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10 Sexual Fantasies You Won't Have to Hide Anymore

10 Sexual Fantasies You Won't Have to Hide Anymore

When it comes to sex, can you distinguish what is normal and acceptable from the, “Do you seriously want to do that” type of situation? Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, erotic novels and too much porn, anal sex, butt plugs and nipple clamps,among others are now acceptable – or are they?

Here’s the truth: there is still no exact definition and classification of erotic desires that are normal. In fact, cultural acceptability and moral judgment are the ones that define typical sexual behavior.
Living in the culture of Fifty Shades of Grey, there are certain sexual preferences that are acceptable and may not come as too much of a surprise.
Take a look at these 10 sexual fantasies you don’t have to feel ashamed of – and stop feeling bad about yourself. Yes, this goes for both men and women too.

1. Hooking Up With A Stranger

Think about this – the cute bartender, the hot guy across the other table, a random guy on the street.Don’t you ever wonder how it feels to go somewhere with a random dude, not knowing his name and just have pure sex, no strings attached?
Being in a relationship means having to fulfill each other’s fantasies and worrying about what works and what doesn’t. Believe it or not, even women are into this idea.This is because it allows you to let loose and let go of any sexual inhibitions without worrying about how he feels.
Plus, you won’t see the guy again anyway, so what’s the point of exchanging names and numbers, right?

2. Group Sex

having sexSex means a man and a woman and no one else. Apparently, many people these days are willing to engage in sex with more than two people.
If you think it only exists in porn, well, not anymore. And yes, orgies date back even in the early days as the kings form of entertainment.
If you lived in 1920’s, engaging in sex with two – or more – men or women was a mortal sin. In fact, you belonged to the filthy, dirty ones for being part of that act. Well, not anymore. Couples these days are willing to pay another girl for the ultimate threesome experience.
The truth is there is something about group sex that makes it liberating and erotic at the same time. The idea of exposing yourself to other people, giving blowjobs while having sex and exchanging partners is exciting. Plus, don’t you think it’s sexy? However, this would only work if all parties agree on group sex otherwise, drop the idea.

3. Having Sex With A Woman

search for porn videosYou got bored one night, so you decided to open your laptop and search for porn videos.
While the idea of a man and a woman dressed in school uniforms turns you on, you decided to click that button that says, “Lesbian.” As you browse through the videos, you realized how hot they look and start to wonder, can you do it, too?
Let’s face it: women, including you, are hot. Plus, she would know where exactly to touch you and how to make you feel good and send tingles not just to your area down south but also to your entire body. In other words, she knows how to turn you on and hit the right spots, no questions asked.
Does this mean you are a lesbian? Of course not. It only means you are willing to explore your sexuality. And even if you are, that doesn’t make you less of a person.

4. Rape Fantasy

Fact: millions of women around the world are victims of rape. Sadly, most of these rape cases happen inside the comfort of the victim’s home. In fact, some women are not even aware that they are victims of rape.
restraint and violenceWorse, their own friends and male members of the family are the perpetrators. Despite this alarming situation, there are still women who fantasize rape. Well, not the real rape,but the idea of taken by force.
Admit it. You love the feeling where your man insists on doing certain acts – in sort of violent but still with love manner – even if you don’t want to. You want to play the hard-to-get role because there is something about force, restraint and violence that turn you on.

5. Putting On A Show

Have you ever had that movie scene where you saw a couple making out in front of the whole world and they don’t seem to care? Then you start to wonder, can you put on a steamy show, too?The truth is every person has an exhibitionist side in them, including you. Oh come on. Putting on a show amplifies your hotness and desirability.
At the same time, the idea of someone else getting turned on by you pretty much sums up the idea. Just be careful of viral videos since you don’t want to be famous for that, right? Hello, Paris Hilton.

6. Sex In Public

neighbor’s backyardIn line with putting on a show, yes, sex in public is also a common sexual fantasy among men and women these days.
For some reason, the idea of doing it outside the comfort of your home and potentially getting caught is a major turn on. Plus, the thrill can rush blood into your sensitive, making you more sensitive especially down there.
Does this mean you have to do it anywhere? Well, that depends on you. Rooftop, fire exit, classrooms, elevators and public CRs are common areas where you can have sex. If you’re a bit bold, go ahead and try alleys or your neighbor’s backyard.
However, you have to be careful on this one. Social media is very powerful these days. Many people are after scandals just to make money out of it. Make sure the coast is clear and as much as possible, no peeping Toms around.

7. Anal Sex

lubricationHave you seen the episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte’s boyfriend wants to go for the backdoor? What about how common anal sex is in porn movies?
The truth is most men are curious with how anal sex works.Even women want to try to see if it is pleasurable or not. Apparently, it’s not as easy as what you see in porn.
In fact, it requires time, preparations and lots of lube. Keep in mind that your butt is not as stretchable as your vagina, so you may experience discomfort somewhere in the process.
The key here is lots of lubrication, so make sure your stash is readily available. Oh, and in case you want to give this a try, make sure your man is game for it, too.

8. Sex With a Younger Man

innocent boy’s faceHmm, don’t you just love the look on an innocent boy’s face with no idea what to do in bed? For some reason, many mature women like to go for younger men and rob them of their virginity.
No, you are not suffering from a psychiatric disorder called pedophilia. There’s just something about young men who are clueless when it comes to sex.
Think about this. The idea of directing someone to do this and that, touch you here and there and actually doing it with someone who is very new to it can be a turn on. You can compare it to teacher – student relationship. The difference is that you are doing it in bed. Isn’t that sexy?

9. Act Like A Prostitute

Role-playing is one of the techniques you can do to amplify your sex life. While there are many popular roles to portray, one thing stands out – playing the role of a prostitute.
Ladies, don’t think that your man is degrading you. The idea of someone who is willing to pay you just to have sex is what makes this fantasy a crowd favorite.
The challenge now is how you can glamorize it. Well, you have to go lingerie shopping first to make yourself believable. Then dress up your man like a filthy rich businessman who is looking for ways to unwind.
Go ahead and fulfill that fantasy.

10. The Dom-Sub Role-Play

Society dictates that men are dominant. When it comes to matters between the sheets, men and women can play equal roles too.
sexual fantasyThis is where the dom-sub comes in – and it’s happening even before E.L. James published Fifty Shades of Grey.
Many women fantasize about making their man do what they want. If you are one of them, you’ll notice that the idea of tying your man or blindfolding him excites every inch of your body. In fact, the feeling of being in control of the situation is the selling point of this fantasy.
On the other hand, you also want the blindfold and cuffs, right? Being a submissive gives you the feeling of desire, especially when your man demands you to do certain acts. While the idea of being a dom or sub is enticing, make sure to use a safe word. There is still a need to control the situation, since it would be easy to get carried away when you’re doing the act.
Is your sexual fantasy part of this list?

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