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8 Ways to Turn Great Sex Into Amazing Sex

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Sex is one of the cornerstones of every relationship. If you really want to take your relationship to the next level, good sex can certainly help. However, even though most men think that they are enjoying sex a lot, they are only thinking from their own perspectives. It is important to think about what the woman must be feeling during the whole intercourse.
Is she comfortable? Is she enjoying it? These are just some of the many questions, which a lot of men do not even bother to think about when having sex.And why is that? Why is that so many men are unable to make sex amazing for their women?
making sex enjoyablePrimarily, it has to do with psychology. Most men are only concerned with making sex enjoyable for themselves.
As long as they are enjoying it, they fail to give any thought about what the woman must be feeling.
And that is where things go wrong. While sex might be great between the two of you, there are ways by which you can make it absolutely amazing for both of you.
By following a simple set of techniques, you could really make sex extremely engaging and mind-blowing for both of you. Remember, the first rule of amazing sex is that it should be between two people. You need to focus on her pleasures, and let her think about yours. If both of you start thinking about yourselves only, nobody will have an enjoyable time.
So, what do you have to do to make great sex in to amazing sex? In the following paragraphs, we will provide a few tips on how to make sex absolutely amazing for both of you.

1. Set The MoodSet The Mood

For a lot of people, the mood doesn’t get any better over time. Hence, sex becomes automated and boring. If it becomes automated, it doesn’t have any charm.
A lot of good sex is based upon the right mood. If you really want to make sex enjoyable and enticing for the two of you, the first step is setting the mood.
Get some scented candles. Put on some light music and get her to put on your favorite dress. Or if you want, spray some of your favorite perfume on her. So many people underestimate the importance of creating the mood.
Unless you are able to create the right ambience, you will be unable to take her with the same intensity as you would otherwise.

2. Start With Massage

Start With MassageAmazing sex doesn’t have to start off in a crazy manner right off the bat. Start slow, and start gentle. Then, pick up the intensity. But, how do you start slow and gentle? Well, why not begin with a massage?
You don’t need to even take off her clothes just yet. First, lay her down and start massaging her shoulders. One of the most relaxing and sexy things that you can do for your partner is touch them in a sensual manner.
Many a times, our bodies are quite tense in different areas, which causes a serious hindrance in the flow of energy throughout the body. This also includes sexual energy flow. As a result, you are unable to perform up to your maximum capabilities. So how do you fix that? With a massage.
A relaxing massage can unlock her body and help her experience some mind blowing orgasms. When giving her a massage, always keep your focus on relaxing every part of her body. Start with the shoulders, gently moving down to her lower back and her hips. Go down till her toes, moving your hands in a sensual manner and relaxing her body in a gentle manner. If you want, you can even use relaxing oils to get her to loosen up.

3. Talk Hot To Her

Talk Hot To HerDo not underestimate the power of your words. Talking to her in a soothing, soft voice is probably one of the most important things that will turn her on.
You need to get her in a heightened state before you take her, and to do that, the first step is to start talking to her. Whisper in her ear about all the things you wish to do to her.
Tell her how beautiful she looks, and tell her how much you adore her. These things are important to get the woman all worked up. Almost every other woman likes being complimented and if you can do that before the sex begins, then she’ll be sure to hit a notch above when you do get going.
Dirty talk is very important between couples, as it allows the mind to come in to play. Everything you say will play out as a movie in her head, so make sure you say all the right things.

4. Spontaneity Is The Key

try a different positionEverybody likes the missionary position, and we all get that. However, constant repetition of the same position can get quite boring after a while.
You need to move things in a spontaneous manner. So, don’t start off with the same position again. Instead, try a different position. Take her from behind, or spoon first before you begin.
There is a whole book on the different sexual positions that you can go through called the Kama Sutra, so take a read before you begin. Needless to say, don’t start off without asking her permission. She might not be comfortable with all of the positions that you are trying on her, so make sure you get her consent first.

5. Don’t Forget Foreplay

ForeplayA great number of men forget the importance of foreplay after a while. Foreplay is the absolute determinant of whether your sex will be average, or mind-blowingly awesome.
So, do not miss out on it. There are different levels of foreplay. If you want to take your sex from great to amazing, you want to reach the level at which your partner will be literally craving for you to take her. Start with kissing.
Kiss her lips, move your tongue in her mouth while your hands feel her body. Then, move down to her boobs. Play with the nipples, kiss them, lick them, suck them and make them hard.Do not hold back, because if you do, the woman will begin to think that she’s doing wrong somewhere, and that will take your whole experience downhill faster than a car with no brakes.
Fore play is very important before sex. And if done correctly, it will set the tone for the whole experience afterwards.

6. Go Down On Her

Go Down On HerDo not underestimate the importance of oral sex, if you really want to make the whole experience out of this world for her.
There’s something about your tongue that your fingers, or your dick cannot replicate. But be gentle.There is an art to oral sex that you need to follow. For starters, don’t just shove your face between her legs. Start slowly.
Gently lick her pussy, using your tongue to part her labia and caressing her inner walls with your tongue.It is important that you do not let your teeth enter the fray, as that will ruin the whole experience for her. Also, most men are under the impression that going down on her means to penetrate her with their tongue.
While that is certainly a pleasing experience, it won’t be much fun for her if you continue along the same lines. Instead, focus on the clitoris. The clitoris is where all the nerve endings meet, so you need to stimulate it with your tongue. The clitoris is located right at the top of the pussy, so you need to be gentle with it.

7. Rhythmic Motions Like The Oceans

having sexAgain, amazing sex boils down to how well you can think of her while having sex. Most men are just concerned with themselves when making love.
They will start slow, pick up speed, go as fast as possible until they come, and then relax. Does that pay heed to the woman’s body? It most certainly does not.
Obviously, she won’t be able to respond, and even if she does, it’ll be a fake orgasm. You do not want that. So how do you alter this? Well, for starters, start focusing on the woman’s moans and movements. When you penetrate her through a certain angle, watch how she moves.
You will easily get to know if she likes it. If she does, continue in the same manner, rather than increasing the pace all of a sudden. Communication is the most important thing when it comes to good sex, and you need to read the signs that your partner is giving. Make sure you follow those signs, and you will end up giving her multiple orgasms.

8. Mix It Up

sexual intimacyWhat do you do after you penetrate her? You screw her until you come, and then you both lie, all spent. That shouldn’t be the case.
Instead, mix it up. Penetrate her, and move your dick inside of her for a while. Then take it out and start playing with her body, until she is literally begging for you to penetrate her again.
Then, penetrate her again, and do so with much more ferocity than before. The important thing here is to ensure that you always keep her guessing. Having wonderful sex with your partner is important to lead a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. However, if you think your penis is not as long as you desire, it’s time to visit
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Make sex a joyride for her, where she doesn’t know where pleasure is going to come from next. If you are able to do this, then she will begin to increasingly enjoy sex, and ultimately, her body will begin to respond to your movements, too. This is how great sex will turn in to amazing sex for the both of you, and she will think about you long afterwards you are done.

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