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15 Practical Ways to Re-purpose Those Old Sex Toys

15 Practical Ways to Re-purpose Those Old Sex Toys

A sex toy is a device or an object people use for sexual satisfaction and stimulation, or to enhance sexual pleasure. This could range from vibrators, dildos, nipple clamps, butt plugs and life-size sex dolls, just in case your ladylove is not available for some action. 
enhance sexual pleasureThe history of sex toy use dates back during Paleolithic era. Thousands of years ago, couples used eight-inch siltstone polished for pleasure.
In 500 AD, Japanese women use ben-wa balls for pleasure and satisfaction. Since then and thanks to people’s creativity, sex toys have rapidly evolved.
Aside from their use inside the bedroom, did you know that sex toys have other purposes in this world? Believe it or not, it could a be a lifesaver inside your home. Here are 15 different ways to repurpose your favorite sex toys.

1. As A Doorstopper

DoorstopperDoors are there for a reason. However, if you have kids around or your wife is not in a good mood and has decided to take her anger on the door,
it could leave unsightly marks, scuffs and scratches on the wall.
You don’t have to buy expensive doorstoppers for that. If you’re tired of using your silicone butt plugs or dildo, you could use it as a door stop.
The good thing about silicone is that it mounts easily on the baseboard. At the same time, it won’t ruin the paint on your door.

2. As A Juicer

One of the best ways to start your morning is having a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice on your table.Unfortunately, your juicer isn’t working, or you don’t have one. In case you badly want fresh orange juice for breakfast, get out your butt plug and a bowl.
The first thing you need to do is to place the butt plug inside the bowl, with the base of the toy firmly planted on it. Then, squeeze the orange in a clockwise motion until all the juices come out. Enjoy your freshly squeezed orange juice. Just make sure to wash it thoroughly before using it.

3. As An Eyeglass Keeper

Eyeglass KeeperAre you always losing your glasses? Or do you want to add a naughty but sexy vibe to your librarian look? Then put your nipple clamps into good use.
Simply clip the clamps to your glasses and no one will even notice that you are sporting a sex toy. Just in case the situation calls for it, you could easily remove and use it inside the bedroom.
Now, that’s what you call double purposing.

4. As A Candle Holder

One of the accessories your wife buys for your home are lots of candles.After all, they serve many purposes such as for home décor and as an emergency light in case of a power interruption. However, they need something to keep them safely in place.
Candle HolderLet’s say your wife forgot to buy a legitimate candle holder. All you have to do is to get the handjob simulators inside your cabinet, in case you have one, and use it to make the candles stay in place.
The best part is that it is a unique candleholder, which adds a touch of Addams Family inside your home. You could even decorate it if you want to make it less obvious.

5. As A Chair Leg Protector

No matter how bright, colorful or unique your chairs may be, over time, they could cause scuffs and scratches on your floor.You could prevent that by carrying the chair every time you move it around. However, there is an easier way to get rid of scratches on the floor – penis extenders.
Insert the penis extenders on each leg of the chair and say goodbye to floor scratches. The best part is that they come in different colors, thereby adding more life to your ordinary chair.

6. As A Napkin Holder

Napkin HolderPerhaps you weren’t paying attention in class when your teacher talked about table setting and the different ways you can fold the table napkin. Now is the time to refresh your memory.
In case you want to impress a girl, invite her over for dinner, prepare the most sumptuous meal and set the table. Check out YouTube for the simplest table napkin folds.
Don’t forget to use your cock ring to make sure it stays in place. It will add a daring but elegant look to any table, which even Martha Stewart will approve of, don’t you think?

7. As A Drain Stopper

Drain StopperHow many times have you lost the rubber sink stoppers? Countless times, right? In case you lost one – again –don’t worry.
All you have to do is to get your butt plug, stuff it in the drain hole and problem solved. You don’t have to worry about things going down the drain, which might clog your home’s drainage system.
It is best to keep different sizes of butt plugs to match the size of the drain hole. You know, just in case you lose it again.

8. As A Wrist Rest

How many hours do you spend time in front of the computer? If you are working from nine to five and spending most of your time typing on a keyboard, then this could cause a strain on your wrists. Problem solved.
All you need is your old double dildo or fake vagina toconvert into a wrist rest. This helps cushion your wrist and keep it in a proper typing position. It also provides ergonomic support to minimize the strain and possible formation of calluses.
typing on a keyboardDon’t forget to put a cover on it, especially if you will use it in the office. Your boss won’t be happy to see sex toys sitting all over your desk.

9. As A Grip For Handlebars

One of the cheapest yet healthiest waysto go from point A to point B is by riding a bike.However, this makes it susceptible to wear and tear, starting from the handle bars. In case you are looking for a quick solution to your worn out handlebars, try penis extensions.
Insert the penis extensions on your bike’s handlebars and you’re good to go. At the same time, this gives your hands the ultimate cushioning against the roads bumps, shocks and humps. This could also provide extra care and comfort, making your riding experience hassle-free.

10. As A Pen Holder

Pen HolderThere are different things that could act as a pen holder. You can use old bottles, small cans of ice cream or even that pail from your little sister’s friend’s birthday giveaway. However, where’s the fun in that?
If you want a pen holder that will add more spark in your desk, then try the fake vagina.
Since it expands like a real human vagina, you can put as many pens as you can. Who knows, this could help trigger some creative ideas from you.

11. As A Curtain Tieback

Fact: Our society has slowly accepted the idea of bondage and submission. No one will talk about it openly, but surely, there are couples who enjoy tying each other up using wrist restraints.
Curtain TiebackAside from adding spice inside the bedroom, did you know that you could use this sex toy on other things inside your home? In that case, you can use them to hold back your window curtains.
Light and ventilation is important. Instead of tying the curtains using ropes that could ruin its overall style, use wrist restraints to hold the curtain away from the window. No matter how much they want to get away, it will be difficult for them to move around. You should know how it feels.

12. As A Bookend

Even if you’re not a bookworm, there will always be a space in your home dedicated for books.Therefore, it follows that you will need a bookend to keep them in place. After all, a cluttered house is a cluttered mind. This is where the giant dildo comes in. You can use it as a bookend and you are sure it will keep your books and magazines firmly in place.

13. As Wine Stopper

Wine StopperThe Mediterranean diet allows you to drink a glass of wine everyday.
To make sure you are still on the healthy side, you are only allowed five ounces, which is equivalent to one glass.
The question now is how do you prevent an opened bottle of wine from going bad?
A butt plug.
Simply stick the butt plug in the wine’s opening and store it on your fridge for days. However, it’s not just any kind of butt plug. Make sure you use a slender one, so it fits the wine perfectly. Oh, and be sure it is either unused or wash well first.

14. As A Necklace

NecklaceAccessories, although not required, could brighten any person’s wardrobe.
If you are on tight budget and not willing to spend your hard-earned money for jewelry, then it’s time to put your improvisation skills to test.
This means putting the anal beads into good use. Hang them around your neck, make sure they stay in place and voila, you have an instant necklace. You could even require it to provide “after service,” just in case.

15. As A Ring Toss

Toys these days can be expensive, and not just sex toys. You may be tired of watching television and want to get up and do something fun.Introducing, the ring toss. Using butt plugs and cock rings, assign a prize for every ring you can toss onto the butt plugs. Take turns playing – with a little creativity, you could even make a drinking game out of it. Just keep these toys away from the kids. Not cool.
Are you ready to transform your home? Don’t throw those old sex toys in the trash. Transform them into usable household objects instead.

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