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10 Curious Facts You May Not Know About Your Man Tool

10 Curious Facts You May Not Know About Your Man Tool

Who does not know what a penis is, really? It may be called many different names, typically depending on the size, but it generally is the same thing. The penis is a man’s flag pole, no pun intended, where he raises his flag and pride as he shouts “I am the man.”
DoubtfulEvery man, by nature and by entity and by all cosmic rules, has a penis. So, every man knows how to use it, how to touch it, how to take care of it and how it is the pleasure capital of your universe.
Like how a man is stereotyped, the mechanics of a penis is easy, simple and direct to the point. It’s like everything that you need to know about a penis is laid out in front of you clearly, without any pre-emption or complication. Or, is that the real deal?
You’d be surprised to discover that beneath that collective mass of tissue and muscle that make up your penis are little facts here and there that you have not come across in your life – ever. Doubtful? Here are the 10 curious facts that you may not know about your man tool – up to now:

1. A Regular Erection, Or You Can Say Goodbye To Your Tool

Say Goodbye To Your ToolYou might be bothered with the regular erection that you get every now and then. Actually, a normal-thinking man should not be bothered at all but no one’s judging.
A regular erection is normal. Of course, a constant erection is not and that’s a different story.
The point is, you should not worry if you get hard randomly all the time and in the middle of nowhere. This is because of the regular flow of oxygen that flows through your body, and the constant blood flow which may at times surge through certain parts. Getting an erection out of nowhere is really just your body’s reaction to the normal functions.
So, if you’re stuck in traffic and your man down there suddenly feels like The Hulk, don’t panic. It’s most likely because you’re irked with the long wait and your blood is boiling, so to speak.

2. The Two Male G-Spots Are For Real

Ladies, you will want to take note of this.
Male G-SpotsWomen have their G-spot. Believe it or not, men have one, too. That one special spot that can be more pleasurable than everywhere else?
Yes, men have two of them.The underside for the head and the underside of the shaft is the most sensitive part of your penis.
Notice if you put a little pressure on it, or your lady gives special attention to it during fellatio, that the sensations can be mind-blowing and the explosion can be a little more intense than normal. Go ahead, try it.

3. The Older You Get, The Less Sensitive Your Penis Becomes

Don’t panic, this is nothing that should concern you a lot because for one, the cases are really, really rare and for two, the “older” bit means really, really old.
consult your doctorHowever, like any other case, this condition is a possibility for everyone. This is because as you grow old, the sensitivity of your nerve endings on the different parts of your body decreases. That is a normal case and everyone grows old anyway.
When the nerve sensitivity decreases, so will the sensitivity to stimulation, thus erection follows. But again, this is a rare case and mostly happens to the really old men. If you think that you have this condition and that you may be too young to have it, consult your doctor. There are vitamins and supplements that can keep your nerves at a normal pace and function.

4. Vibrators Are Actually Unisex

You’ve read that right. Vibrators can also be used by men. In the medical world, a vibrator is used on and by patients with spinal injuries to aid their ejaculation.The vibrator is held under the head of the penis and the vibration will give you the sensation needed to ejaculate.
VibratorsThe vibrator stimulates parts of the nervous system that are connected to the penis, therefore sending waves of pleasure even without much touching on your part.
You can borrow your lady’s vibrator and try it out on yourself. Careful on that whole borrowing part, because you might send the wrong signal, though.

5. The Tip Of The Iceberg

Some men, and women, are surprised to find that the penis is twice as long and large during erections. This is even an added thrill and pride to you.This is because half of your penis is inside the body. During erection, it “comes out of the cave,” and wow! What appears as a small penis when not erected can actually be long and large.
So, when you make love and your girl looks at you before erection, you can say proudly “But wait there’s more.” This does not apply to all though, and what you see is sometimes what you get, but don’t fret, you can make it up on performance.

6. Your Penis Houses 42 kinds Of Bacteria

BacteriaYou may be grossed out to hear that your penis houses or has housed 42 kinds of bacteria before circumcision.
The number of bacteria decreases after circumcision, but there are still some left. The bad bacteria, if triggered and not cleaned regularly, may cause serious illnesses and infections that can lead to AIDS.
In some cultures, men remain uncircumcised. An uncircumcised penis has an extra foreskin that can retain more bacteria if not followed through with regular cleaning. This is when hygiene should be religiously practiced, as it should be for all, to avoid infections and the spread of disease.

7. Twisted Nuts Will Take One Of Your Nuts Out

To lay it on the table first, your balls do not have the tendency to get tangled together like two ropes. The scrotum has a tiny membrane division that acts like a compartment for each of your ball.
painfulHowever, one testicle can twist and when it does, so will the spermatic cord, cutting off the blood flow to that testicle, making it disabled.
The condition is called “testicular torsion” and is extremely painful. It can lead to the total disablement of one testicle.
This is most likely to occur on infants or teenagers during the development of testicles. It is important that you should be treated immediately to avoid losing one nut.

8. You Get Hard Often During Sleep

You think you get enough erections during the day? Bet you have no idea you also have erections at night while sleeping.It may be caused by a really good dream but sometimes, your erection just come naturally even without stimulation. It’s perfectly normal.
On an average, you get four to six erections while sleeping, even without the “good dream.” This is caused by the regular blood flow that surges through your penis in the middle of the night. This is one of the many explanations surrounding your morning boner.

9. Your little Head Has The Power To Cloud Your Big Head

study conducted by scientistsOkay, you probably already know this one already, but there was an actual study conducted by scientists at MIT and Carnegie Mellon University. They studied 35 men and how they made decisions when they were at a normal heart rate and when they were aroused.
The men were given surveys up to what extent they are willing to give when they are already on the verge of orgasm.
Not surprisingly, men have answered that they are willing to commit more when pressured for an answer just a few beats before orgasm. During arousal, some answered that they can go to as much as saying “I love you” just to get laid and to even get the lady a little more drunk than normal, so they can take advantage of the situation.

10. The Erection Hardness Scale

level of erectionThere is such a thing called “erection hardness scale.” In the 1990s, scientists who studied the drug, Viagra, developed this scale to aid their studies on the effectiveness of the drug.
So it began, and now your level of erection is graded through this scale.
The levels include, from softest to hardest: bigger but not yet rigid, next is not hard enough to penetrate, then there’s firm for sexual intercourse but not rock-hard and lastly is fully engorged.
With the names given to the levels, it should paint a clear picture as to how hard or soft your erection should be, correct?
Your man tool is your best buddy when it comes to pleasure. As far as best buddies go, you should know everything about it, even the little secrets it has. Knowing all the dos and don’ts, the right and left directions, the limits, the best times that you get erections, how big can you actually get, and the levels of erection can give you ways and ideas on how you can pleasure yourself and your partner more.After all, your penis is your holy grail, right?

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