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Does Testosterone Increase Penis Size: The Real Answers

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The hormone testosterone is probably one the many hormones that plays a vital role in the human body. Many of you probably closely relate it to men, their reproductive system and also their aggressive behaviour.
But did you know that there is more to this hormone than what people might really think? Besides a hormone, testosterone plays an essential part in the male’s body.
Another question that comes to mind in terms of this hormone is if it has any benefit in increasing the penis size. Some men may believe this to be true while others are not fully convinced. Learn more about testosterone and how important it is to the body so that you can truly understand its vital role.

What Is Testosterone?

male sex hormoneAs you may already know testosterone is a male sex hormone that is essential in reproductive and sexual development.
Do not be fooled, but not only men produce this hormone, because even women produce it, but have much lower levels compared to men.
This hormone is part of the androgen class and it is mainly produced in the male’s testes. The production of it is controlled by the hypothalamus (located in the brain) and also the pituitary gland.
Testosterone is vital in the male sex organ’s full development and also takes a big part during puberty which plays a role in the reasons why young boy’s start developing a deeper voice, grow more muscles, get taller and also grow body and facial hair. This hormone is also important for fat distribution, the production of sperm, upkeep of muscle mass and strength and also sex drive.
In women, on the other hand, testosterone takes production in the adrenal glands and ovaries. In reality, an average woman’s testosterone levels are just at tenth to a twentieth of an adult man’s levels.

Are There Others Facts About Testosterone That Are Important To Know?

LBelly Fatike mentioned, testosterone has many key principles that makes it vital to the human body, especially for males. If you think you know everything you need to know about this hormone, you may actually be wrong.
There are other surprising facts about testosterone that you probably had no clue about. Here are a couple facts about this hormone that could leave you mystified.
It Is Capable To Lessen Belly Fat
Yes, having higher levels of testosterone could possibly lose belly fat. Now this could be one important fact that many men will take note of.
There have been studies that show that men who are given testosterone have a reduction in fat around their abdominal area.
Although this is an alternative for reducing fat in the stomach region, the long-term effects of this type of therapy have not been studied all too well which is only recommended for those men who have low testosterone levels.
Women Who Are In Love Have More of It
relationship Since you now know that women also produce small amounts of testosterone in their bodies, did you know that women that are in love actually have higher levels of it?
There has been an Italian study that shown a higher level of this hormone in women who have been in a relationship for a few months compared to women who have been single for a long time.
For men, being in love shows lower testosterone levels which is totally opposite from the levels of this hormone in women when they feel that they are in love. But as the relationship prolongs, studies have shown that after around one to two years, the changes are no longer significant and could vary from person to person.
Money Has A Direct Effect On Its Levels
A British researcher found that the young men that are future traders get higher levels of testosterone on the days when they make a profit that is above average.
Also, on the morning where a man’s levels were higher than usual, their afternoon profits could be higher compared to days where levels start off low.
sports gameSports Fans Could Win More

No matter what sport events it is, when a man engages in a competition their testosterone levels spike up and this is according to studies. After a sports game, the level of this hormone will increase for the winners and the fans of those spiked up levels tend to also affect their performance.
Basically, male fans who watch sports events could mirror the performance of their male athletic idols and could possibly result in a win-win situation.
Obesity Could Lower Testosterone
Men who are obese have lower levels of this hormone compared to a man that is thinner. Having low levels could have its downside to the male’s body especially their sexual and reproductive organs.
Fingers Could Tell So Much More
Fingers Could Tell You probably never knew that levels of testosterone could be determined by the pointer-finger-to-ring-finger ratio.
Scientists have done studies which show that men who have a higher amount of it before birth tend to have a lower pointer-finger-to-ring-finger ratio.
A benefit of having this characteristic is men that have the lowest ratios have shown to make more money and stay in business longer.

Does Testosterone Increase Penis Size?

Now that we found out about more facts about testosterone, the question arises regarding testosterone and penis size. Testosterone therapy has actually been used to help men out what want to enhance their penis size.
question arises regarding testosteroneSince the hormone plays a major role in muscle development and a male’s reproductive system, testosterone treatment could be a possible method to increase the size of the penis, weight gain, development of muscle and aid in mental stability.
Since studies have been done on this treatment, there are patients that show positive results to this type of therapy. But there the results may also vary from person to person.
It is best to ask your health care professional about the advantages and disadvantages of testosterone therapy.
Testosterone has many benefits for the male’s body and one of them could possibly be increasing the size of the penis. Ask your doctor about your options in this type of therapy so that you know the ins and outs about it.

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