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4 Ways to Foreplay and More


Fact: it usually doesn’t take too much for men to get sexually aroused. The mere sight of hot, naked women can already give you and your guys a boner. Apparently, things are a bit more difficult and complicated for women and sadly, even a topless Chris Evans or Ryan Reynolds won’t get them that wet down there, unless they teased her, of course.
Hence, the importance of foreplay. Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t realize how crucial foreplay is; thinking that it’s just a waste of time and they just want to jump immediately into action.
importance of foreplayAs a matter of fact, not all men know what pre-sex rituals can do and how much it can make a difference in a woman’s orgasm. If you are one of those dudes, shame on you. But don’t worry. It’s not too late, and you can still fix it while there’s still time.
If you have been missing out in the foreplay department lately and you want to make it up to your girl by giving her the best oral, then check this out. Save the thank you for later.

Create Romance.

You don’t expect a girl to just get horny without you doing anything, do you? Making a woman sexually aroused needs a lot of preparation. So, before you start to heat things up in the bedroom, create an environment that will make it easier for her to get in the mood.And the best way to do this? Invest some time – and money – to allow herself to surrender to you and your good sexual intentions.
RomanceDon’t take this negatively. By investing something, this means buying clean sheets in case you don’t have them, fluffy pillows, soft lighting, and even some scented candles to create a romantic atmosphere.
At the same time, make sure that the room is spic and span, because the last thing you both need are rodents crawling and mating with you on the bed. That’s a major turn off, for sure.
Aside from giving your room a major overhaul, treat her to a real date – without the limousine if it’s too much for your pocket to handle. Bring her somewhere nice and romantic – some place you’ve never been before.
Or try to do something different for and with her, like taking a one-day cooking class or hiking, creating a five-course meal together or visiting a museum. Make it all about her just this one time and bring out the inner Edward Cullen in you.
Oh, and don’t forget to talk dirty through text or even in person. Always remember that foreplay starts before you even reach the bedroom, so try to be sexy, no matter what the medium of communication is. Once you’re together, be sexual in public – but not don’t go overboard. The last thing you need is to get arrested for public lewdness.
talk dirty through textFor instance, kiss her and once you are aroused, place her hand on your cock and tell her how a simple kiss can give you a boner.
This will surely drive her nuts and turned on at the same time. Keep this in mind: you need to arouse a woman’s mind first. Once her mind is sexually aroused, it will be easier for her body to follow.

Take It Off – Slowly.

Most men prefer going in the sex arena immediately. Be the better man, because things don’t work that way for women and their complicated minds. The best thing to do is to take it slow. Sex is not like the Fast and the Furious franchise, so there’s no need to race with Vin Diesel here.
And the best way to take it slow and steady? Remove her clothes slowly, but in a really sexy way. Sing Usher’s hit song, Nice and Slow in your head to guide you better in your beat. Otherwise, rushing into doing it will freak her out and even make her think you’re only after getting laid – and nothing else.
Remove her clothes slowly
If you want to keep it sexy, give her a neck and shoulder massage first. Maximize the use of your hands, but know when to use your lips, too.
Once she has that tingling sensation, take of her shirt and unhook her bra using only one hand. Then lick her nipples and gently pull her hair until she groans.
And about her knickers? Remove them last. This intensifies her sensation down there and also shows you’re not too eager to get inside her. And when you start to take them off her, make it kinky and teasingly sexy.
From her breasts, move down to her panties, bite them with your teeth and pull them down slightly. This move is a sure fire turn on that will send shivers in her whole body, including the area down south.
sensual massageAnother piece of advice. It won’t hurt if you tease her with a sensual massage. Once you take off all her clothes, and before giving her a hand and tongue combination down south, massage her body by rubbing all over her and kissing her at the same time.
Start with her ears by slowly nibbling it then go down to her neck. Run your fingers down her body using your hands, or tongue of you so wish, to give her a tingling sensation.
This will surely keep things more interesting and can prolong foreplay – which she will love, by the way.

Give Her THE Oral Experience.

Oral ExperienceSorry guys. Kissing her down there is not as simple as turning your tongue into a tornado. That won’t bring you two anywhere in the sex department. Once you pulled her knickers down, it’s time to give her the best oral experience she’ll ever have.
First things first, don’t go there immediately. Build some momentum by kissing her knees first and slowly licking all the way up to her inner thighs. As you go to her other leg, make sure your lips won’t touch her pussy. Let her beg – she’ll love it anyway.
Then slowly move into her inner lips – that’s called labia minora guys. Kiss it gently and lick her inner lips and let your tongue do the spreading. This area is packed with nerve endings that can surely tickle her sensitivity, so it deserves your attention.
Lick it from the base to the top until you reach her clitoris. To be safe, use the tip of your tongue in licking her clit. You can try sucking it a little – but please, do it gently – or kiss it. Direct stimulation can be painful for her, so take it easy.
Kiss it gentlyIf you want a badass move, do the figure 8 technique by making number eight on her clit area using your tongue. The clit is a sensitive area so don’t focus all of your time and attention there.
More importantly, read her body language to see what she really likes. If she’s moaning and pulling your head towards her, that means carry on. But if she said “ouch” or “stop” and starts to push you away, it only means you have to move on to the next technique. Keep in mind that every woman is different, so it is very important to look after her reactions for you to know if you’re doing it right.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Your Fingers.

You used your tongue. That’s great. However, giving your girl the ultimate foreplay experience won’t be complete without using your fingers. Among the body parts, your fingers are the closest thing to your man down there, giving you an idea of how penetration will feel like and at the same time, sending her a message that something incredible is about to happen.
Power Of Your FingersBut this doesn’t mean you should put your four or five fingers all at once, since that is plain torture. It’s sex, a sexy sensual sex and not rape.
Therefore, do it slowly and gently by starting with your index finger. Very slowly, push and pull your finger while inside her and still working on her clit using your tongue. Aim for her g-spot – yes, it does exist guys – so she can have a better chance of achieving an orgasm.
Once she’s wet enough, you can insert another finger and play it around for a while. Again, observe her body language. If she’s starting to get too tight down there or a bit hesitant when you try to add another finger, don’t force the issue. Remember, make this all about her for once so treat her and her vagina with respect.
Oh and another tip. There is a tendency that she might climax during this stage, which is good news for you. It only shows that you understood what you read. If she achieved an orgasm at this stage, lightly blow her clitoris immediately for a few seconds. This will stimulate her clit more, which is actually very sensitive and will surely blow her mind.
orgasmThat’s it. Foreplay can be a bit tedious and time consuming but if you want to be a better guy, then you should know how much pre-sex rituals matter to women. And if you are not among those men who are big or long enough down there, then foreplay is your best defense.
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