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12 Cool Things You Probably Didn't Know Your Hot Manhood Could Do

12 Cool Things You Probably Didn't Know Your Hot Manhood Could Do

What do you know about your penis? You know enough, of course. You know that he’s your best friend when it comes to pleasure. You know that you pee through him. You know that women regard him as your magic wand. You know that he could get hard with the right amount of motivation. Yes, the simple things you know.
Well, the penis is not really a complicated organ. It does what it does.
But just like every other organ in your body, it has other small functions and specializations that you probably don’t even know of, or you haven’t realized until you get to see it for yourself. Yes, your penis knows other things, too.
What do you know about your penis?2The thing about a penis is that it is composed of muscles, veins and skin intertwined together to make it all function.That simply means these functions, when put together, make up the common things that you know about your manhood.
But the small things – the small actions and functions – they have effects, too; thus making up a whole new list of things that you don’t really know your tool can do. Interested to know more? Here are 12 cool things that you probably didn’t know your manhood could do.

1. You Can Ejaculate Even If You’re Not hard

Although it’s common knowledge that you have to be hard for you to blow your bullets, a study made by Oakland Medical Center proves otherwise.
It shows that you do not really need to be hard for you to ejaculate.
This is because ejaculation happens when the pelvic muscles contract. These muscles, although interrelated, are not the muscles that work to make you hard.
That means you can cum even if you are limp, but it may hard to do, if you really think about it. Still, there is a possibility.

2. Your Penis Can Still Work Even After Decapitation

DecapitationYour penis has a head. Sometimes you can even say that your penis has a head of his own. You are not really far off.
But unlike your actual head, your penis can survive a decapitation. You got that right. Even if you cut off the head of the penis, as awkward as it may look, it can still resume its normal functions. You can still pee, get hard and have sex.
The procedure is called a penectomy, and it is mostly for men who have penis cancer. The head removal is to prevent the virus or cancer cells from spreading. It can be the worst thing that could happen to your penis, but it may save your life in the end.

3. Your Semen Can Shoot Up To Eight Feet

SemenHave you ever played that game where you see how far your spit or pee could go? Apparently,
some researchers played the same game, but measured an entirely different kind of bodily fluids. Yes, we’re talking about how far your semen can go.
If you notice, the longer you have not ejaculated, the stronger the ejaculation becomes and the farther the semen can reach. The farthest recorded length is eight feet. Imagine that. That can top up the length of your spit, too. You can even test it yourself and see how far your semen can land. Go ahead, try it out.

4. You Can Clear Off Her Previous Partner’s Tracks

previous sex partnersIf your partner has had previous sex partners – don’t get jealous and territorial now – there may be some sediments of semen left inside her.
The good news is, your tool can clean that off. While you think that your penis can only be used to inject semen in your woman, it can do a really helpful thing, as well.
The raised area at the top of your shaft, as you go in and out of your woman, will also help clean off the wayward semen that went before you. Talk about staking your claim and marking your territory.

5. Your Penis Is Smiling When You Have Sex

You obviously like it when you have sex. Who doesn’t? When you like something, it makes you smile. Your penis actually does the same thing. A study in France looked into the face of a penis during sex. It surprised them to find out that the penis forms into a smile during the action.
While you are smiling and enjoying yourself up there during sex, your penis actually celebrates down there, too. There is only one explanation for that. Your penis is happy with all the action that he’s getting.

6. You Can Be Your Own Blowjob Master

Own BlowjobThere’s just something about blowjobs that every man cannot resist. The thing is not everyone has someone to blow them.
So why look for someone to do it for you when you can do it yourself? One in every 400 men can be flexible enough to give himself a blowjob.
Just to be clear, not everyone can do it. You have to be super flexible and you need a strong stomach, so you can give yourself a blowjob. You might break your back. Still, it’s a possibility.

7. Your Shoe Size Does Not Identify Your Penis Size

Contrary to a common belief that had men and women look at a man’s shoe size in relation to their penis size, the size of your shoes does not necessarily identify the size and length of your penis. Sorry ladies.
IPenis Sizef he is a size 12, it would be wishful thinking to expect his penis to be a 12-incher.
Gentlemen, if in any way your penis is the same length as your shoe size, then that is merely just coincidence. There has been no scientific proof that the sizes of the two body parts are related.

8. Your Ejaculation Happens Because Of Your Spinal Cord

With all your sexy thoughts and mind control games to make your dick hard, it’s easy to assume that ejaculation happens because of the brain.Well, you are in for a surprise. Research has shown that it is not the brain that triggers your ejaculation. It is actually your spinal cord.
That’s right, folks. Your spinal cord has a nerve that is connected directly to your pelvic muscles. With enough stimulation, the actions work together for you to ejaculate. Now that’s putting some backbone in it.

9. Your Average Orgasm Time Is Shorter Than You May Think

orgasm time of womenThe average man’s orgasm is just six seconds. That might be a little too short to feel something so earth-shattering, but research has shown that the common male orgasm only lasts up to six seconds.
While that can be acceptable and you will take what you can get, you will be frustrated to learn that the average orgasm time of women is a fell 23 seconds.
Imagine the difference? Women have relatively longer orgasm times than men. That explains a lot of things in the world of sex.

10. You And Your Boomerang-Shaped Penis

What goes around, comes around is what they say, especially if it’s is a boomerang. What do you think it would be like to have a boomerang-shaped penis? You are about to find out.
Studies have shown that during missionary position, your penis is shaped and positioned like a boomerang. Well, that explains why you treat him like a toy sometimes and play with him until you are both tired.

11. Your Smoking Can Shorten Your Penis

SmokingYou probably already know the dangers of smoking, what with all the warnings and signs that you see about it.
It affects your health, it can give you cancer, and it can even shrink your penis.
That’s right, and that definitely got your attention. Smoking can do many things to the body. One of them is making your penis shorter.
How does it happen exactly? It’s a chain reaction. When you smoke, it kills some blood vessels and that greatly affects the blood circulation. Blood circulation is responsible for erections. If you smoke, the blood circulation will not be normal, therefore affecting the size of your erections, too.

12. Your Penis Can Actually Shrink

drinking alcoholAs much of a bad news story as it is, penis shrinkage is a possibility. But don’t worry. It rarely happens, especially if your lifestyle is healthy.
On the other hand, if you have an unhealthy lifestyle – drinking alcohol, smoking, eating unhealthy foods – it can be a cause of problem in the blood circulation to your penis.
With all that, your penis can grow shorter by one centimeter if you continue with all the unhealthy actions. The best piece of advice to avoid shrinking your penis is to live a healthy lifestyle.
You may call your penis many things – your magic wand, your pleasure partner, your best buddy. It all sums up into one thought: Your penis is a majestic part of your body that not only amazes women, but it also amazes you with all the ridiculously cool things it can do. Even so, medical research is still discovering more things you probably don’t know about your penis, revealing the mysteries of your manhood for you.

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