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10 Rules Men Should Follow to Score Big on Dating Websites

10 Rules Men Should Follow to Score Big on Dating Websites

We all know that it can be hard to approach women. The fear of rejection, the lack of self-confidenceand all sorts of similar other factors can make the idea of sweet talking a girl seem daunting and scary. Kicking off a conversation with a total stranger isn’t easy in the best of cases. And, it’s even harder when you are attracted to the person in question.
Fortunately, the internet was invented, and the processes of dating and meeting people of the opposite sex have changed enormously. Thanks to this wonderful innovation.
click of a buttonYou can now connect with millions of women around the world at the click of a button and never have to worry about the embarrassment of rejection or awkward silences when making the first move.
The internet offers tons of benefits for men looking for love. As mentioned, any worries or stresses are quickly forgotten when you realize the worst that can happen online is a girl not replying to your message.
You can then quickly move on to one of the other thousands of available ladies until you find the right one for you. You have time to write out your messages and plan out exactly what you want to say with none of the pressures of real-life conversations.
Internet dating is gaining popularity as more and more sites open up, offering various new possibilities for single people around the world.With so many sites and so many people out there searching for the Mr. or Mrs. Right, your chances of finding love are better than ever.
internet loverSo what’s the problem? Well, just like real life dating, you still have to come prepared, look the part, and say the right things. You can’t just send out messages and automatically have someone fall for you.
There are plenty of tricks and unwritten rules to follow when it comes to finding love online. Curious to know about them – here are10 great tricks to help you become a successful internet lover.

1. Your Profile Counts, So Do It Right

This is perhaps the most significant and most basic tip when it comes to online dating.The only way information people have about you is on your profile.And, this is the virtual first impression that everyone will get before deciding whether or not they would like to know you better.
There are millions of profiles out there, so you have to try and make yours stand out in some special way. Therefore, straight away it’s imperative to avoid the sort of introductory phrases you see again and again like, “Hi. I’m looking for love.”
Think about something that makes you special and tell the world. If you can’t think of something, at least try and be a bit different with the words you use to make your profile look more interesting than the rest.
hobbies and interestsTalk about yourself, your hobbies and interests, but don’t sell yourself too much. It’s easy to appear arrogant.
So, there is no need to describe yourself with exaggerated adjectives and excessive positivity. Keep it brief and let the ladies find out more by themselves.
Finally, in the part where you talk about who you are looking for, you need to be authentic and clear.
Describe the type of woman you like, but there is no need to be specific otherwise you will prevent people from sending you messages. Don’t be afraid to talk about looks, but don’t put something immature like “She needs to be hot.” Use frankness, but use tact as well.

2. Choose The Right Photos

Like the profile, your primary picture is the first physical impression any prospective date will have of you. The right photo can be the difference between getting a date and staying single. So, it’s vital to choose wisely. Bad photos can make even the sexiest among us look awful, while a nice photo can highlight all of our favorite things and hide our flaws.
Choose The Right PhotosFor your photo, first of all only use something that actually represents how you look. Overly editing photos until they look nothing like you isn’t going to work out well when you meet people in real life.
Similarly, using a photo from a few years ago when you look completely different isn’t smart either.
The ideal photo should be a recent one. You should dress smartly and smile naturally. Ideally, ask someone else to take the photo for you as selfies can often go wrong.Other people are better at finding the right angle to take a photo and can capture your good side. In the best case scenario, ask a female friend to take the picture for you. Women are often the best judges of what looks good.
The photo also needs good lighting. A shadowy portrait can present a negative image of yourself, whereas a brightly-lit or outdoor shot will instantly make you appear more approachable and lively.
make use of a good cameraSimilarly, make use of a good camera if you can. Cell phone shots or webcam selfies are often grainy and paint a rough image of the way you look.
Take note of the background of your shots, as well. Don’t take a photo in front of your toilet, or in the middle of a messy bedroom. People look at every detail in photos and the slightest oversight can ruin a picture entirely.
Before you take a photo, clear out the area behind you, or take the shot in front of a plain wall, or outdoors to prevent any unwanted objects from finding their way into the frame.

3. Learn How To Sell Yourself

There are two keys to selling yourself online: positivity and humor. First of all, stay positive in your profile and any messages you send out.Degrading yourself and bringing down the tone of a conversation instantly makes you less attractive.
People rarely want to hang out with a guy who is always down on himself. Women want to be with guys who exude positivity and liveliness.Talking about your bad history with dating, your miserable life, or how much you hate the president isn’t going to win you any girlfriends.
likes and dislikesSecondly, being funny is extremely important. Women often love a guy who can make them laugh, and comedy helps to put people at ease and open up around each other.We are not all lucky enough to have the gift of perfect humor.
But, everyone has the capacity to make others laugh in their own special way. If you don’t consider yourself a funny guy, that’s okay but at least try to put some life into the things you write.
Constructing a dull profile that lists your likes and dislikes without an ounce of personality isn’t going to attract anyone. Add a little personal touch to make your words stand out. If you are funny, use your humor.

4. Tell The Truth And Nothing But The Truth

Integrity is the ultimate rule for online dating. As we have previously discussed, things like lying on your profile or using a picture that doesn’t represent the real you are not going to make you successful online. If you want to have a relationship with someone, you should build it on trust. And. that trust needs to be there from the very first date. We can’t hide who we are forever.
Tell The Truth This goes for physical descriptions, too. It’s tempting and easy for us to describe ourselves as a bit taller or a few pounds lighter or a bit more muscular than we really are online.
But if you do that, you’re only setting yourself up for a huge fall when you eventually meet someone in real life. You don’t want a girl to meet you and instantly feel disappointment because you lied to her. Honesty is always the best policy.

5. The Do’s And Don’ts Of Emails

Yes, email etiquette exists and you need to be up to speed on the rules and regulations. A lot of people make the mistake of responding to messages instantaneously.But, this often paints you as a desperate individual who is spending all of their time on the computer staring at their dating website.
Even if you don’t have much else going on in your life, you at least need to appear a little more aloof than that. Desperation isn’t attractive. Try waiting for half a day or even 24 hours before replying to a message to show that you aren’t constantly stuck to your screen waiting for her reply.
EmailsFor the opening email, keep it brief and to the point. Stay polite and tactful at the same time. Introduce yourself and find something on her profile to kick off a conversation.
You can indulge in a compliment or two as well at this point, but remember to do it in moderation. A girl who receives a message filled with compliments from a total stranger is just going to be creeped out.
Don’t make your message too long, either. This goes hand-in-hand with the point made in the paragraph above. You don’t want to seem too desperate or too focused on her straight away. A small message will hopefully help to kick things off while maintaining a bit of mystery around your image. Proofread your messages to avoid any errors, as well.

6. Pay Attention To When You Send Your Messages

This is something a lot of people don’t know or ignore, but the timing of messages can be hugely important.Think about it: women are often busy throughout the week with their careers, studies, friends and family, just like you.
Pay AttentionMany of them don’t find the time to get online and answer their messages on weekdays, and so these messages get pushed down the inbox and wind up being ignored.
It is therefore strongly recommended that you send your messages at the weekend, ideally in the morning. This is because single ladies often head out looking for love on Friday and Saturday nights.
If they have a bad time and don’t meet anyone, they will head online the next morning looking for love on their dating site of choice.So, that’s the time to make your move.

7. Don’t Pretend To Be Someone Else

When talking online, it is easy to adopt a completely different persona. We can be who we want to be without the stresses or embarrassments associated with face-to-face communication. Unfortunately, this leads to many men creating online identities for themselves that are entirely ifferent to the reality.
stressThis idea goes hand-in-hand with the principle of not lying on your profile or via your pictures.You can’t hide who you are when you date someone, so don’t try to do it online.
Be clear and open about who you are and find someone who will love you for it, rather than inventing an idealized version of yourself.

8. Take It Slow For Successful Dating

Just like real-life dating, you have to do things in stages and move at a gradual pace.You wouldn’t waltz up to someone in the street and ask them for their address, family details and dating history so don’t do it online either.
Moving too fast can make people feel quite uncomfortable and can quickly lead to the abandonment of any potential relationship.
When it comes to sexual matters, you have to be patient here, as well. Starting off early with sexual jokes or dirty talk will make you seem either desperate or only interested in one thing. And, this can be a huge turn-off for many women, who are often using these sites to look for a real relationship.
Successful DatingWait until the time is right to ask certain questions and talk about certain topics. Get to know each other first and then you can slowly become more intimate. Compliments should be limited at first and so should any personal questions.
Keep things gradual, just like you would if you were talking to someone face-to-face. Another main thing to note is to avoid using pet names early on as this can also make women feel ill at ease.

9. When It Comes To Meeting Up, Don’t Push It

It’s normal that after talking online for a while, the two of you will want to get together in reality and see how a real-world date goes between you. However, you should not take this sort of step too quickly.
Forcing the issue can scare people away. So, it’s imperative to get to know someone first and see how you both feel about each other. Don’t open a conversation with someone by inviting them out.

10. What To Do On The First Real Date

What To Do On The First Real DateWhen the meeting does arrive, keep it light and casual. Ideally meet somewhere in public in the middle of the day, as people can feel a little unsure about meeting strangers from the internet.
You can even suggest that she bring a friend along to ease any fears she might have. Be punctual and dress well for the occasion. If for some reason you can’t make the date then try to let her know at the earliest opportunity.
It can be a little awkward to make the shift from talking online to talking in real life. Therefore, don’t be afraid to bring a friend of your own and make the occasion more of a group gathering. This will encourage conversation and put the pair of you at ease.
Don’t expect any physical contact on the first date either. The experience should be entirely about getting to know each other and seeing how you feel in each other’s company. If things go well, there will be plenty of time for other things in the future.
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