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10 Baffling Places People Have Done the Deed

10 Baffling Places People Have Done the Deed

If you think that sex is limited in the four corners of your bedroom, well think again. Believe it or not, humans, including you have an innate exhibitionist side. You may not agree with it, but there are moments when you secretly wonder, “Can you put on your own show, too?”
Google search barIf you type in “sex tips” in Google search bar, you will find “Have sex outside the bedroom” as one the tips to boost your sex life. Doing the deed in the bedroom is predictable and comfortable.
When you are in a relationship, you need to do something out of the box to keep things exciting.
This is where public sex comes in. While there are acceptable places you can get laid, so you won’t end up behind bars, there are couples who take things a bit too far and have sex in the most bizarre places. Here are 10 of the weirdest, most baffling and most inappropriate places people did the deed.

1. Outside The Church During A Wedding

ChurchWeddings are one of the most important events in a person’s life. As much as possible, you want it to be a celebration of love and happiness, together with your friends and family – and nothing and no one else.
What if someone decided to pay a visit, but instead of giving you a gift, this person or persons had sex during your wedding?
The Salt Lake City TV station reported a couple caught having sex in front of a church during a wedding. Among those who witnessed the fiasco were guests of the newlyweds and at least four children that are part of the entourage. It took a while before the arresting officers separated the two from each other.
Now, that’s what you call sex education.

2. In The Courtroom

CourtroomWhat comes to your mind when you hear the words courtroom – lawyer and judge? Aside from intellectual people, these terms connote seriousness and professionalism, right?
You’re inside the courtroom in front of some of the society’s brilliant minds. What do you expect?
Well, not for everyone.
During a murder trial in Italy, a judge silenced a prosecutor because she heard strange noises from the other room. When she looked up, she saw a pair intertwined together and, well, you know what they are doing. The man and woman, one of them was married, are both court administrative employees and were having sex in a room they thought was dark enough that they would go unnoticed.
Just imagine how many times the judge pounded and said, “Order in the court.”

3. They Were Lovin’ It At McDonald’s

McDonald’sAside from Disneyland, McDonald’s is also one of the happiest places on Earth with the famous slogan, “I’m lovin’ it.” Who can’t resist those cheesy burgers, nuggets and of course, the infamous Happy Meals?
It’s no wonder both kids and adults from all over the world love to visit this well-loved restaurant. Apparently, it is one of the un-sexiest places you can have sex with your partner.
A British couple was thrown out of McDonald’s when they were caught stripping down and naked on the bathroom floor. To make things worse, their moaning and groaning was loud enough to disrupt other people’s business, whose primary purpose was to enjoy their nuggets and fries.
Don’t you wonder what Ronald McDonald and friends are saying about this couple? Definitely not cool.It’s the last place you want to get caught, too.

4. Sex In A Cop Car

Cop CarPolice officers are peacekeepers. In fact, they put peace and order in the society. Hence, they demand respect from the citizens they serve. Well, not for this couple.
The police arrested a couple from Texas on drug charges. Maybe the handcuffs turned them on because on the way to the police station, the police driving the cop car noticed that he could no longer see the woman from the back seat. He stopped the car and saw the woman giving the dude a blowjob, despite the cuffs. The police officer was able to separate the two and no further incidents happened.
Good thing the police officers decided to drop the public indecency charges since the drug charges were enough. Hmm, talk about going down and dirty in the most literal way possible.

5. Sex Among The Dead

burial groundDo you hang out in cemeteries? Of course not, right? Who would want to hang out and jam with dead people? And admit it, you’re scared, too.
Just the idea of the dead rising above the grounds is enough to send tingles all the way down to your spine. Well, not everyone, it seems.
Believe it or not, there are couples who don’t mind doing the deed in the cemetery. Worse, a couple even admitted having sex atop a Native American burial ground. If you don’t mind the eerie noises and the possibility of seeing the dead rise, go ahead and have sex in the cemetery. And if you are looking for a place to bring home a curse or lonely spirit along with your climax, then this place is an excellent venue to do it, too.
Just make sure the corpses are not following you.

6. Sex In A Bank

BankA bank is one of the busiest and richest places you can go.Yes, people go there for serious reasons – to apply for a loan, make a deposit, withdraw money from their account or request certain documents. In fact, having sex is not part of the list.
Of course, this French couple begs to differ. Aside from their money transactions, this couple figured that it would be nice to have sex while lining up for the ATM machine. Too bad, their bank floor fiasco was cut short when a group of curious teenagers went in and recorded the action using their camera phones.
Unless you are adventurous and you don’t care, then fine, have sex in a bank. Just make sure you won’t get caught and no naughty teenagers are filming you using their iPhones. Oh, banks have cameras, too. You know, for security reasons.

7. Sex On The Public Bridge

Public BridgeBridges are there for a reason. They are supposed to connect one point to another to make certain places more accessible to you.
This explains why most bridges are on top of rivers or lakes since your cars can’t cross over water, right?
Apparently, other people look at bridges in a different way. In fact, some even consider sex in a bridge as one of the must-do things to try in their sex checklist. Take the case of this couple from Estonia.
They probably wanted to take their sex life to new heights, so they decided to do it in a public bridge. No, not down there but on top of the Arch Bridge. They thought no one would look up while they did the dirty deed, but sadly, camera phones these days have great zoom features, and some people were able to capture the action from afar. But, not far enough.

8. Sex In A Cable Car

Cable CarYou have to commend the young generation’s sexuality and imagination these days. Most of them got so bored in the bedroom, they decided to look somewhere with “greater heights.”
If you think having sex on top of the bridge is too high up there, then you might be surprised to find cable cars as part of the list.
A photo circulated around showing a young couple having sex while on board a cable car in the scenic Yao Mountain. Nothing happened with the couple and no, the cable car did not fall off. However, this stirred concern among the management to promote safety and decency in the facility.
It’s no wonder Chinese authorities posted a warning board in the cable car which says, “Be cautious. It is risky to conduct intimate behavior aloft.”

9. Sex In A Phone Booth

Phone BoothYou know those scenes in porn films where a girl was talking to someone in a payphone booth and some random dude find her hot and they have sex right then and there?
Well, it happens in real life.Yes, there are real people, real couples who have sex in telephone booths.
If you are looking for a place where you can have sex in public, then this is one of the places to try. After all, who else uses the payphone booth these days? When was the last time you even saw a phone booth? Now, that’s what you call a booty call in its literal meaning.

10. Sex while driving

Sex while drivingWant to know what “sex drive” means? Then have sex while driving a car. It’s not just you on the wheels while your girl is giving you head. Surprisingly, some couplesare able to have full intercourse while driving.
For safety and security reasons, sex in a moving car should not be part of your sex bucket list. If you insist on getting laid in your car and don’t worry too much about stains, then at least park your car safely in your garage. It could save your life, too.
Sex is fun and exciting. However, this doesn’t mean you should share it with the whole world. If you are looking for more adventure in your sex life, then at least contain your libido and do it in more private areas. After all, your reputation is at risk, too.

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