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10 Unbelievable Ways Sex Can Go Horribly Wrong     

Unbelievable Ways Sex Can Go Horribly Wrong     

There’s nothing wrong with a little kinky sex every now and then. With the popularity of many BDSM type books and films, it is understandable that so many people are branching into the kinkier realm.
However, there is definitely something unbelievable with this compilation of bizarre sex gone horribly wrong.We have taken the time to gather 10 of the most horrifying sex tales we could find. These sexual fantasies and crazy sexual acts were not so sexy at all.

1. It’s A Hard Knock Life…For Him

getting kinky
Sometimes getting kinky is a great idea, and other times it simply does not work out as planned. For this man, he certainly ended up with a harder situation than he bargained for.
This story comes to us from 1987. The man rushed into the hospital complaining of severe rectal pain. All the man told the members of the hospital was that he and his boyfriend were trying something new. From this “something new” came the extreme rectal pain.
Once doctors conducted x-rays of the man’s rectal area, they discovered that this “something new” was nothing short of a bad idea.Doctors soon found that this man’s rectal area was filled with concrete.
Apparently, the man and his boyfriend thought it would be sexy to fill his anal region with concrete mix. Yes, you read that correctly. The man ended up with a concrete asshole.Perhaps the most impressive part of this story, though, is the fact that doctors were able to extract the concrete cast perfectly. What a lovely souvenir to be left with after this sextravaganza gone wrong.
Our next story involves odd objects up the anus. But, this person was not so lucky to be left with a usable souvenir.

2. If You Don’t First Succeed, Do Not Try and Try Again

Anal sex Sticking with the theme of shoving things up assholes comes our next whacked out sex tale. We totally get it.
Anal sex is very kinky and everyone should give it a go. Even vibrators and sex toys can be used for anal sex, but do note that this is where our tale begins.
Our young woman enters the hospital complaining of severe rectal pain. Sound familiar? As the doctors conduct an x-ray, she admits to using a vibrator during anal play.What the doctors were not expecting was the object that she used to try and get the vibrator out. Salad tongs.
Perhaps she had the wrong definition for “tossing a salad”? And now for the moral of the story, ladies and gentlemen. Whenever you stick something up your asshole, make sure you can get it out. If not then please seek medical attention immediately before your anus turns into a large black hole, devouring all objects that enter.
Our next story involves some foreign objects, but they are of a much more animalistic variety.

3. Oh Deer, You Did What?

sign of pregnancyLet us preface this story with the fact that we are not saying masturbation is bad. On the contrary, pleasuring oneself is fantastic and you should do it whenever you feel like it.
With that said, our next story comes to us as a woman enters her gynecologist’s office.
The 29 year old woman made the appointment due to her missed periods. Typically, this is a sign of pregnancy or an STD, so you can imagine how nervous she was.
As the gynecologist conducted her pelvic exam, she extracted a deer’s tongue from the woman’s urinary tract. Need we explain anymore?
We are just hoping that no deer were harmed in the making of this masturbation tale. Perhaps we should stick to sex toys that are sold on the market?

4. More Masturbation Mishaps

Don’t get us wrong. The idea of faking oral sex is genius.However, perhaps there is a reason as to why no one has perfected the act yet. Our next sex tale mishap is of the same variety as our Jane Doe.
Masturbation So naturally, if a woman is attempting to mimic the sensation of having someone lick her genitals, a man must want the same feeling of receiving a blow job. What better way than to use some manmade suction?
Enter our next victim. In 1994 at a motel in Lakeland, Florida, a night clerk found a man inside of the pool, or should we say inside of the pool’s jet. That’s right. The man entered his penis into the suction pump of the pool. Luckily he only suffered minor bruising.
We imagine that this little sexual mishap occurs more often than we even hear about.

5. The One Type Of Kitty Cat You Do Not Want Involved

We have heard about people involving animals in their bizarre sex acts, but this one is not as voluntary as the others.Numerous cat owners claim that their cats attempt to get involved in their sexual acts completely uninvited.
Kitty CatFrom deep scratches on backs, butts, and even worse areas, cats tend to get a little too involved in their owners sex lives.
Some claim that this is the cat displaying affection and protection over their owners. But, to others their feline friends are simply cock blocks. In order to avoid any feline nuisances, make certain your cat is in another room the next time you get busy.

6. The Only Orgasm You Never Want

We all want that mind numbing orgasm, right? Well, think again. Some people claim to experience orgasms that might scare you out of sex altogether.Doctors share these cases, claiming the patients typically come into their office with red eyes and damaged eyesight. It is not until the patient comes clean about their amazing sex that the doctors can put two and two together.
During intense orgasms, blood flow increases rapidly and can lead to ruptured blood vessels in the eyes. In turn, this causes temporary reduced vision, and in extreme cases temporary blindness.Talk about dangerous sex. This next story can also be dangerous, but not as blinding as our previous story.

7. Warning, Lube With Caution

lubricantSometimes that bottle of lubricant is too empty to use. In the head of the moment, we sometimes make compromising decisions. Such decisions lead to horrible sex stories like this one.
According to a doctor who verifies this story, a young man and woman were staying at their grandparent’s house when the mood struck them.
They looked for lubricant everywhere they could think of, but all they could come up with was nitroglycerin paste. They, for some reason, assumed that this would do the job.
The grandmother came home after running errands and found the young people naked and unconscious in her basement. She then rushed them to the hospital since it’s not usual to find naked people in your basement and all.
From substituting lubricant to accidentally using other unnecessary tools of the trade, we still have quite a few tales of sex gone wrong.

8. Was I Supposed To Swallow That?

CondomNow, now, where is your mind? We are talking about a story where partners swallow a little more than they bargained for.
Practicing safe sex is ideal. Putting a condom on can save both you and your partner from STDs and other unwanted things. But, sometimes condoms can lead to their own cumbersome events of their own.
For example, many women end up in the doctor’s office from accidentally swallowing condoms. Sure, some of them are flavored and actually quite yummy, but they are not designed for human consumption. The material from which condoms are designed can cause severe coughing and breathing difficulties.
In addition to breathing difficulties, there is another sex story that led to some serious health concerns.

9. The Hickey From Hell

Hickeys are the prized sexual trophy that teenagers love to dawn on their necks and other body parts.
Symbolizing sexual encounters, hickeys work by causing blood vessels to break and leave a little bruise.
However, one blood vessel left a woman with more than just a bruise. Doctors were introduced to a woman whose arm was paralyzed shortly after receiving a hickey.
How were the two connected? When her husband was providing her with the lovely sexual bruise, he inadvertently caused a blood clot to form in her neck. This blood clot in turn caused the wife to have a stroke.
Talk about dangerous sex. First blinding, then severe coughing, and even strokes. Could it get any worse? Read on to hear about one more severe sex gone wrong story.

10. The Most Painful of Them All

painful sexWe have heard this story countless times, but it has to be the most painful sex gone wrong story. Painful to hear, and painful for the victim.
The cowgirl position is awesome and all, but sometimes the girl gets a little too overzealous. Thus, set the stage for this awful sex tale. So, she’s bouncing and thrusting him hard, until she misses and he hears a really loud snap.
That’s right. His penis has just broken. Did you not know that a penis can break? Because it can. To make matters worse, he now has a bent penis and it only fixed itself about a year ago.
Ensure that your penis is never the reason for a sex gone wrong tale. Visiting a reputable company such as can spare you any humiliation. The system helps to straighten, firm, and enlarge your penis in order to help you perform optimally.
Think twice the next time you want to act out on your deepest, darkest sexual fantasies. Certainly, it’s fun in the moment and all, but you might want to put a little thought into your bizarre actions.

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