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10 Hot Apps for Sexual Application

10 Hot Apps for Sexual Application

Indeed, technology makes people’s lives easier. Gone are the days when people would rely on their memory to remember things like their friend’s birthdays. Today, people, including you, rely on different applications to help you remember things, keep you organized and make everything for you easier and more convenient.
software developers In line with this cause, software developers had a brilliant idea and developed apps that can help you even in your sex life. Yes, you read that right.
There applications for your Apple or Android tablet that can give you sex tips, the best sex positions and even general info about sex. Since it is love month, these apps could help you with matters between the sheets, too.
Here are 10 apps that can help you spice up your life in the bedroom. Go ahead and check them out.

1. Dirty Games Truth or Dare

Truth or DareMove over spin the bottle. There is an easier and more high-tech way to play this game, sans bottles. Say hello to the Dirty Games Truth or Dare.
Spin the bottle, Truth or Dare, or at least the dirty version of it, is an excellent icebreaker game to help you let loose and let go of any sexual inhibitions. This app works the same, except that you do it using your fingertips. And yes, it is pretty much straightforward.
You have two options: “Truth” or “Dare.” Then indicate whether the one answering is a male or female. Sample truth questions include “Who do you regret having sex with?” or “What is your sexiest feature?”
Dares ranges from naughty to scandalous, such as acting out a scene with the person in front of you. The best part about this app? It is free for both iPad and iPhone users.

2. Down

hookup appFormerly known as Bang with Friends, Down started as a hookup app to help men and women get laid. With the advent of Tinder, OkCupid and other dating apps that help you find love – and lust – Down updated itself and included dating and casual flings in the menu.
The app is pretty simple. With over one million users, all you need to do is search through the pictures of your friends and their friends of friends to find your match.
Then decide whether to “Get Down,” which means hook up, or “Get Date,” which means you want a relationship. Aside from this, “Get Down” also hosts hookup parties that are exclusive for users.
If you want sex or simply looking for a relationship, then this will help you get down and dirty.

3. Cosmopolitan’s Sex Position of the Day

Sex PositionDid you know that there are more than 100 sex positions you can do in bed? The question now is how many among those hundred positions have you tried with your girl, aside from missionary and girl on top.
This is where Cosmo’s Sex Position of the Day app comes in.
If you are looking for ways to spice up your sex life and try something new in the bedroom, then this app will help. It comes with new and exciting positions everyday, plus pictures and written instructions on how to do the positions. There is also a carnal challenge rating system to help you categorize easy to challenging positions.
If you are looking for ways to bring something new in the table, then this app is for you.

4. Sexy Vibes

vibratorOne of the effective tools you can use during oral sex is vibrator. No, this does not mean you are lazy or you don’t know how to do oral sex properly. The truth is using a vibrator could amplify her sexual experience.
What if your girl forgets her trusted vibrator and she wants that extra oomph down there? Well, all you need is your smart phone and an Internet connection and download Sexy Vibes.
This app turns your phone into a vibrator slash massager. It also comes with different settings such as “Washing Machine” and “Fluffy Bunny.” It’s up to you on how you want to picture it.
In case you’ll download this app, make sure to remove your phone’s casing. The app will work best without any protective casing in it. Plus, it feels better over clothes than on bare skin. Unfortunately, Sexy Vibesis only available on Google Play.

5. Sexulator

in a relationshipThink about calendar where you list and track everything you need to do. Instead of your daily to-do list, you need to track your sex life.
This is what Sexulator is all about.This app is a calendar that tracks your sex life. It also has icons for oral sex, a steamy make-out session, full sex, and even sessions with multiple partners.
The good thing about this app is that you are able to track your sex life, regardless if you are single, in a relationship, married or simply looking for fun.
This could also help you back track just in case you are afflicted with some unwanted sexually transmitted disease or allegedly got some girl pregnant. Or if you are in a relationship, this app can check if you are getting enough action from your girl, too.
Amazing, isn’t it? Plus, it is available for both iPhone and Android users.

6. Sex Drive

boost your sex driveMany people say that music affects your mood and your brain functions. Think about it.
Listening to classical music soothes you while heavy metal could give you a headache, unless you are a fan. Did you know that you could also boost your sex drive using beats and tones?
Yes, you can, with the help of Sex Drive. This app plays binaural beats and tones or sound artifacts, which your brain produces every time two different tones of slightly different frequencies are played in a separate manner using headphones. As a result, your brain sync with the frequency from the app and believe it or not, turns you on. Yes, it boosts your sex drive too
Go ahead and try it out.Sex Drive is available in the iTunes App Store for only $1.99.

7. A Sexy Text

talking dirtyLet’s face it. Not everyone has mastered the art of dirty talk. For many, particularly women, talking dirty can be embarrassing and funny,especially when they don’t normally speak the language inside the bedroom. If you find it awkward to say something erotic, then this app is for you.
A Sexy Text allows you to choose between sending a romantic message to your girl or a naughty, sexy text. This app also differentiates between a man and woman to help you find the most appropriate message. Aside from the message, you can also attach a picture along with the message.
What are you waiting for? A Sexy Text is available in iTunes App Store for only $1.99. Happy sexy texting.

8. Love Sparks

Being in a relationship, make that long-term relationship can be quite a bore, especially when you are doing the same things over and over.
Love SparksWorse, you look at sex as an obligation, something you need from your partner just to get by. The good news is there is an app that can help you turn your sex life into more than just a part of your daily routine checklist.
Available for iPhone and Android users, Love Sparks amplifies your sex life by helping you create a list of desired positions and scenarios where you can do the Kamasutra-inspired positions. It also features your “unlocked achievements” in terms of sex, plus ideas for quickies and role-play scenarios. Most importantly, this app is password-protected to keep your details and preferences private.

9. Sex Toy Guide by Adam and Eve

Sex ToyAside from vibrators, what other sex toys do you know? Did you use any of those sex toys you see online?
Do you have any idea how to use them and where to get them? If not, then you should download the Sex Toy Guide by Adam and Eve.
This app will teach you everything you need to know about the different sex toys available in the marketplace today. Aside from this, there are also reviews on how to use sex toys properly. This can help you find out which toy is best for you and your needs.
Yes, it goes beyond condoms and lube. Plus, this app is free in Google Play, too.

10. Spice Dice

ForeplayFor sure, you heard – and even bought – the sexy dice sold in adult stores. It’s an effective game especially when you and your girl are running out of ideas on how to amp your sex life. This is what Spice Dice is all about, but with a twist.
This app comes with four categories: Romantic, Foreplay, Sexual and Kinky. Depending on the category, spice dice can go from giving your girl a massage to role-play in the shower.
In other words, Spice Diceoffers wide range of sexual experience to give your sex life a boost. You can even send a copy of your preferred activity to your partner to turn her on.
Spice Dice is available in Google Play for free.
What are you waiting for? Get your iPhone and tablets ready and download these 10 sexy apps for an improved sex life.

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