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10 Dating Mantras for the Modern Man

10 Dating Mantras for the Modern Man

The world of dating is ever-changing and it can be hard to keep up. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to finding a partner and sharing a good time with them. A lot of men might find themselves struggling, despite following plenty of the classic dating tips and lines.
Well, if that’s the case for you, then it’s probably time to change your strategy. Today we will be sharing 10 of our top dating tips with you. But, first let’s see where you might be going wrong.
What Mistakes are You Making?What Mistakes are You Making?
Every man has the power to meet and date women, and eventually find love and a long-term relationship.
The whole process can be in your power and under your control. But, many men make some of the following mistakes and lose their way in the dating world:

  • She is everything.

A lot of men tend to think like this, but it really isn’t the key to success. A woman should not be your entire life’s mission. She cannot be the only goal you have. You have a career, hobbies, friends, personal interests and desires, and all of these things must be part of your life, as well as your prospective female partner.
You shouldn’t bend over backwards and ruin your whole life to suit a woman. You first need to have your own life, and then make her a part of it.

  • You’re Searching in The All The Wrong Places.

Night clubs and barsThere are a lot of great ways to meet women, butthere are some pretty bad ones, too.
Meeting people at church or at work, for instance, often isn’t a good idea, as these sorts of environments rarely mix well with dating.
The right place to meet someone is at a club, or a place where you indulge in one of your hobbies. If you meet someone in a place like this, then it means you already have something in common, and that’s a good start. Night clubs and bars can be a mixed bag. You might find the woman of your dreams here, but it’s not the likeliest possibility.

  • You Need To Shape Up.

How can you expect to meet your ideal woman if you don’t look like an ideal man? You might have bad dress sense or a rough hairstyle.Maybe you have put on a few pounds and don’t bother to exercise regularly. Whatever the case, you have to look the part if you want to attract women.

  • You’ve Got No Confidence.

confidenceThis is an important one. Often, women, and people in general, love and appreciate confidence. That doesn’t mean you need to be arrogant or bossy.
But, you need to at least appear to have some self-belief. A guy who can’t stand up for himself who lets people walk all over him isn’t an ideal partner for anyone.

  • You’re Being a Beta, Not An Alpha.

These are the sorts of guys who almost worship the girl they like. As mentioned above, these people show no signs of confidence in themselves. They are constantly complimenting, apologizingand walking around the girl they want. If you’re overly-friendly and overly-affectionate, it just seems fake and creepy.

  • You Don’t Listen

 pay attentionTo be successful socially, it’s vital to listen and pay attention to the people around you.
You have to listen to what they are saying and actually contemplate it, rather than just hearing it.
Similarly, you need to be aware of the vibes you get when you talk to others. Do they care about what you’re saying? Can you recognize when someone is interested in you?

  • You’re Focusing on People Who Don’t Care About You.

This can be a fatal blow for many men. The girl you like just isn’t interested, and yet you continue to push it and idolize her when there is no chance of anything happening. If someone isn’t interested and has made this point clear to you, then you need to move on.
It might be hard, but there is no point wasting your time and energy on someone who isn’t willing to give you anything in return. Move on and find someone worthy of your attention.

  • You’re Not Ready Or You’re Too Busy.

Too BusyMaybe this just isn’t the time for a relationship for you. It’s essential to know when this is the case and to accept it.
Don’t try and force yourself into the dating game if you don’t feel prepared.
You might simply be too busy with work or, maybe you just got out of a relationship. Either way, take your time and wait until you are ready.

Modern Dating Mantras for Motivated Men

With advancements in technology and social changes over the last couple of decades, the dating scene has changed enormously and continues to change as time goes by. Some of the classic rules of courting still apply. But, you need to get with the times and follow the following dating mantras if you really want to win someone’s heart.

1. Mobile Dating is Perfect For Local Meet-Ups

Mobile DatingThe advent of mobile dating apps allows anyone to see a wide variety of people in their local area who are ready and eager to date. These apps also allow dates to happen almost instantly.
You don’t need to plan ahead and prepare for days in advance. You can simply find an attractive person in your vicinity and see if they want to hang out.
What this means is that you should be ready for a date at any time, and this is actually an effective way of looking after yourself. If you know you might go on a date any night of the week, you’ll feel more motivated to look your best, wear nice clothes, and keep yourself smelling fresh.

2. Digital Messaging For The Modern Lover

Texting is an efficient tool. We can share simple little thoughts and greetings at any time of day and in any location.It’s also often much easier to flirt via a text, where you have the time to write out exactly what you want to say and can indulge your naughty side without the stress of saying things out loud.
Digital MessagingSending these sorts of messages and simple good morning and goodnight wishes is an easy way to make your partner happy. However, don’t get carried away.
You should not use texting for everything. You should still remember to give your lady a call to have a proper conversation.
Chatting over the phone late into the night can be pretty seducing. Hearing her voice and inviting her to dinner will be much more romantic than receiving a text.

3. Sexting Can Spice Up Your Love Life

As alluded to above, talking dirty via text message can be a sexy way to excite you and your partner. You each have the time to consider exactly what you want to say.Moreover, the fact that you aren’t saying these things out loud makes them slightly mysterious and removes any embarrassment factor. However, again, don’t overdo it.
talking dirty via text messageThere are some guys who go way too far way too quickly when it comes to sexting and it can be a real turn-off, especially if they start including some naughty selfies along with the messages.
Take it slowly and let her set the pace and the tone. Don’t be afraid to take things up a notch if she is responding positively, butdon’t go too extreme in your first few messages.

4. Multi-Dating Can Make You A Date Machine

The world of online and mobile dating has allowed us to find partners at the click of a button. And this, in turn, allows the more open-minded among us to experience the joys of multi-dating.It might sound pretty imposing at first, but it’s really not as big a deal as you might think. In fact, it can even help you become a much better catch and feel less stressed on your dates.
If one girl isn’t your cup of tea or gets away, another can take her place in an instant. This prevents you from getting too attached to any one person too quickly. When you find the one for you, you can call off your other dates and try to settle down.
Multi-dating also offers the amazing benefits of dating a wide variety of people regularly. By doing this, you can try different things and observe the reactions and results you provoke.
Multi-DatingYou can see which of your jokes are funny, and how much or little you should talk about certain subjects. By identifying the best parts of your personality and the most effective dating techniques, you can become a real catch.
Do bear in mind when using this technique, you still need to moderate yourself. Don’t try to arrange several dates on the same day, or text other girls while you are spending time with another. Similarly, take notes to keep track of the details of each of your prospective partners.

5. Don’t Wait For Her To Make The First Move

Despite the fact that women have fortunately made much progress in their professional and social lives, many of them still enjoy being approached by a man, rather than having to do so themselves.If you like someone, don’t sit around and wait for her to come to you. Take control of the situation and make the first step.
If you have seen her profile online, then you can talk about something you read on it, for instance. Whether she likes you or not isn’t for you to decide. But, by making the first move, you’re already showing that you’re not the sort of guy who sits around and lets the world pass him by.

6. Honesty Is The Key To Successful Dating

Successful DatingDon’t pretend to be someone you’re not. This is especially true for those who use online dating.
Writing a profile about the guy you wish you were and then turning up in real life as someone completely different is not a right way to start a relationship.
A partner will be extremely pleased to meet you and see that you are all that you said that you were. Relationships are built around trust, and this starts on the very first date.
Even if there are things you don’t like about yourself or things that others might consider controversial, for instance your beliefs or views on life, you have to be open about them.
You can’t hide who you are forever. By being straightforward about yourself, you are more likely to find someone who shares the same ideas as you and likes you for the way you are.

7. Pay For The First Date Or Not?

It’s a classic question that has haunted many men over the years. Things used to be quite straightforward: the man paid the bill on nearly every occasion.Over time, people started splitting the bill and s
ometimes it is considered that whoever invited the other person on a date should be the one to pay. Either way, it’s a difficult problem.
Pay For The First DateIt is recommended for guys to always offer to pay the bill, particularly if they are the ones who initiated the date.
However, if the woman offers to pay herself, then you don’t need to create a fuss about and should simply thank her and offer to pay for the next time you meet.

8. What Should You Talk About On The First Date?

Again, thanks to the internet, this classic problem has some great new solutions.We are all connected to the goings-on in the world on a daily basis, meaning that there is always something interesting to talk about.Dating profiles often offer a wide variety of information about a particular person, and you can use this information to initiate all sorts of conversations on your date.
For instance, if her profile says she loves movies, ask her for some more info and talk about your own tastes.However, don’t overdo this, either. You don’t want to sound like a stalker by quoting her entire profile back to her when you meet up. Let the conversation flow rather than going through the list of her likes and dislikes.

9. No Sex On The First Date, Mostly

longest-lasting relationshipMost of the time, it’s imperative to wait before jumping into bed together.
Studies have shown that couples who sleep together straight away aren’t necessarily doomed, but these sorts of encounters rarely lead to the longest-lasting relationships.
Before opening yourself up to someone, it’s worth knowing who they are beforehand. Take the time to get to know one another on a personal level and see what the pair of you wants from the relationship before taking the plunge. However, if both of you are in for a regular booty call, then by all means, hit the sack.

10. Be A Gentleman In Every Sense Of The Word

Be candid. If a date doesn’t work out or a lady simply isn’t your dream girl, don’t lead her on with false promises and claims you are going to call her. Tell her clearly how you feel.This doesn’t mean you need to say it in a nasty way. Simply tell her that you had a good time, but you didn’t feel a connection. Wish her the best, and then move on. Even if she might be disappointed, she would appreciate this decency over any lies.
Bonus Tip
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If you want to find the partner of your dreams, someone who you can share your life with and be with forever, take your time and be yourself. There is someone out there for you, and the only way you’ll find them is if you are genuine.

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