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10 Delectable Oral Sex Techniques to Delight Her

Delectable Oral Sex Techniques to Delight Her

Oral sex is a lot of fun, if done right. For men, oral sex is a source of immense pleasure. What you don’t know is, that for women, oral sex can be a source of similar pleasure, too. However, there is a difference between oral sex for men and oral sex for women.
As a man, the paradigm is different. Women have a whole pussy needs to be tackled. There are a bunch of different sensitive regions. Some regions where there’s no viable impact, and others where, if you stimulate correctly, you could send her to orgasmic nirvana.
But, how do you know which of the regions to play with? Merely dangling your tongue in her pussy isn’t going to get her off.You don’t want her to fake an orgasm. You want her to squirm and squeal with pleasure as your tongue moves about in her most sensitive regions. But you may not be so experienced just yet.
pleasure and relaxationYou don’t know how her girlie parts work. And that is the reason why most men fail so spectacularly at oral sex. It’s just because they focusing on all the wrong places.
Usually women are willing to help. They will guide you about where to move your tongue, and how to do it, but you are not a schoolboy are you? You need to learn how to play with her pussy in the right manner, and that is what you shall learn in the following few paragraphs.
Oral sex is all about pleasure and relaxation, so before we begin, there is one thing that you need to make sure of; do not hold back. If you hold back during oral sex, you will potentially put her guard up. And everything will go downhill from there. You have to completely immerse yourself between her legs, so that she gets to feel that you are absolutely in to it.
This will help her relax as well, and she will be more than willing to let herself go than ever before. Now that we have established the basics, here are 10 oral sex techniques that will take her to the absolute peak of pleasure.

1. Position Her For Comfort

Position Her For ComfortThe first and foremost thing is comfort. You want her to feel comfortable, and you need to make sure that you are just as comfortable, too.
But, how do you do that? Here’s the average man’s position when he goes down: He widens her legs, lies down on his chest and goes down on her.
But your bed doesn’t extend that far. So, 99 percent of the time, you have to either bend your knees, or get down at the bottom of the bed and then start using your tongue.
It’s not as difficult for you. But, for the woman, you are not going to be able to give her any of the special orgasms that you have drummed up in your head. This is because your neck movements will be restricted.
The vagina is located at the very based of her mound. And, to reach that, you will have to bring your face lower, since your mouth will be running parallel to the ground. This will make it terribly difficult for you to get your tongue using to the top of its capabilities.
So, what do you do? You use a pillow or a cushion. Get a cushion or a pillow, and place it underneath her pelvis, elevating her pussy. Now, your mouth falls right where her pussy is. And, you have maximum freedom to use your tongue and move your neck in between her legs.

2. The Sensuous Approach

taken her panties offNow, that you have taken her panties off, do you just jump right in? Of course not. You need to build up anticipation in her mind regarding the first contact.
You see, first contact is crucial. It needs to be significant and vibrant. So, that she is able to feel the difference of how it feels when your tongue touches her vagina.
To begin with, start with the inside of her thighs. Kiss her inner thighs gently letting your tongue roll over them. If you are doing it right, she will begin to gyrate and her hips will begin to move involuntarily. She might even begin to moan. Continue this until you reach her pussy. Just brush your lips over lightly and move to the other thigh.
Then move up and start kissing her navel and her breasts. But, don’t let your mouth away from her body. By this point, her pussy will be quite wet and she will be moaning with pleasure. If body language could be translated in to words, she would be literally begging you to get inside her.

3. Learn The Labia Technique

Labia TechniqueNow, that your mouth is back where it belongs, soften your tongue and relax your jaw. The first step is to begin by gently letting your tongue run from the opening of her vagina up to the clitoris.
For those who do not understand the technical terminology, it simply means to start from the very bottom where her vagina opens up, and go to the top where the clitoris is located. Congratulations, you have taken the first lick of an ice cream that is about to melt in your mouth.

4. Practice Gentle Penetration

The heading probably gives it away. But there’s an art to penetrating her with your tongue. There are a massive number of nerve endings near her vaginal opening.This is why women are so sensitive around this region. Focus your tongue on this area, and begin gently moving it in and out in a rhythmical motion.
Do not keep it similar – mix it up. You could switch to a spiral effect, moving your tongue in a circular motion while you continue penetrating her with your tongue. Make sure that you keep track of the movements of her hips and the volume of her moans. If she likes it, her hips will gyrate slightly more, and if she doesn’t like it, she will just continue to wait.

5. Don’t Forget Her Clitoris

Don’t Forget Her ClitorisAnother area with a whole bunch of nerve endings is the clitoris, and if you are able to do it right, the clitoris can be an amazing source of pleasure for her. When she is aroused, the clitoris becomes slightly swollen.
Use your fingers to spread her labia, or the outer lips of her pussy. And, then use your tongue to very gently flick her clitoral area.
This will give her the first sensation of a mini- orgasm, and she will want more. Her body language will tell you if she likes it, or if it is becoming too intense for her. As long as she lets you, just continue to pick up the pace.

6. The Clitoral Suck

The next amazing strategy that you can implement is the clitoral suck. However, keep in mind that the clitoral suck can become quite intense.So, do not end up overdoing it. First off, expose her clitoris by parting her pussy lips with your fingers.
Then, place your lips on her clit and give it a gentle suck. Imagine how you would suck your fingers after eating a greasy set of ribs; that’s the way you will do it.Make sure you keep it gentle, and that your teeth do not come in direct contact though, as that might cause her pain.

7. Combine The Two

flick her clitorisNow that you know how to suck and flick her clitoris, it is time to alternate between the two, so as to keep her guessing about what’s coming next.
She will definitely be in the groove by now and will be enjoying each and every second of what you are doing, but do ensure that you do not go too hard on her, or she will orgasm right now only. You do not want to make it too intense for her.

8. Creativity Counts

By now, you should begin to understand the underlying theme of amazing oral sex. It is all about mixing things up and being creative.Creativity is the number one requirement in all aspects, and you need to bring that in. Here’s a suggestion: start spelling letters on her pussy with her tongue.
By now, you must be wondering if we are just playing with you. But trust us, we know how this works. Spell the names of your favorite movies, or your favorite characters. Get creative. The more different ways in which your tongue moves, the better for her.

9. Use Your Fingers

Use Your FingersYour tongue is focused directly on her clitoris, but your fingers are idle. Well, they shouldn’t be idle. Put them in motion and start penetrating her vaginal opening with your fingers, though it is important to be very gentle with her in this regard.
The penetration combined with the tongue will make her go crazy with wanting and love, and she will very much enjoy what you are doing to her. Her body language will tell you whether you are doing it right or not.

10. Don’t Go Straight For The Lips

It’s probably a given, but there are pretty stupid men out there. Make sure that once you are done with her pussy, you do not go straight for her mouth.
Don’t Go Straight For The LipsThat will just gross her out, and while she may relent immediately, she will think a hundred times before letting you go down on her again.
Kiss other parts of her body, until you lose the taste of her nether regions before you go back up.
Oral sex is a great way to initiate sex with your love bird. You may further intensify your sexual experience by satisfying your lady with ultimate sexual intercourse.
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