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13 Uncommon Facts Most Men Don't Know About the Common Penis

13 Uncommon Facts Most Men Don't Know About the Common Penis

When you were born and while you were growing up, you learned that your penis – and everything else about your body – did not come with an owner’s manual.
All the things you now know about your penis, you probably learned through experimentation and the occasional physical education classes that you attended. So, if you don’t know much about your penis except that it’s your pleasure partner and you pee through it, don’t hate yourself.
The thing is, there’s a lot more to a penis that meets the eye.Your penis needs more than just your regular bath.That’s right; your manhood needs his own health check, too.
physical education classesBecause your penis is an organ and obviously a part of your body, he also has aspects that may affect your overall health or just his. Nevertheless, you should still give him the same attention you give to the other parts of your body.
Your penis is just as sensitive as your other body parts. That means if you neglect his health, he might just start to protest, and that may not be a good experience. Here are 13 uncommon health facts that most men do not know about their penises.

1. A Penis Can Shrink If You Smoke

Smokers beware. Smoking does not only affect other physical aspects of your body.It could also affect your manhood. Studies have shown that chain smoking can lead to the shrinking of your penis.This happens when smoking kills some of the blood vessels in the body. This results in the blood circulation being altered.
Smokers bewareErection happens when there is a surge of blood to the penis. If the blood circulation is weak.
the surge of blood to your manhood will also be weak, thus leading to a shorter erection and a shorter penis. Would you really want that to happen?

2. Enlarged Prostate Glands Have Negative Implications

You would know if you have an enlarged prostate gland if one prostate is bigger than the other. Both should at least be the same size.While enlarged prostate glands is a common condition and many men prefer to just ignore it, especially if it does not cause any pain or discomfort,
the truth is that enlarged prostate glands can have negative implications on your sexual performance and your overall sex life.
It turns out that enlarged prostate glands are not so harmless, after all. Studies show that this condition can cause premature ejaculation. If that is not embarrassing enough, an enlarged prostate gland can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

3. Burn Victims Can Have A Full Penis Restoration

Burn VictimsFor men unfortunate enough to get burned or had the accident and a part of their penis were burned, doctors have found a solution for that.
Foreskins of circumcised infants are used to grow new skin for patients who need a penis restoration. Don’t get any ideas of adding an extra inch to your penis now.
Fortunately, foreskins can be used to reproduce the skin. One infant foreskin can be reproduced to up to more than 23,000 square meters of foreskin. This can be extremely helpful for burn victims and soldiers from war.

4. The Length Of A Male Orgasm Is Shorter Than You Think

Male orgasm lasts a short six seconds. Yes, as fast as how you could get an erection, you can blow your load just as fast, too.While that may not be a problem, you will feel like you are on the losing end of the bargain when you learn that the average orgasm time for women is 23 seconds.
Now, isn’t that just not fair. Apparently, women are given a longer time to enjoy the earth-shattering, head-spinning, eye-rolling pleasure that orgasm has been so known for.

5. There Are Two Types Of Penises

Two Types Of PenisesThere are two types of penises: a grower and a shower.
The difference of both is that a grower may appear small when not erect, but grows, expands and lengthens to a ridiculous size that you may not even believe when it is erect.
The other one is a shower. It’s the exact opposite of the grower. A shower may appear big when not erect but when it becomes hard, the size does not show much of a difference. Which one do you think are you? Are you a grower or a shower? Both are normal, so don’t worry.

6. Morning Wood Is Not All That Fun

The morning wood is a common and normal thing for men.You can either be dreaming of a sexy time in your sleep or not, having morning wood is part of your “good morning” wagon.
But it is not always a good thing. There have been cases reported by men who wake up with a painful morning wood. Even if they sleep alone and there was no sex the previous night, they wake up writhing in pain.
This is a rare case and not all men experience this, but it is still a possibility. The worse thing is that doctors are still unable to explain what is causing these morning wood induced pains.

7. The More Handsome You Are, The Stronger Your Sperm Are, Too

SpermThis may be a little discriminating or a self-esteem punch to the non-attractive guys, but the truth is that more handsome men have stronger sperm.
There has been a research study to prove it. Scientists made the research and showed a group of male photos to women.
These women were asked to pinpoint the guys that they think are the most attractive. Astonishingly and when scientists cross checked, the same men have the stronger set of sperm. Coincidence? Well, it is the product of research and more studies are underway to support it.

8. Too Much Masturbation Can Blow Up Your Dong

You think your penis can be all resilient and strong? Think again.The most common cause of penis rupture – and yes, it is a possibility – is too much masturbation.
Too Much MasturbationDon’t panic. You have to masturbate more than 30 times a day to get to that penis breaking point and blow him up like a bubble.
But seriously, why would you masturbate for more than 30 times a day? Where would you even get the strength for that? Even more than that, where would you find the time?

9. A Penis Is Just As Sensitive As A Vagina

Don’t think you are not getting as much fun as she is. Your penis is just as sensitive to touch as her vagina. If you think there’s a difference because she takes you in while yours is inserted in her, they feel just the same. So, don’t think that sex is unfair. After all, that’s why you want to do it over and over.

10. A Dirty Penis Can Lead To HIV

HIVDirty penis meaning not cleaning it up after a long day of sweat and dirt.
You may think that it is not necessary since, unlike women, your organ is external and can just be wiped down.
Bad news: bacteria in your penis can cause STD and HIV. If you do not clean your dong, chances are the bacteria can lead to infection, which can fall down to severe cases of sexually transmitted diseases and even HIV. So, be safe and keep it clean.

11. Twisted Testicles Beware

First of all, your two testicles is divided by a membrane. That means there is no chance for the two nuts to get tangled up.However, there is the possibility of one testicle to twist and cutting of the cord that is responsible for the blood flow.
This is an extremely painful condition and it can happen to anyone. If it is not treated immediately, you can lose one testicle.

12. Your Brain Does Not Help You Ejaculate

sexy thoughtsIt may be common knowledge that the brain – giving you the sexy thoughts and pep talking your penis to perform – is the one responsible for your ejaculations, but you are wrong.
The spinal cord is responsible for your ejaculations and not your brain.
This is because nerves of the pelvic muscles, which is the one triggering the ejaculation, have a direct connection to the spinal cord. The spinal cord signals the pleasure and causes the ejaculation.

13. Erections Can Lead To Really Bad Decisions

Do we need to elaborate? In the interest of making everything clear,
the reason why most people say that you penis has a head of his own is because of his ability to completely cut off your thought processing when he is hard and wants to get some action.
Bad DecisionsHe can cloud your judgement and cause you to make really, really bad decisions.
So you did not come with an owner’s manual that could teach you the do’s and don’ts to make your penis healthy. No big deal.
As long as you know how to take care of yourself and you apply that to how you take care of your penis, you should be good to go. After all, he won’t be called your “best friend down there” and considered as another individual attached to you if he does not follow your regular health checklist, too.

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