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9 Facts About Sex That May Disturb You

9 Facts About Sex That May Disturb You

When you were younger, you probably thought of sex as something simple and easy to do. All you need is to find a girl – or settle with your girl in case you’re in a relationship – get her a bit drunk, bring her to a cheap motel around the area and do the in-out thing until you’re able to jerk off and spend the rest of the time saying sorry for coming too soon.
 Well, it’s not as easy as that. If you think bondage or fisting are already disturbing, then you might be surprised to find out that there are even weirder and more complicated things about sex which some people find a turn on. And believe it or not, you might be turned on with these “bizarre” things too, you just haven’t noticed it yet.

1. Straight Men Love Looking At Penises As Much As They Do Vaginas.

Straight MenDon’t be too defensive yet. And don’t worry.
You’re perfectly normal if you love looking at your guy down there as soon as you step out of the shower – or another guy’s penis as soon as he comes out naked in the gym locker room.
And no, it doesn’t make you gay, so stop freaking out.
If you still can’t believe it, then you should know that Sai Gaddam and Ogi Ogas, author of “A Billion Wicked Thoughts” analyzed thousands of popular porn sites and found out that out of the 40,000 or so sites, 1,000 of which emphasized humongous penis sizes.Another site also listed the top 100 sexual images and surprisingly, 21 of which are close-ups of male genitals.
It could be that your primate brain thinks that another dude’s erection means there’s an available female nearby or whatever. Straight men love looking at other guy’s junk, so deal with it.

2. Your Sex Life Is Affected By Your Career.

Sex Life Is Affected You must be thinking – how in the world will your sex life be related to how much you’re earning. Unless you’re working as a gigolo or dancing your way for a living a la Magic Mike, this statement must be insane – but it’s not.
Sometime in 2013, a researcher from the Anglia Ruskin University found that Greeks who had sex four or more times a week earned more than those who don’t even get laid. Think about this.
Those people who have lots of sex are more likely to have high self-esteem, more energetic and happier. In other words, those who strive in a successful corporate environment are more likely to have more sex than their poor counterparts.
What’s the point of all this? Work harder so you can have more sex.

3. Your Boob Preference Is Also Affected By How Much You Earn.

In relation to your sex life being affected by how much you earn, did you know that your preference for a woman’s breast size will say how much money you make? It’s no secret that you like breasts and the idea of those mountains bouncing every time you do it doggy-style turns you on.
Boob PreferenceNow that you’re a bit older, you suddenly realize that bigger is not always better, at least when it comes to boobs, especially when you’re earning 6 digits.
A bizarre experiment was conducted wherein 266 men were recruited from different socio-economic ladder.
A picture of five women with different breast sizes where shown and based on the experiment, those who belong in the lower social ladder preferred women with insanely huge breasts, while the richer guys are fine with the just-right size.
Aside from the income, hungry men also prefer bigger breasts, as if a woman’s boobs are McDonald’s meal they can have every morning.

4. Your Income Affects Your Performance In Bed.

By now, you already know that rich men who prefer just the right boob size are most likely to get laid than poor men. If you think life is unfair, then read this: rich men are simply better in bed. Ouch.
Performance In BedAccording to Newcastle University Psychologists, women report more frequent orgasms when they have sex with a guy who has a higher income. Does this mean rich men are better in bed than their poor counterparts? Probably.
Case in point. Hugh Hefner and his string of girl friends who are 60 years younger than him. Or Donald Trump whose wives gets younger while he gets richer.
It may seem that the female species look past the physical aspect and sadly, money becomes a major consideration on whether or not she’ll marry you. Sorry boys, but that’s just reality.

5. You’re Not Easily Grossed Out.

When you are in your sane, right mind, bad breath, sweat and even the butthole may seem like the grossest thing in the universe. But wait until your girl takes her clothes off.
having sex with your girlAll of a sudden, her sweat turns you on and the sweatier she is, the more aroused you are. And if you haven’t fully grasped the concept yet, when you are having sex with your girl, licking her armpit and butthole may not be a stinky idea for you.
Eww? Apparently not, especially when you are aroused. The thing is when you are so turned on, your brain functions differently and suddenly,you are less likely to view gross things as disgusting. This explains why morning sex with I-just-woke-up breath doesn’t really get you off the mood.

6. The Fatter You Are, The Longer You’ll Last In Bed.

Longer you’ll last In bedThere is a tendency to make fun of people who are on the heavier side. But laugh no more. If you are on the heavy side for quite some time, then there’s good news for you when it comes to sex.
According to a 2010 Turkish study, fat guys can go for an average of 7 minutes and 18 seconds, while the skinny dudes can only last up to 108 seconds.
And no, it’s not about the excess fat surrounding the body. This is because larger men carry excess female hormones, which can affect your orgasm by slowing it down.
But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your body and hang out in McDonald’s everyday for the rest of your life. A few calories and fats will do but abusing your body by eating tons of greasy burgers – not cool.

7. When It Comes To A Helping Hand, Boobs Matter.

Forget about the rich guy – poor guy scenario here. Imagine this. You are on a road trip with friends and you saw a bunch of sexy hot girls with big boobs. Are you going to help them or not?
Helping HandBased on a 2007 experiment conducted by French researchers, they found out that the bigger the size up there, the more likely men will offer a lift. And that’s not all.
Another study was conducted about waitresses and researchers found out that the bigger the cup size, the bigger tip will be given by men. And surprisingly, how pretty or attractive women are doesn’t even matter in these experiments.
So, even if you’re a rich guy who earns $200,000 every month and prefers small-chested women, at the back of your mind, you’ll still find bigger breasts alluring.

8. Cycling Can Make You Impotent.

Sure, cycling is a good form of exercise, and your body can benefit from it.
Plus, it can be good for the environment, since you’re not contributing to worsening the pollution by driving a car. Apparently, though, the wrong saddle can make you impotent.
cyclingDecades ago, researchers conducted studies about the effects of cycling and your manhood’s capabilities.
It was agreed that frequent bike riding can be a nightmare for your libido. In fact, there was a 28-year old cyclist who discovered that he has a penile blood flow similar to a 60-year old – and you know how important blood flow is in getting your guy up, right?
Blame it on the classic seat design wherein the long tip at the front puts too much pressure on your guy. Still, this doesn’t mean you should stop biking. Just wear the right cycling gear and choose the right bike seat and you can still have a sex drive of an 18-year old.

 9. Your Muscles Have Their Own Mind.

They say the best things in life are free. That’s true. And one of the things you can get for free, assuming you didn’t pay for someone just to get laid, is getting an orgasm.
When you reach the big O, your body experiences muscle spasms, or myotonia as what the smart people wish to call it. That is why when you jerk off, the muscles in your arms, legs, neck, abdomen and even your face tense up.
ProExtender SystemResearchers aren’t quite sure why the muscles in other parts of your body are affected when it’s just your penis who’s doing the work. Anyway, just leave it as it is.
And speaking of muscles, did you know that you can increase your penis’ length or girth simply by stretching the muscles down there? Thanks to the ProExtender System, there is now a device which is proven and recommended by doctors to provide gentle, non-harmful and painless traction to add a few centimeters on your size.

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