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10 Things Real Men Need to Know About Dating

Need to Know About Dating

Admit it. You like meeting women. However, the idea of bringing them on a date with just the two of you and no backup from friends scares the daylights out of you. Unfortunately, it is a precursor to love and sex – zones you are familiar and comfortable with.
six pack absHere’s another thing: dating can be tricky. No matter how many books and articles you read about dating, there is no exact formula that guarantees success in the world of getting to know each other.
This is because human beings are forced to get to know each other and get along to have sex in the end – and more. No, it’s never going to be easy, just like what you see in movies, unless you look like David Beckham with six pack abs.
The question is, what can you do to gain success in the dating game? The answer is simple. Just go through this list and learn about the 10 things you need to know to boost your dating profile, and eventually be the guy who never got away.

1. Listen Better, Listen More

Listen BetterMost men underestimate the power of conversations. If you think that nodding and saying yes to everything she says is the best way to attract a girl, then you are sadly mistaken.
Sorry guys, but this won’t get you anywhere. Worse, a woman can sense if you are not interested, which ticks her off, by the way.
Therefore, don’t be the guy who just sits there and nods. Listen to what she is actually saying, and don’t let your mind wander about who won the game between the Miami Heat and the Cavs. Instead of saying yes all the time, share your opinions and thoughts. Challenge her statements – in a nice way, of course – to encourage conversation and actual sharing of ideas.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions or offer feedback. You want her to remember you as the guy who speaks his mind and stands up for what he believes in, rather than the boring dude who simply nods.

2. It’s Much More Than Just Looks

datingOkay, fine. A woman’s physical appearance is the first thing you notice. How she looks is also your basis to decide whether she is worth dating or not.
However, it doesn’t stop with the physical appearance. Surely, a woman will feel flattered if you tell her she looks pretty and hot in that black dress. Though seriously, are you that shallow?
A little boost in a woman’s confidence is okay. On the other hand, if you constantly focus on the physical aspects, such as her new haircut or the new shoes she is wearing, women will look at you as Shallow Hal. Think past her outside appearance and start complimenting her on things about her that really matter. You could start by saying how proud you are of her for not being able to murder anyone that day. She’ll have a good laugh, too.

3. Four Words: Man With A Plan

Man With A PlanWhen you go out on a date, women expect you to have a plan prepared – what you will do, where you will eat, what movie to watch, and so on.Blame it on society for telling men to stay in charge, but that’s how it is.
If you have to ask your date about where she wants to eat and tell her that she could decide on what you can do, then dude, you are in big trouble.
Women love a dash of surprise and uncertainty from time to time. They want men who take the lead, not a dude who succumbs to a woman’s demands. Go ahead and take charge. Tell her you’ll bring her to your favorite restaurant for your Friday night date. Exercise your alpha dominance and act out the part – as long as it is within reason.
Chicks dig it, dude.

4. Put Your Ex In The Past And Keep Her There

previous relationshipsAn ex is an ex for a reason. She belongs in the past and has no place in the future. Relationships may be a favorite in dating conversations,
however, limit your storytelling to how long you dated and how the relationship ended, if it’s not too tragic for you to share.
All dudes have a Taylor Swift problem. However, there is no need to share every little detail. At the same time, dates are not the perfect venue to vent out about your previous relationships. You are out with a decent woman who agreed to go on a date with you. Unless she is a psychiatrist specializing in problems of the heart and you paid her to listen to you, drop the heartache stories. No one cares about your ex anyway.

5. Make Your Expectations Realistic

Make Your Expectations RealisticHaven’t you heard? No one is perfect. Even the women you see on TV and movies with pretty faces have flaws, too – they are just too good in hiding it.
When you go on a date, don’t expect your girl to have a fairy godmother that can magically turn her into a goddess, if that even exists.
Women are humans who poop, fart, yawn, burp, cry and even snore when they are tired after a long day at work. Like you, they aren’t perfect. Don’t judge them when you see some imperfections on your first date.
Oh please. You do those things too, right?

6. Dating Is Not Just About Getting Lucky

Not Just About Getting LuckyWhen you were younger, your parents probably worked hard to boost your confidence and tell you that you deserved a perfect woman. Fine.
Who wouldn’t want Amal Clooney as his wife, right? Unfortunately, you are not George Clooney.
The point is, learn how to differentiate between arrogance and having high standards. Don’t date anyone just because you want to get laid. A man who jumps around from one woman to another is not the type of guy a woman wants to be with for the rest of her life. If a woman feels you can just settle with anyone as long as she can make you happy, then don’t expect her to stick around.
Remember: a man with a high sense of value is attractive in the eyes of women.

7. Stop Making The Same Lame Excuses

Stop Making The Same Lame ExcusesIt is totally understandable if you forget to text her or give her a call a day or two after your date.
Women will not force themselves on you if you show no interest whatsoever after the first date. Still, the least you can do is to make up an excuse for it. If you don’t like her, then fine.
Please, just stop offering excuses, like telling her you got busy at work, or someone close to you died, or whatever drama you have in life. Just be up front and tell her you are simply not interested.
Or all you want is sex and obviously, she’s not going to allow you that to happen, hence the lack of communication. Women will appreciate you more if you are honest about it rather than making up lame excuses and making her believe you two have a chance.

8. Never Trick A Woman For Sex

Men and sex are mutually exclusive. It means that whatever you do, your desire for sex is something you can’t get out of your system, unless you are asexual.Apparently, women are smarter than you think. This means they are not stupid. They know all the games men play just to get laid.
prefer sex after eight datesIf you want sex and nothing else, just be upfront about it. There are women who are interested in that, while there are still many others who prefer sex after eight dates.
If a girl wants to have sex with you, just because you are genuinely a good person and you didn’t try so hard, she will drop hints. It’s up to you on how to decode it.

9. Learn How To Flirt

Yes, you read that right. Flirting is an art, so they say. When you are out on a date, you need to showcase some of your tired and tested, but decent moves to make sure you get a take two. Apparently, not all dudes know how to flirt properly.
Flirting doesn’t have to be complicated. Complimenting her is a good start, but don’t shower her too much with flowery words. Hold her hand or waist while crossing the street, give her a quickie kiss after spending the night together and be a good guy in general. Be respectful, too.

10. Treat Her With Respect

Treat Her With RespectDear guys,
Women are not toys you can just play with now, forget about for a few weeks,then play with it again when you remember. It may be an ego booster for you, but for women, it spells one thing: you are an a-hole.
If you like a girl and would love to date her multiple times, then ask her out on a weekly basis. Don’t disappear, and then show up again just because you have time to date her already. If you can’t commit now, then be honest about it. At least she knows what to expect from you – and makes you less of a jerk.
Being an adult entails responsibilities and some form of maturity in your system. Don’t argue that it’s a guy thing. That’s lame.

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