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8 Reasons Why She's Not Down on Going Down on You

Reasons Why She's Not Down on Going Down on You

Oral sex has to be one of the most pleasurable experiences in life. Truly, blowjobs are the best gift of all, and admittedly we all would for our lovers to enjoy them just as much. However, it sometimes it appears as though our significant others do not find as much joy in performing oral sex on us—why is this? How is it possible that we seek so much enjoyment out of an activity that appears to cause others measurable amounts of grief?
More often than we would like, we experience our lovers coming up with excuses as to why they cannot go down on us. “Oh, babe my neck hurts so much” or “You know what? I’m just really tired; I’m sorry!” We would like to think that they love us, but there is just something evil about shirking blowjobs repeatedly.
loversPerhaps it is in the presentation of our request of a blowjob, or maybe something is going on with our junk. There are inarguably reasons as to why your significant other may not enjoy blowjobs as much as you would like them to.
Follow us as we discuss some reasons why she may not be performing blowjobs as often as you would like:

1. You’re Not A Giver Yourself

Let us be rather blunt here. If you do not go down on your significant other, then they will not return the favor. It is as simple as that. In order to receive oral sex, you have to give it, as well. Sure, she may have been quite the little blowjob fairy in the beginning of the relationship, but once she figured out that this was a one-sided street, she bailed.
Do not worry; if this is the only reason as to why she is not going down on you, then it is a simple fix. Give her oral. Not sure what to do? Let’s break it down for you. Usually, men make the mistake of trying to lick it and stick it.
men make the mistakeNo woman wants a man to rush through a few licks only to then try and jump to sex. Instead, take your time, guys, especially if your woman used to give you a great blowjob.
Rub her stomach and inner thighs while she is on her back, grab her buttocks with both hands, and slowly begin to circle her vaginal lips with your tongue.
Little by little, you can work your way in towards the clitoris. Sensually massage her clitoris and slowly slip a finger in there. She will love it.
We guarantee that performing oral will help you get more oral; unless, of course, there is something else going on, like the fact that she may just not be that into you.

2. She Is Just Not That Into You

A loss of intimacy is a telltale sign of a drop in desire.
Perhaps it is for sexual reasons, or maybe there is something else going on in the relationship, but the day she no longer wants to interact with your guy down south is the day that you can consider her done.
loss of intimacyReason for this is being that she can always go and find another penis elsewhere, right? If she is not interested in yours, then you may want to reconsider this relationship.
If you are not sure whether or not this may be the case, then examine other aspects of your relationship, as well. Does everything else seem to be fine? Is she communicating with you well?
Chances are that it might be something else going on; however, look at all facets of your relationship just to be sure.

3. Yawn. She Is Bored

When someone experiences new, exciting events, such as new sexual encounters, dopamine is released into the blood stream.Dopamine allows us to feel a natural high, and we crave more. However, after a few continuous similar experiences, the dopamine levels released begin to decrease.
Therefore, if your sexual encounters are all the same, then she may be bored and simply not that into it. The good news is that this one is simple to fix: spice it up a little bit. Perhaps you can go into foreplay not expecting a blowjob.Bored
Go down on her, finger her, and play around before engaging in intercourse. Chances are that if this is new and exciting to her, then she will want to give you a blowjob.
If you are looking to really make sex a new experience for you and your lover, then try switching up locations. Have sex in the car, pool, shower, or another dangerous, yet not public location. We would not want any of our readers being arrested for public indecency, now would we?
Try making your sexual encounters more exciting and fun for the two of you and you are sure to receive more blowjobs. Not doing the trick? Perhaps the issue is one of the following.

4. You Have Not Asked Her About It

This one might seem a little strange, but perhaps your woman is holding out for a reason. Crazy, we know, but sometimes women need to hear it first hand. Perhaps that is what is going on. We know it isn’t right, but it is proving to be quite effective if you are researching into the issue, right?
ask herOur solution would be to ask her about this. Preferably, you should approach her with a little more tact than, “Why are you not giving me blowjobs anymore?” One more tip is to not lose your patience. Make an attempt to have some empathy for her stance.
Perhaps she is upset about something you have done, and she is holding out on sex hoping you will apologize or change. Or, perhaps she is upset with something regarding your little bundle of joy below the belt, so she was embarrassed to say something to you.
At the end of the day, if you are expecting this woman to suck on your shlong, then she means something to you; so take the time to communicate with her about the issue. And when we say communicate, we mean nicely, guys.

5. She Feels That This Is One Sided

feel sexySimilarly to our first reason, no one wants to reciprocate sexual favors if they are not receiving any. However, we are not just talking oral sex.Women need to feel sexy, so any man who causes his woman to feel used, whether intentional or not, will more than likely never reap the benefits of bountiful blowjobs.
Try making more of an effort to make your woman feel sexy. No, simply telling her that she looks nice will not do the trick.
It might seem selfless, but pay more attention to her needs. Give her a backrub, take her out to dinner, or revert to the oral sex like we talked about earlier. Just make sure she feels sexy.
Once she feels like you have put in effort, she will have no problem reciprocating the effort. Still not working? Let’s explore a few more possible reasons as to why she is not going down on you.

6. She Does Not Know You Are In The Mood

not in the moodBelieve it or not, not all women hear Marvin Gaye singing, “Let’s Get It On,” in the background. Women are simply not horny all of the time, unlike the majority of men who would never turn down a sexual offer.
There is the slight possibility that your lady just might assume you are not in the mood. Think about it: have you dropped some subtle hints to the fact that you want a blowjob?
Does she know that you only want a blowjob and not a full-blown – no pun intended -sexcapade? Communication is key, even when talking about blowjobs. Try dropping some nonchalant hints to the fact that you want oral sex. If nothing still happens, then something a little more serious may be going on.

7. You Haven’t Tried The Magic Number

give blowjobsLet’s be honest. Some women simply say they do not give blowjobs. While this is a complete cop out and red flag to many, it is unfortunately a reality for many. For the woman who “doesn’t give oral,” suggest the 69 sex position.
It can work with either of you lying on your back with the other person facing your toes. Have them lie on top of you, but facing away from you so that you can perform oral simultaneously.
Any woman who refuses to 69 with you without even trying it quite simply may not be worth keeping around.

8. Your Pecker Is Just Not That Impressive

As awful as it sounds, last much not least is the fateful task of examining your own genitalia. Is it not up to par? Perhaps we have a bit of a narcissistic temperament and cannot possibly find anything wrong down there, but that just may be the issue.
proextendersystemIf you are looking to spice up your junk – no, not literally putting spice on it; more like spice up your sex life, there is a simple fix.
Visit a reputable site, such as to learn about an easy yet effective way to help your penis grow in size and stiffness.
Your significant other will savor on a stiffer and fuller erection the next time they perform a blowjob, because truly after reading this list you have learned what to do in order to receive more blowjobs.
So lay back, read about why she may not be going down on you, take some notes, and hopefully enjoy more blowjobs in your future. We are rooting for you.

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