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12 Fun Sex Toys Just for Couples

12 Fun Sex Toys Just for Couples

His and hers products can be seen everywhere nowadays. It is not exactly propaganda against the single-people community, contrary to what most single people think. It is merely a celebration of people who choose to go into relationships and make the decision to be with someone. That’s right. His and hers products can add to the building blocks of your relationship.
Yes, his and hers products are literally everywhere. Apparently, they are available for every activity and every interest that you and your partner share. You want to have couple’s shirts? You can buy a pair of matching shirts from your local store.
pair of matching shirtsIf you want to have matching coffee mugs or iPhone cases, or anything else that you can have your sweet photograph printed on, you can have it custom-made. Women gush over it. Men go along for the ride.
The latest addition to the his-and-hers wagon? Sex toys for couples. You got that right. There are sex toys that are especially made for people who are in a relationship and want to add spice to their sex life.
The “spice” being the figurative term for the toy that could make the sex even more exciting. Tempted? Here are 12 fun sex toys made just for couples that you might want to take a look at.

1. Durex Play Allure Intimate Massager

When you talk about sex toys, the first thing that pops up into your head – whether you’re a guy or a lady – are vibrators.Yes, vibrators are made for women, but you have to admit, for a guy, knowing your lady is masturbating for you or better yet, seeing your lady masturbating for you is a major turn on.
lady masturbatingNo wonder there are a lot of these porn films featuring a woman playing with a dildo.
Durex Play Allure Intimate Massager is a simple vibrator that has an adjustable speed, depending on how your lady likes it. It comes in really handy during your sexy time. You can use this as your foreplay, as if seeing her writhing with pleasure will be foreplay enough for you.

2. CalExotics Bendies Stud Ballsy

As far as vibrators go, this is the “it” of them all. It is shaped like a penis, it looks like one and it comes in different sizes and colors, but don’t get jealous, fellas.If you are the type of partner who wants to give it all to please his woman, then you won’t mind getting some reinforcements through vibrators that are as big as your dong.
CalExotics Bendies Stud Ballsy is the closest thing to a natural penis. Bring your foreplay to the next level with these penis clones. You can let your imagination fly with this sex toy.

3. Jimmyjane Vibrators

VibratorsWho says vibrators are only for women? Well, okay, the term vibrator sort of kills it, but you haven’t seen the rest of your options for vibrators yet.
Jimmyjane vibrators are known for their different forms, sizes and functions. That’s right, functions.
You can choose from the different types of pressure points that it can give. That means you can also use it to pleasure your tool.
This is the closest thing that you can get to a personalized vibrator that you and your girl can take turns to use. For the best effects, use it while you are in action to add more pleasure.

4. Remote Controlled Vibrator

Talk about a game of “be good or I’ll punish you” while out in public or in a party. This is the sweetest and hottest punishment there is.

Have your girl wear a remote controlled vibrator when you go out and hold on to the remote. When she’s being naughty or you feel like pleasuring her out of nowhere, just press that button.
It’s a fun foreplay that you both can do nothing more yet because you’re in front of people. But one thing’s for sure, once she gets you alone, she will want to have sex like a wild animal.

5. The Smart Wand

The smart wand was created as a neck massager. Cue in the interactive and creative minds of sexually thirsty people, the smart wand evolved to become more than just a neck massager.Good job Hitachi for bringing this massager and sex toy to us.
The smart wand works by vibrating the head part of the device. For best results during sex, place the wand between your tool and her clitoris. The pleasure will be doubled and you will have both your eyes rolling to the back of your heads. You can even use it to massage her neck after. Nice.

6. Sqweel

foreplay without tongue actionWhat is foreplay without tongue action? With Sqweel, you don’t get just one tongue.
You get 10 of them through this really smart sex toy that has 10 soft, silicone-made tongues that rotates and flicks to whatever part that you hold it to.
You can give her tongue action and you can get one right after. It’s a perfect his and hers oral sex toy that you can take turns using.

7. We-Vibe

The We-Vibe is an orgasm-on-the-go sex toy. It is a C-shaped device where the smaller end is inserted inside your woman’s vagina and the other end vibrates on her clitoris. Don’t worry. The small end is small enough that you can still enter her and feel the vibration as well.
So during the action, you can also feel the vibration down there that can add to your pleasure and hers. The sensation will be doubled for you and your girl.

8. Je Joue Mio

pleasure yourselfHere’s a sex toy that you can use both ways: during sex or alone. It resembles a cock ring but it’s even better. It’s s silicone device that can stretch comfortably with your size.
The ring vibrates and you can adjust the vibration through its switch. You can pleasure yourself by just turning the toy on.
During sex, put on the Je Joue Mio and use deep thrusts, so the surface of the toy can reach her clitoris. This is added pleasure for her and an added enjoyment for you.

9. Luna Beads

Luna Beads promises to help a woman have stronger and more intense orgasms.How do you benefit from all this? Well, this toy simply trains your woman the art of muscle control in her vagina. That’s right fellas, she can learn how to control her muscle while you are inside her.More intensifying orgasms for her means more intensifying orgasms for you. No wonder women buy these toys in bulk.

10. Jimmy Jane Hello Touch

Give the power to your fingerJimmy Jane Hello Touch vibrator is tagged as the best his and hers vibrator there is out there.
This sex toy is worn on the fingertip, which means you or your woman can take turns wearing it and touch your fingers to your sensitive parts to add more pleasure.
You can tickle her clitoris or insert it in her vagina, she can hold your tool while it is on and the pleasure can be doubled with the vibration.
More pleasure, more intense orgasms with this sex toy that is not like your ordinary sex toy. Give the power to your finger.

11. Lubricants

Lubricants are not just your aid to make her even wetter. In fact, lubricants are one of the first types of sex toys that got invented. You can use this to lubricate any part of her body that you want to make love to.
To use it best, spread the lubricant all over her breasts. You can also have her play with your tool with her hands full of lubricant. The slick and wetness of the substance will make the love making or the foreplay even more intense.

12. Intimate Dice

DiceYou want to play a sexy game with your partner that screams “delayed gratification” all over? The intimate dice can help you with that.
This is played with two types of dice.One with actions and one with parts of the body.
You roll the dice and whatever result you get, you can be sure it will be about pleasure. It may be kissing her breasts or her licking your penis. It’s going to be one fun and sexy game.
Some couples prefer to go the conventional route when having sex – meaning the pure, no props, naked man and woman kind of sex. But, it will eventually get boring. It’s a fact. It’s why couples get more adventurous with time. The search for something new in what was the regular routine is a natural instinct.
Adding a sex toy to your lovemaking might be a little of a step up to your game. But if you want to add more pleasure to your partner and for you too, you will need some reinforcements.After all, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to please your partner. We all want to do that.

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