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7 Sex Games to Play With Your Girl in Bed

7 Sex Games to Play With Your Girl in Bed

What activity could possibly be more enjoyable than having sex? Truly, sex is the best thing you and your partner can do; whether the weather is not cooperating, you are stuck indoors or you simply do not want to do anything else, sex is always a fun, easy solution.
Sometimes, however; our partners are reluctant to immediately jump in the sack. They may need some convincing or persuading, if you will. It might be a little annoying, or even troublesome to actually have to work your partner up to wanting sex, but we are certain that everyone can agree that the end result is well worth the effort.
immediately jump in the sackIf you find that your partner is a little hesitant to have sex right away, or perhaps they want to switch it up and find a new, sexy way to steam things up, then we have the list for you.
Read the following article to learn about seven sex games that you can play with your girl in bed. We are certain these sex games will heat things up between the sheets, and you will not be playing for long if you play your cards right.

1. A Little Sexy Educational Game To Set The Mood

Our first sex game of the list is typically played in a larger group, but it can still work with just the two of you. And no, we are not talking about an actual educational board game here.The best thing about this game, in particular, is that you do not need any props or materials; in order to play “Never Have I Ever.” You simply need a sexy partner.
Start by setting up some rules. Usually, this is a drinking game where the loser has to take a drink. However, since we are sexifying this game, make rules up with your partner.
sexy partnerPerhaps the person who has done the deed can suck on or massage something for 30 seconds; now that sounds like fun, doesn’t it?
The game works by having someone start by talking about something they have never done. If the other player has done that same thing before, then they lose. They must perform the task you have agreed upon.
We imagine the game will go something like this: “Never have I ever hooked up with a girl.” Well, seeing as you are a heterosexual male laying in bed with a girl, and we hope that this is not your first time, and if it is, by all means, good luck. Chances are you probably have completed this task. So, you lose.
Suck on something for 30 seconds, and then you return with something you have never done: “Never have I ever sucked a dick.” We think you get the point.
This game is rather easy in time, materials and content. Let’s move on to another game that might require some more concentration, if you will.

2. And The Girl Moans Again

You know those fun drinking games that require you to watch a movie and take a shot whenever something stereotypical happens?
drinking gamesFor example, taking a shot whenever Joey says, “Ey!” on Friends, or taking a shot whenever someone says, “You will shoot your eye out, kid.” in A Christmas Story.
But what if we could turn this drinking game into a sexy encounter for you and your partner? This game requires a porn flick, a partner and a sexy task for you two to complete. Before watching the pornographic flick, figure out something stereotypical that might happen, for example: the sexy actress moaning.
Every time you hear the girl moan, you both have to perform something for each other. How about every time you hear her moan, you have to do something to make your partner moan?
We imagine this game will make you both much more attentive, until eventually, the game leads elsewhere, of course. Let’s move on to a game that you definitely know of already, but you may not know how to make it sexy.

3. An Age Old Classic

Chances are you know exactly what we are thinking: Truth or Dare, the Sexy Edition. You know how this timeless game works. You ask one player whether they would like to tell a truth or perform a dare.
perform a dareThey will choose one option, and you must either ask them a question to which they must truthfully reply, or you give them a daring challenge to complete.
To really make this game sexy, make sure all of your questions and challenges are up to par. For example, if she chooses truth, ask her what she would like you to do to her, in your most sultry voice.
We guarantee this will steam her up, and you may not even be playing the game for long after that. For a great dare, you could dare her to make you giggle using only her mouth.
Depending on how much you and your partner are comfortable with one another, we imagine this dares could become quite sexy. Let your imagination run wild: threesomes, different sex positions, oh the possibilities are endless. Naturally, the best part about this timeless game is the different dares that can occur, so why not just skip the truth entirely?

4. Truth Or Dare Without The Truth Part

Truth Or DareEveryone always ends up sighing when someone chooses truth, right? It’s like the cop out of all cop-outs, so let’s just cut out that option entirely. We do not exactly have a name for this game, so let’s just call it “Truth or Dare, Without the Truth.”
In order to play this game, you follow all of the rules as we mentioned in the previous section, however the “truth” is not an option.
Instead, you and your lover will tackle daring challenges one at a time, until you end up tackling each other in a passionate, sexy embrace instead.
If your partner really wants to play an actual game before getting intimate, then perhaps they might be up for a little strip poker.

5. Okay We Won’t Have Sex, But By All Means Get Naked

This game is perfect for those moments when she “just wants to have fun,” before getting intimate. Is she stalling? Does she really want to play a game? Whatever – revert to this option, and we guarantee you will be naked in no time.
In order to play this game you need cards and a clothed partner. Preferably, you should play this game with a few people, so a ménage a trois may be in your near future.
Follow all of the rules for a simple poker game, but instead of losing chips, you lose your clothes, and the best part is that your partner chooses which item you lose.
If poker is not really your card game, then we imagine this sexy game could work with any card game. Go Fish? Get naked. Uno? U-no-clothing. We think you get the point.
If your lady wants a more competitive and active sexy game, then perhaps Strip Pong is the choice for you.

6. Strip Pong

Set up your dining room tableWe all know the game of Beer Pong, but have you ever heard of Strip Pong? Set up your dining room table to be clear and have plenty of room.
Fill 20 plastic cups up with a beverage of your choice, could be water or liquor; it’s up to you. Make sure to only fill each up halfway at the most.
Each of you should take 10 cups and arrange them into a triangle, so that you have one cup, then two lined up underneath it, then three underneath that, and lastly, four cups at the bottom of the triangle.
Take turns throwing a Ping-Pong ball and your partner’s triangle. If you sink any, then your partner needs to remove that cup, drink the liquid, if you prefer, and then remove an article of clothing.
This game can be quite competitive and sexy. Better yet, make it Beer and Strip Pong and combine the two games for some sexy, liquored-up fun.
Our next game is for those sport-a-holics out there looking for some sexy fun.

7. Bases Loaded

baseball gameHave you ever been watching a baseball game while wishing it would be sexier? Well, then here is a game for you. The next time you and your lady are watching a baseball game on the television, each of you should pick a team.
Depending on how that team is playing, you will have the opportunity to round the bases. In order to understand the rules, you need to understand those nuanced “bases” first, the ones we use to refer to hooking up.
For example, first base is kissing, second base is making out and copping a feel, third base is basically foreplay without sex, and a home run would be sex.
If your team makes it to first base, then your partner has to get to first base with you, and so on. Eventually, if your team gets a home run then you get to pick the sex position of your choice and your partner has to carry through with it.
 Thumbs up!
Thumbs upWe hope that these sexy games have you anticipating a night between the sheets with your lover.If there is any reason for you to still have reservations about the night, then perhaps we can help you put your mind to ease. Are you worried about your sexual performance?
Worry no more by visiting a reputable website to help you improve your erections and sexual performance.
We recommend because they offer a proven, minimally invasive option to help you achieve fuller, much more satisfying erections.
Truly, what could be better than you, your lover, some sexy games, and an impressive, stiff boner in bed? Enjoy.

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