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10 Ways to Start His Engine and Drive Him Full Throttle

10 Ways to Start His Engine and Drive Him Full Throttle

 Love, respect, trust and communication will always be essentials in every relationship. But do you know what fuels it and keeps the fire burning? Sex. You might think it’s just as easy as humping and getting an orgasm, but sex and the world of intimacy are much more than that.
Out of 10 times you had sex with your man, how many times did you actually initiate it? If your man is always the first one to initiate and your only job is to give him the green light, then you have a problem. Men want to feel loved, wanted and desired, too. And one of the best ways to turn him on is to show him how much you want him – even without clothes.
Here are 10 ways to initiate sex – and eventually get your man feel like the luckiest dude alive.

1. Get Your Head In The Game

sex gameThe sex game, that is. Initiating sex means showing enthusiasm and making your man feel that you really like.
You don’t have to ask him if he wants to have sex or if he is in the mood for some action. He’s the dude. Of course, he wants to get laid. What do you expect?
Therefore, make sure that your mind and body language wants sex and nothing else. Don’t just do it out of compliance, obligation or just so he could stop nagging.Exert an extra effort to get yourself in the mood. Think erotic thoughts,wear lingerie on your way to work, or watch porn if it helps. When you think of sex all day, the erotic vibe will help you last until bedtime and eventually inspire you to make the first move.

2. Put It In Writing

text him a sexy messageAdmit it. Saying, “I want sex” or “I’m in the mood for some action tonight” can be a bit embarrassing, especially if you’re not that type.
Plus, you might be scared of getting rejected in case your man is not in the mood. If that’s the case, then put it in writing.
Writing allows you to say anything you want without any inhibitions. At the same time, it encourages creativity too. Leave a sexy note on your husband’s coat pocket or wallet, or text him a sexy message in the middle of the day, or send him a naughty e-mail while he’s at work.
Again, be creative. “Can’t wait to see you tonight” or “I am feeling horny” can do the trick and give him a hint. However, think of something more graphic that will give him a boner right then and there. Tell him what you are planning to do or the role you want to play for that night. The point is to write what you want to say to your man, but you just don’t have the courage to do it.

3. Try Sending Nonverbal Cues

kiss on the neckAside from writing your feelings and putting it on paper, nonverbal cues are also an effective way to tell your man that you are in the mood.
Believe it or not, non-verbal cues are very powerful, and they can also drive your man wild.
So, what does it take to start your man’s engine? A kiss on the neck or nibbling on his ear while watching your favorite movie can do the trick.
A gentle stroke on his arm or that simple bite on the lip sends a message that you want something more. The best thing about these non-verbal cues is the element of surprise. This can boost sexual feelings and eventually pave way for spontaneous sex.

4. Turn Off The “Over-Think” Button

Over-ThinkThis is a common issue with women. In fact, one of the reasons why women don’t initiate sex that much is because you tend to talk yourself out of it even before going through the actual process.
Instead of answering yes or no when you ask yourself if you’re in the mood, you have to play what happened prior or how distant you felt towards your man.
Stop, take a deep breath and turn off the over-thinking button in your brain. If you want sex, then go for it. Stop thinking about what happened as soon as your man opened the front door, up until when he laid down in bed. It’s irrelevant and won’t even make you both happy. Breathe.

5. Dress Your Part

Fine, this can be a hard work, especially when you are not used to this. Apparently, every girl must do something to gain some, right? Aside from sending him sexy, sultry messages, make sure to follow it up by being his eye candy.
Dress Your PartInstead of wearing your usual shirt-pajama get up, slip into your lingerie that’s been sitting in your closet since forever. If you have no lingerie, then give yourself a trip to the lingerie department.
A bra and panty set or babydoll is a good place to start. If you want to be a bit bolder and make a statement, try teddy or anything with lace. Or go naked underneath a bathrobe.
Your man will surely enjoy his view.

6. Give Him Compliments

Let’s face it. Couples in long-term relationships don’t give that many compliments compared to their first two years together.If you are one of them, then you need to break the habit. Appreciating your man not only makes him feel good,it also fosters affection.
ComplimentsCompliment him about those instances where he looked sexy, like when he was cleaning the car or fixing the kitchen sink.
Think of those times when he impressed you or made you fall in love. Remind him of how much you wanted him. Comments like “You look so sexy while cooking dinner” are kind of compliments that can lead to sex.
Quick tip: Don’t overdo it. Showering him with too much compliments can tick him off. Plus, he might think that you need something from him in the material things department, so take it easy.

7. Be Spontaneous

When do you usually have sex? If your routine includes watching TV, then brushing your teeth once you feel sleepy, then try to change the timing.Instead of doing it every night, take him by surprise by initiating sex first thing in the morning. This helps you let go of any inhibitions and makes sex even more pleasurable.
give him a hug from behindAnother quick tip: Do anything unusual, something that is so not you. When he is cooking dinner, give him a hug from behind and ask him if he wants to do it.
Or while he is taking a shower, step inside and join him. Doing the unexpected makes things more exciting in the bedroom department. This can lead to a better sex life, too.

8. Do Something New Together

Okay, fine. Being in a relationship, especially the long ones, can be quite a bore.
If you and your man are doing the same things for as long as you can remember, then it is no surprise if your sex life is becoming a bit dull, too. In this case, trying out something new might be the solution.
Experts say that couples who do something new together produce more dopamine or the feel-good chemical. Aside from keeping you in a happy state, this will help you get closer too, which can lead to something better.
visit a new placeSo, go ahead and sign up in new classes, visit a new place, or do something outrageous. Who knows, this can be a delicious habit for you both.

9. Come Up With Your Own “I’m In The Mood” Code

Hmm, this may sound common but believe it or not, the effects won’t fail you. Establishing your own sexual code stirs up excitement. This could foster intimacy, too.Think about this – it may sound normal for other people when in fact, it could be your man’s cue to go up and get naked. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?
The key is to make it sound so normal in front of the kids, your parents and even friends. Try something like, “Honey, I have a headache” or “Can you help me fold the clothes later?” are examples of how you can make it normal.

10. Don’t Wait. Just Initiate.

start your man’s engineAt the end of the day, being straightforward about it and asking sex from your man is the way to go. However, you don’t have to say, “I’m horny, let’s have sex” or “Take off your clothes” all the time. Keep it sexy, sensual and straightforward.
If you’re still not used to do this, then you can start with, “I need to take a shower. Wanna join me?” or “Can you help me put lotion in my body?” It is sexy and signifies your want for closeness and intimacy.
Practice makes perfect, so once you get used to it, be direct. You can say, “Take off your clothes and go to bed. Now.”
The good thing about being straightforward is that you don’t have to worry about being creative. You want sex. It’s as simple as that so go ahead and say it.
So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to start your man’s engine.

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