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10 Surprising Things That Will Wreck Your Erections

10 Surprising Things That Will Wreck Your Erections

Have you ever had problems with your man down there? If yes, then good for you. On the other hand, if you have ever had a problem getting your man up, even just one time, then you better be careful and start making healthier choices.
poor dietHere’s the thing: Boners are all about blood flow. Every time you read an article about penises and erections, you will always encounter terms, such as nitric oxide and blood flow down there.
That’s because this is what erections are all about. Hence, any disruption, interruption or alteration somewhere before it reaches the blood vessels down south could spell disaster.
Stress, poor diet and lack of exercise are perennial erection killers. However, there are other factors, which cause your declining libido. Some may even surprise you. Take a look at this list and find out which, among these things, are ruining your erections.

1. Too Much Biking

BikingCardio exercises are important to keep your weight at bay. When it comes to cardio, one of the advisable workouts you could do is to go biking. That’s fine. Here is where disaster comes in.
Research reveals that riding a bike for more than three hours increases the risk of erectile dysfunction compared to those who cycle less often. The culprit here is the bicycle seat.
Based on University of California, San Diego research, the bike’s hard seat compresses the perineum or the area between your anus and scrotum. This squeezes the vital arteries and nerves needed for normal sexual function.
Does this mean you should stop biking? No. Limit your biking to less than three hours to avoid pressure down there. If you are competing for a triathlon, choose leather seats or grooved or nose-less bike seats to minimize pressure in the perineum. Road biking is a better option than mountain biking.

2. Poor Dental Hygiene

There is a reason why your dentist will tell you to brush three times a day and floss once a day.It’s not just about keeping your teeth clean and free from bacteria, as well as preventing gum and oral problems. Did you know that forgetting to floss could lead to problems down south?
Dental HygieneThere is a link between oral health and penis health, at least according to Israeli researchers. They found out that over 15 percent men whosuffer from chronic gum disease also experience erectile dysfunction. This means only two percent of the subjects without ED have gum problems.
What does gum problem have to do with ED? It turns out that bacteria from your mouth can travel through the bloodstream. These bacteria could join forces with plaque to clog the blood vessels and restrict proper blood flow down there.
To prevent this from happening, make sure you brush your teeth and floss regularly. Nobody wants to kiss a guy with a bad breath, anyway

3. A Pantry Filled With Canned Goods

Your survival instincts will tell you to fill your pantry with canned goods in case aliens decide to invade the Earth.While this is the most feasible option to survive, and grilling burgers means giving away your position, you need to take it easy on this one for a reason.
Filled With Canned GoodsThe end of the world isn’t coming – yet, so the least you could do is to stay away fromit. Most canned foods containbisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical that disrupts your hormonal balance by mimicking estrogen and messing up your sex hormones.
You can also find BPA in cash register receipts, which means you better get rid of those grocery receipts and lottery tickets fast.
The truth is,experts must conduct more research to establish the link between BPA and human hormones. But, to be safe, reduce your exposure and choose fresh foods over canned goods. Bottles with BPA-free labels reduce your risks, too.

4. Lack Of Sleep

There is a reason why experts require you to sleep at least six to eight hours every night. Your body deserves any form of rest, regardless of how busy you are, or how demanding your job is.If you are sleeping less than five hours, this could lead to sinking testosterone levels, a hormone your body needs to function well in the sex department.
Lack Of SleepIf you want to maintain the right amount of T levels, make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep to give your body an ample supply of testosterone.
If you are feeling groggy, then expect that your man down there is groggy, as well. Your entire body needs to rest, so get plenty of it.

5. Not Getting Your Snoring Checked

Let’s say you are getting enough sleep every night. The problem is you are snoring – and your wife is not happy about it.It may seem harmless, but disruptive snoring is one of the signs of sleep apnea. Before you react, recent study shows that sleep apnea and erection issues are related, in a bad way.
There are many reasons for this. Sleep apnea shows that your body has low baseline oxygen levels, a characteristic you need to get rid of to maintain erections. Sleep apnea is also linked to heart disease, high blood pressure and other health problems.
By treating sleep apnea, you can improve your health and address your erection issues, as well.

6. Too Much Sugar

Too Much SugarWho doesn’t love sugar? After a tiring and stressful day, the first thing you’ll need is a comfort food, which includes a slice of cake or a can of ice-cold soda.
Unfortunately, too much sugar affects your blood’s glucose levels and thereafter, stimulates the release of insulin. Once insulin takes over your body, testosterone production is affected, which makes it harder for you to get it up.
Does this mean you have to eliminate sugar in your diet? If possible, why not, especially the refined version. It only makes you fat, causes cavities and it’s not going to help you in the bedroom. However, there are alternatives such as raw honey and agave nectar if you want to add sweetness in your food. The key here is use sugar in moderation.

7. A Baby In The Bedroom

Baby In The BedroomHaving a baby is a gift of life. While the idea of having your bundle of joy is something words can’t describe, this could also be the reason why you are having trouble getting your man up.
According to a study from Notre Dame and Northwestern University, sleeping in close proximity with your little one lowers your testosterone production by seven percent – and more.
Apparently, it’s not about sleep disruption that makes you say no to sex. Surprisingly, the fact that you sleep next to your little tot is the main reason for the decline in your T levels.
Don’t worry. You don’t have to kick out your tyke in the bedroom. Having a nursery with baby camera will do the trick.

8. Lack Of Mr. Sun

spending time under the sunMost people are afraid of spending time under the sun. However, there is no reason not to pay a visit, especially when you will go out from seven to nine in the morning,
or you wear a sunscreen beyond these hours. This is because vitamin D plays an important role in testosterone production.
Researchers from Germany and Austria found that spending too much time indoors could reduce your body’s testosterone levels by 20 percent or more, a condition you don’t want to experience. Therefore, get your daily dose of vitamin D by staying out for 10 to 15 minutes everyday. That’s good enough to boost your T levels.

9. Car Accidents Or Severe Trauma

Injuries to your pelvis caused by a car or motorcycle accident, a slip in the ladder or anything that affects your man down there could also be a reason why you can’t get your man up.
Car AccidentsSevere trauma in your pelvis area can damage or injure the nerves and arteries in the urethra and lead to erectile dysfunction. At the same time, when the main artery connecting your penis is affected, this could lead to erection issues.
In case of injury in the pelvic region, make sure to seek medical help immediately. Erection issues may not manifest a few days after the injury,but your doctor can use tests to check the condition of your man down there.

10. Boozing It Up

Unfortunately, alcohol is also among the things that ruins your erections. Fine, at first, it gets you excited and in the mood for sex.Once the alcohol substances kick in, like hops in the beer or congeners in the liquor and wine, becomes estrogen-like substances that lowers your testosterone. Apparently, you don’t want that.
Boozing Wait, there is good news. If you can’t get rid of alcohol in your system, one bottle or a glass of wine everyday will do. The good news is you need to drink more than two bottles a day to experience a slump in your man down there.
Still, this doesn’t give you free license to get drunk. You need to protect your health, and sadly, alcohol won’t help you with that.
Keep this in mind: a healthy body means a healthy man down there. Take care of yourself, get rid of bad habits and you wiener will surely reward you.

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