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10 Ways to Make Sure You Don't Hit a Homerun

10 Ways to Make Sure You Don't Hit a Homerun

Fact: sex is fun and pleasurable. It lets you experience pleasure in the cheapest way possible. The orgasm, well, don’t even get started. Unfortunately, not all sexual experiences can hit a home run. In fact, there are lots of douches out there who simply want to get inside a girl’s pants and leave her hanging with the motel room’s bill – just like that.
sexual experiencesThe truth is women are sensitive creatures. They crave love, passion, connections and intimacy. Without these, it would be difficult to please them even when it comes to matters between the sheets.
What if all you want is sex and nothing else? What if you simply want to get by and you don’t even care what her name is or what school she goes to?
If you want to be Dane Cook in the movie, “My Best Friend’s Girl,” then go ahead and do these 10 things to ruin the mood. Just make sure you won’t see the girl after.

1. Answering Your Phone – In The Middle Of Sex

Do you want to be the ultimate a-hole? At a particular time, ask your dudes to call you while you are with your girl.Assuming you’re in the middle of something steamy, answer your phone as soon as it rings and talk to whoever is on the other end of the line.
answer your phoneDon’t be surprised when your girl walks out of the room even before you say goodbye to the person at the other end of the line.
Regardless of who’s calling, do not, at all costs, answer your phone while in the middle of a steamy session with someone. It reflects the kind of character you have.
Plus, it sends a message that there is something more important than paying attention to their needs. If possible, turn off your phone or at least avoid texting or answering calls.
That’s rude, dude.

2. Saying Her Name, Except That It’s Not Hers

Saying Her NameOkay, fine. You slept with lots of girls and completed the letters in the alphabet. That’s great. The question now is have you memorized each of the girl’s names? Or the better question is, do you call them by their right name?
Think about this scene from Glee where Quinn and Sam was making out. In the middle of the session, Sam blurted out Beiste’s name, which is, err, awkward.
Calling someone in a different name means one thing: you’re not that into her. In fact, she’s not even someone worth remembering since you can’t even remember her name, no matter how long or short it is.
A piece of advice: take some time to remember her name. Make sure to think of her at least for that moment. Then you can start to forget her after.

3. Playing Bad Music

Playing Bad MusicDo you remember the scene in My Best Friend’s Girl where Dane Cook was playing horrible music every time he goes on a date? Well, that pretty much sums up this tip.
The truth is music sends a message about where the night is heading.
Take the case of the movie, 10 Things I Hate about You, where Kate Hudson goes to Matthew McConnaughey’s apartment for the first time. Playing sex-cliché songs such as Hot in Here by Nelly or I Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Bad  means one thing: you want sex and nothing else.
Fine, rock music can be fun to listen to, but it won’t get you both in the mood. The same goes for girly songs, so Miley Cyrus is definitely out of the playlist. On the other hand, if you keep it slow and steady, then maybe it’s worth the shot.

4. Begging For Sex

Oh, please. You are not a two-year old boy who’ll cry when your mom forgets to give you milk.
Begging For SexIf a girl doesn’t want to have sex with you, then fine, walk away and leave like a man. But if you really want to ruin the mood, then whining or begging, despite her expressed disapproval is the best way to do it.
Can you make her change her mind? Well, that depends on how you handle the situation. If things are going well and assuming you did not force the issue, give her a kiss that will surely take her breath away. Who knows, she might reconsider.

5. Be The Selfish Dude

Fine, you did not beg for sex. In fact, it’s the other way around. Still, this does not mean you can be so proud of yourself and just think of your needs – unless that is your main goal.
Selfish DudeOne of the reasons why women hate men is because of their selfishness, especially in bed. You both have needs, too. Apparently, a woman’s needs are more complicated than yours.
She needs you to kiss her, caress her and pay attention to every inch of her body. Once you both remove your clothes, she expects more than just kissing her neck, boobs and the area down there.
If you head straight to town and pass through shortcuts instead of making it pleasurable, how do you expect her to return the favor?

6. Horrible kissing

First, you’re not six years old. Second, by the time you reach adulthood, it is safe to assume that you kissed at least one real-life woman in your life.Third, kissing can lead to something bigger, so unless you mastered it, you are not getting past first base.
What is horrible kissing anyway?Horrible kissing
That depends on who is kissing you. Every woman has her own set of preferences, including the acceptable manner of lip locking.  As much as possible, control your tongue and save it somewhere more appropriate. Teeth, face – including cheeks, chin and forehead – and even her hair and clothes are off limits.
Oh, and you’re not Toad from X-Men so don’t shove your tongue down her throat. Eww.

7. Same Old, Same Old

This is the downfall of many long-term relationships. You think that just because you’re dating for so long, you can do the same things over and over and be content with it.
If you are doing the same moves and routines in bed with little to no surprises, well, it’s no wonder you are not hitting a home run.
long-term relationshipApparently, sex is more than just pleasure and orgasm. It shows intimacy and connection between you and your girl and how open you are to try out different things. If you rarely bring something new to the table and have sex just to get by, then you have a problem.
If you want to keep it that way, go ahead. That’s your choice. But if you want to change things up, then at least introduce variety in your sex life. She’ll love it too.

8. “You Said What?”

You can’t help but wonder how a woman’s brain works. She wants a guy that could sweep her off her feet but she also wants someone she can talk to – with sense and substance.So yes, spare her those flowery words and “Oh baby, you make me feel so horny” because she is more than that. It sounds fake and forced, too, and believe it or not, women can sense that.
The key is to be natural. Don’t ask too many questions while doing the deed. Pay attention to her body language and reactions and see if she likes what you are doing or not. If she does not respond, well, you better change your game plan, unless you are doing it on purpose.

9. Hitting The “Can I…?” Button

asking for her permissionFact: women want men who are in control and know how to take charge. Yes, you can do anything you want as long as she is game and she consented to it.
However, constantly asking for her permission if you can do this and that can tick off her mood. It shows you are not sure with what you are doing. Oh, and it sounds weak too, which is a major turn off for women.
Here’s the thing – women have their ways of showing they are not interested. If you keep on asking her even the tiniest things, don’t be surprised when suddenly, she’s out of the door.

10. The Critical Machine

pick on her clothesOh come on. Nobody’s perfect and neither are you. As much as you want to tell her how to please you, she has her own way of doing it, and sometimes, even better.Don’t criticize and tell her what to do.
You don’t have to pick on her clothes and physical appearance too, unless your main goal is to make her feel bad. There is also no need to constantly critique her performance in bed.
You’re making out with a girl, not a porn star. Hence, she does not have to exaggerate her performance. Relax. She’s a grown up. She knows what to do.Let’s face it: guys can be insensitive creatures sometimes.
If you notice every girl you’ve ever made out with always walks out of the door, then check out this list. Maybe you are doing one or more of these acts, and that’s why you are not hitting the home run.

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