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10 Dirty Ways to Talk Your Way to a Hot Night

10 Dirty Ways to Talk Your Way to a Hot Night

It’s been a long week, the babysitter is booked, and you are all ready for your hot night out on the town with the woman of your dreams—but is she ready? Sometimes, we have to amp our partners up a bit in order to achieve that night of passion that we so desire.
Nothing is wrong with a little foreplay. But, sometimes the act of turning your partner on can be intimidating. It would be ideal if there were one particular button to push that guaranteed your lover would be ready to go, wouldn’t it?
night of passionWell, be prepared to be amazed. We are about to take talking dirty to a whole other level. The proof is in the pudding. Dirty talk is that magic button to get your lover as ready as you are for a hot night out on the town.
However, dirty talk alone is not as effective as dirty talk paired with some other creative ways.
Follow us as we review some ways to dirty talk your way to a hot night:

1. Starting Simple: The Skill Of Dirty Talk

It is essential to cover the art of talking dirty first. Men are turned on by visuals, whereas feeling sexy turns women on.Therefore, dirty talk is extremely effective when tactfully performed on a woman. It is important to note that dirty talk can make us feel vulnerable.
You may ask yourself, “What if they do not accept the dirty talk?,” or “What if they think I’m a pervert?”
talking dirtyYou have to gauge your relationship before talking dirty for the first time. If you are trying to pick a woman up for a one-night stand, then dirty talk might be a shot in the dark. Gauge your partner.
If you two are comfortable with one another, then go ahead and ask them how they would feel about dirty talk. Is there a line they draw?
Make sure you are aware of your limits before you go for it. There are a few “dirty” lines you can say that are relatively safe, such as:

  • You look so sexy right now.
  • I just want to rip your clothes off.
  • I can’t wait until we are alone.

Even if a woman is hesitant to be the recipient of some nasty talk, these lines are sure to rev her engines up. Now let’s talk about some other additional moves you can make on top of the dirty talk to ensure that she’s on top of you by the end of the night.

2. Talking About Your Night In A Sensual Way

It is possible to talk dirty without being nasty in any way. Simply talk about the plans you have for the night and change the tone of your voice.
Talking About Your NightLower your tone and speak in a sultry manner. If your partner says they want to go to dinner, then you can reply with a, “then what?” in a sexy voice.
Talking dirty does not need to cover any particular content. It can be a way of speaking, rather than what you are saying. Practice this concept with your lover first before you get to the really hot and heavy stuff.

3. Make Your Dirty Talk Public

Sexual urges in public places cause dopamine levels to skyrocket, especially if she is not expecting it.
Make Your Dirty Talk PublicWhen you are out with your lady, casually slip the dirty talk into her ear with a little kiss on the ear. Or, perhaps you can graze a hand onto her inner thigh as you tell her how badly you want her.
We guarantee that if you practice these public signs of affection paired with dirty talk, then you will reap the ultimate benefits. However, remember that it must be tactfully done. After all, public indecency is a bad thing, you know. We do not want anyone arrested for exposing a little too much in public.

4. Particularly, Touch Her Tatas

So, we have explained why you should talk dirty and touch her in public places, but once you are alone there is another area on her body that you should definitely not ignore: her breasts. Women go wild when their breasts are teased.
Most of the time, men jump to the more southern region when performing foreplay on a woman. However, we are here to tell you that you should spend more time with the twins. Women love for their chests to have some attention.
Touch Her TatasIf you are unsure of where to start, then start with a nice backrub. You can work your way to the side of her breasts, and if she seems like she is enjoying herself then ask her to roll over. Begin massaging her breasts gently, and don’t forget the dirty talk.
Ask her if she is enjoying herself. Ask if she wants you to do anything in particular. Not only will this help heat up the mood, but it will help you understand what she wants from your touch. And, we are sure you would want to repeat whatever it is that you are doing.

5. Take Your Time, There’s No Rush

Remember that her pants will not immediately drop when you talk dirty to her. Well, maybe they will, and that is great, but for the rest of us, it takes some time. Foreplay in general should take some time.
Whereas men are like microwaves; they turn on quite easily; women are more like ovens. It is necessary to preheat a woman’s oven and allow her to warm up to the thought of a hot night.
ForeplayIt is actually much more effective to take your time with a woman. For a hot night, it is pertinent that you take your time in both dirty talk and actions.
Whisper in her ear, make a few sensuous movements of the tongue, and then fixate yourself elsewhere. We guarantee that if you take your time, you will be happy with the results.

6. Talk Dirty About Her Appearance

We have mentioned that women become horny at the thought of feeling sexy, so make sure that your dirty talk is aimed at making her feel attractive. Women take quite a bit of time on their appearance, so notice it.
Gently tug on her hair and whisper in her ear about how sexy it looks. Play with her sexy lingerie with your mouth only, and comment on how amazing she looks with it on. But, that you would like it better to be off.Spend time concentrating on her physical attributes, and make sure that she feels sexy. This way, she will want to share her sexy self with you, and what could be better?

7. Make Sure To Stay Sensual

take her clothes offSometimes after talking dirty, we lose our sensual nature. It is important to remember to stay sensual, even after the dirty talk has proven effective.
For example, if you have told her some dirty thoughts, rubbed her back, and sensually played with her clothing, be sure to not just rip the clothes off, unless, of course, she finds that attractive.
Remember to remain sensual and cater to her needs. If she is ready for passionate, steamy love, then sure, take her clothes off. However, if not, then remember to take your time and keep up the great work. Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all.

8. Use Your Hands Simultaneously And Wisely

Women love to be caressed. So, make sure you are touching her in all of the right places as you talk sensually to her. We have already mentioned to make sure you touch her breasts, but it is important that you use both hands in a natural, sexy way.
grabbing her breasts Randomly grabbing her breasts and pumping them is not sexy. Instead, squeeze them lightly, nibble and lick them, and playfully put your head in between them.
Remember to caress other parts of her body, as well; some hot spots include the inner thighs, neck, buttocks and lower back.
If you are practicing taking your time, then a sensual back massage can do the trick. This also allows you the opportunity to mount her from behind and still whisper dirty thoughts into her ear as you rub her gently.

9. Using Your Tongue Beyond The Dirty Talk

KissingKissing is one of the most underrated ways to turn your woman on. Position yourself so that you are relatively close to their mouth and continue talking dirty. The anticipation will help her heat up.
When you are ready, apply your kissing skills to good use. Be sure, however, to not use any slobbery techniques. Make sure that your tongue skills are wanted, and that way you cannot go wrong.

10. Using Your Tongue in That One Particular Area

When the time comes, it will become necessary for you to put the tongue to work other than talking dirty. However, we highly recommend you keep the naughty talk present.That’s right—we are talking about where you can use your tongue. Going down on your significant other is probably one of the hottest things you can do, so talk your way down there.
proextendersystemUse all of our previous tips to lead you, slowly, to that sweet zone and work your magic. Nothing is hotter than tell her how much you love it, thus dirty talking as you perform oral sex.
In addition to talking dirty, there is one other way to ensure that she is ready for a hot night with you: making your penis magically larger and firmer. Sure, you might scoff at the thought that there is actually being a way for this to happen, but it is true.
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