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10 Formerly Frowned Upon Sexual Fantasies That Are Now Acceptable 

10 Formerly Frowned Upon Sexual Fantasies That Are Now Acceptable 

You probably seen it in porn movies or read crazy sex stories on the Internet – man making out with a tree, group sex, double penetration, sex in public, rape fantasy, sex with animals, you name it. Even Christian Grey’s sexual preferences and everything inside the Red Room of Painare acceptable – at least according to million readers of the Fifty Shades book.
When it comes to sex and matters between the sheets, the word “normal” is an understatement.The truth is, there is no list that will define what erotic desires are normal and acceptable.
 rape fantasyIn fact, it is hard to define which ones are okay and which desires are over the line. This is because as people evolve, sexual preferences will likewise evolve with them.
Still, this doesn’t mean you could do anything you want for the sake of sex, pleasure and orgasm. To guide you better, here are sexual fantasies that are now acceptable in our society, at least according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

1. Having Romantic Emotions During A Sexual Relationship

Society has trained men to enjoy sex, even if there are no romantic emotions involved. After all, the more women you have sex with, the better guy you are, at least from a man’s perspective. Surprisingly, one of the sexual fantasies among men is to have romantic emotions during a sexual relationship.
Does This Mean The Entire Adam’s brood Is Becoming Softies?
romantic emotionsNot necessarily, although it won’t hurt if you put a sprinkle of emotions in your sex life. This could translate to actions and activities that go well beyond the bedroom.
The more connected you are to your partner, the better the sex will be. This could also build honesty and trust inside the bedroom, which could affect your sex life in a good way.

2. Taking Pictures Or Recording The Actual Sex

Don’t you wonder why sex tapes are popular these days? In fact, if you want to give your career a boost, though this may take a toll on your reputation, make a sex tape. Case in point: Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.
Surprisingly, making a sex tape is a cool thing to do. When you decide to film yourself while doing the deed, just make sure your girl is up for it as well.

In case she agrees, get your camera ready and film away. At the same time, check the lighting, since this could help a lot in accentuating you and your girl’s best features.
Don’t forget your script and costumes. This could make sex more exciting, but be smart and don’t share or let anyone access your tape. Not cool.

3. Sex In An Unusual Place

Where do you often have sex? Most of the time, you do the deed in the bedroom, in her or your apartment, in a motel, or any place where you can have privacy. However, there are people who want to go the extra mile and have sex in the most unusual places.
Centuries ago, having sex in unusual places was a mortal sin. Fast forward to today, and this sexual fantasy is now acceptable. In fact, you will see countless articles about couples having sex in the beach, on top of the bridge, in a parking lot, inside the movie theater, and even inside a patrol car. If you are in your experimental self, just make sure you won’t be caught when you have sex in unusual places.

4. Sex In A Romantic Location

It turns out that men are not all that about getting those juices out. Aside from adding emotions inside the bedroom, sex in a romantic location is among the sexual fantasies that are now acceptable.
Romantic LocationRomantic locations don’t have to be in Paris or watching a sunset together by the beach. You can turn your bedroom into a romantic location by adding romantic vibesto it.
Light up those scented candles, turn on some soft, sultry music, dim the lights, change the sheets and make sure your room is clutter-free. This will surely get you both in the mood.

5. Sex With Another Person Aside From Your Spouse

How many times have you dreamed of having sex with Megan Fox, Jennifer Lawrence or Kate Upton? By nature, men fantasize more about women they are not currently involved with – and that’s okay. However, you have to tendency to share it only with the dudes, since they understand you better.
According to recent studies, fantasizing about having sex with another person is common and acceptable. Just make sure that you will keep this as a fantasy and you won’t do anything to fulfill that. It would hurt your wife’s feelings and even destroy your relationship.

6. Having Sex With Two Women

sex with two gorgeous womenAdmit it. You probably have felt a pang of jealousy every time you’ve watched porn movies where the dude is having sex with two gorgeous women.
You may have secretly hoped that day will come and it will make you the happiest guy on the planet, at least for a few hours.
Think about this. You saw two women in their little black dresses being extra cuddly to each other. A few minutes later, they are making out and you could feel your man down there making its appearance. The next thing you want to do is to jump straight into them and join the fun.
Don’t worry. This sexual fantasy is common among men, so you don’t have to be ashamed of yourself. Just be smart and safe, and keep it a fantasy – or use protection. Threesomes can ruin relationships and cause negative feelings afterwards.

7. Anal Sex

Did you know that the practice of anal sex dates back to ancient times? Various drawings, written records and sculptures show that this practice could trace its history in ancient Greece – and it’s not just a man-woman thing.
Anal SexHowever, anal sex was banned by the church and classified it as a serious sexual sin. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the people from entering the back door.
Today, anal sex is a common practice you see in many porn films. People won’t talk about it openly and surely, there are people who do this, but won’t tell you. However, this is one of the most pleasurable practices in bed, at least according to those who prefer the backdoor. It may be difficult at first, but once you start, it could be harder for you to stop.
The main thing is to respect your partner and don’t do anything they don’t want to do. If they’re not into it, forget about it. And if they are, take your time and use care.

8. Ejaculating On Your Partner

Porn movies epitomize your sexual fantasies. You don’t want to talk about it, but admit it; you wanted to ejaculate on your partner, just like what you see in porn.Unfortunately, your partner is not up for it. Even if she does, she prefers you wearing protection and taking it off when you are about to come could ruin the moment.
Just in case you want to try this fantasy, make sure to talk about this with your ladylove and see if she is willing to turn this fantasy into reality. If that’s not enough to convince her, inform her about spermine facial.
 talk about this with your ladyloveIt turns out that your sperm has anti-aging effects that could help her stop the clock. Who knows, she might give in to your request, but if she doesn’t, back off.

9. Sex In A Public Place

Have you ever considered doing the deed in a public place, say a parking lot or on the fire exit stairs of your office or apartment building? If yes, then you should know that this is one of the many sexual fantasies people find acceptable these days.
It might be difficult to execute this plan,but once you are able to do this, it could be one of the best sexual experiences you will ever have. All you need is a raging libido, a partner who is game to do it anywhere and you’re good to go. Just make sure no one sees you. The last thing you need is a charge for public indecency – that’s not a good thing.

10. Dominance And Submission

You have to thank Christian Grey for making this an acceptable practice. The Fifty Shadesmovie and Mr. Grey’s unusual sexual preferences may make you cringe.
Still, admit it. You want to be in his place. What’s more surprising is that this fantasy is common to both men and women.
What makes this sexual fantasy acceptable, despite the idea of whipping, spanking and bondage? By nature, people enjoy power.
When it comes to sexual practices, power gives a certain form of rush that could make things even more exciting in bed. At the same time, the idea of submission allows you to surrender and do something sexual without absolving you of guilt.
For instance, the rape fantasy. No one wants to be raped, but through this practice, you get to experience it without the feeling of shame and guilt.
What does this all meanWith dominance and submission, you are able to do something you secretly desire. More so, it provides more balance in the sexual relationship because one has to play the dominant while the other submits to you.
What does this all mean? Sexual fantasies are okay. However, what is more interesting in the said study is that men described their fantasy more vividly than women did. At the same time, you and your fellow dudes are willing to do whatever it takes to turn these fantasies into reality.
If you decide to pursue a certain sexual fantasy, just make sure that your ladylove is willing to do it with you. You don’t want a rape or sexual assault case filed against you, do you? Be sure to practice safe sex and educate yourself. No one likes surprises, after all.

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