fun with Your Man's Penis

Fun with Your Man's Penis

Too often, we become preoccupied with being sexy and appealing to our partners. Instead, we should strive to enjoy our partners. Have fun and relax. Isn’t this what is most essential in a relationship?
No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who is tense all the time. Nerves at the beginning of a relationship are one thing, but if you cannot cut loose and kick back with your partner, then it is going to be hard for them to want to stay. Besides, imagine all of the benefits of having fun with your partner. Of course, there are many, but did you know that better sex is one of them?
comfortable and comedic with your partnerBeing comfortable and comedic with your partner is sure to ignite more of a spark in the bedroom. Sex is even more enjoyable when you know you have a partner who is willing to laugh at themselves.
New positions are easier to try, and you don’t have to feel worried about looking foolish once in a while.
If you are looking to have some fun in your relationship, particularly with your guy’s private parts, then follow these ten ways to have some silly fun with your partner’s penis:

1. Oddly Enough, Remember This Childhood Pastime?

Remember the good old days when you would play with various toys? Dolls, coloring books, and who could ever forget play dough? You could mold that stuff into anything. Well, even though you are now a grown adult, you can still have fun like you did as a child.
DollThat’s right. Treat your man’s penis like you treated that play dough – very gently, of course. Chances are, unless you are Meghan Fox and you have that innate ability to make men drool at your feet, your man’s penis will be limp at first when you jump in bed. No need to worry, though; just knead it out.
Remember how you would make a snail or worm with play dough? You would roll it up in your hands. The gesture is almost similar to how those boy scouts start a fire with simple kindling.
Simply place the penis in between both your hands and rub it out. This might annoy your man a little bit, but it’s sure to evoke a giggle or two.

2. Penis Picasso Extraordinaire

You may not fancy yourself as much of an artist, but with a cock and balls as your canvas, we are sure you can come up with something.Using any skin-safe medium you have available, such as non-toxic, washable kid’s markers or foods, like chocolate sauce or strawberry syrup, go ahead and doodle on your dude’s dong. The food is a bonus for you.
funny looking cartoon faceSound silly? That’s exactly what we are going for, so remember, we are trying to have fun here. If your guy is a little iffy about you putting something on his skin, then you could try using temporary tattoos.
Be creative and have fun with this together. You have to admit, you could probably make a really funny looking cartoon face, with his balls resembling its eyes, and his penis, its nose.

3. A Little Compliment Goes a Long Way

If you couldn’t exactly convince him that non-toxic washable marker on his penis was a good idea before, we are sure he will like this idea – write a compliment or two on his penis. You know, something like, “Big,” “Bad” “Hard” or “Sexy.”
The marker on his shaft and balls will feel really great for him, and it’s a nice thing for you to do for him. This gesture will help boost his self-esteem, which is sure to score you brownie points in the bedroom.

4. Hide and Seek – Scrotum Edition

Hide and SeekThis one is quite silly and will really only work if your partner is not circumcised. When the man’s penis is not circumcised, a flap of skin hangs over the tip of the penis.
In order to reach the tip of the penis, you have to play around until the head pops out.
Joke around and pretend like you are hiding from his penis; when his head does pop out, you can celebrate in more than one way.
This is fun, silly way to get him in the mood. Is he too preoccupied with TV or work and you just want to have a little fun? Try this out – we are sure he won’t be able to resist.

5. Handling the Joystick Properly

Nowadays so many guys are paying more attention to their videogames than their girlfriends. Can you relate to this? So, how about bringing in his love for videogames into the bedroom?
 Joystick The next time your guy is consumed with his videogame, get him in the mood with this silly secret – treat his penis like he is treating the joystick.
He will be watching the TV, and you will gently grasp his penis with one hand. Move it around playfully, and not too rough, just like you would as if you were playing the game.
You can even make the, “Pew, pew.” sounds of a laser or other special effects. We are sure he will want more of your version of videogames after you’ve introduced him to this silly move.

6. The Penis Puppet – Certainly Not for Kids

There are plenty of other activities that you do with your hands that can be brought into the bedroom for a silly moment. Think about it: what could you do with his penis and your hands that would bring you both a good giggle? That’s right – treat his penis like a puppet.
Penis PuppetWhen his penis is soft, whether before or after sex, grab it gently and pretend to make it talk. “I’m Mr. Penis. Shut up and put me in your mouth.” Okay, so that Mr. Penis puppet was a little forceful, but you can manipulate him to have whatever attitude you would like.
Maybe the two of you could banter back and forth for a bit. Mr. Penis is sure to win, though, I mean who can really turn that guy down?
You can also practice the ancient art form of the shadow puppet. Instead of making those lame bunny rabbits with your fingers, cast the shadow of his big dick on the wall. Who knows what vast territory of shadow puppets you can reach with this new shaft-shape? A giraffe? A spaceship? The possibilities are endless – and hilariously funny.

7. The Yes or No Game

If he’s looking to be involved in your silly banter with his boner, or limp penis for that matter, try this silly game on for size. Grasp his penis with one hand, and have him ask you this question: “Do you want my penis in your mouth?”
Yes or No GameYou can then respond with his penis by making a “Yes,” by moving his penis up and down, or gesturing a “No,” with a side to side motion. This game can be quite dirty and fun, and is sure to lead you to some sexy time in the bedroom.
Turn the tables by letting him hold his penis while you ask him questions: “Do you want your penis to touch me here?” He is sure to wave that thing wildly in your direction at that one.

8. Sing Me a Song, Mr. Penis Man.

Sing Me a SongThis isn’t a Billy Joel song, we are absolutely serious. Play the piano for him, on his penis, that is. You can delicately move his shaft in any direction, and begin to play him a tune you both love.
You can pick an actual song or you can make one up. Either way, he is going to be singing melodies as you strum on his shlong.
The sensation of you tinkering on his penis will be tantalizing for him. If you are looking to spice it up a bit, maybe you could move on to a harmonica instead of a piano. Adding your mouth is sure to be sexier, while still remaining silly, of course.

9. Pretty Up His Man Parts

Ladies tend to have some makeup laying around, so if you find yourself getting dolled up and want to joke around with your man and his penis, then here’s an idea:take your makeup brushes and toy around his junk with them. You know those kabuki brushes women have to put on powders? They can do wonders with your man’s penis.
Having fun with your partnerThe tickling sensation is sure to drive him insane, and you both are in for a giggle with this one. Who knows, maybe this little make up session can lead to more than just touching.
Having fun with your partner is essential to a happy, long-lasting relationship; however, if your relationship isn’t the only thing you would like to be long-lasting, visit for information about how to make your guy’s penis more firm in a natural, yet effective way.

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