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Get Moving to Get Grooving: How Exercise Contributes to Sexual Health

Get Moving to Get Grooving: How Exercise Contributes to Sexual Health

Don’t you even wonder why physical education or exercise classes are always part of the school curriculum even when you’re in college? It may seem like a nuisance subject, something you don’t have to take seriously, but in order to reduce the obesity rate, schools decided to include PE right up to the collegiate level.
 By now, you should know that exercise brings a lot of health benefits.
heart diseaseIt helps you lose the flab, and turn it eventually into six-pack abs, keeps your weight within the healthy range and of course, prevents various conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.
In case that’s not enough to get you moving, then read this. Exercise can spice things up in the bedroom and eventually improve your relationship. If you have been paying attention to your health class or sex education, there are certain exercises that can improve your strength, flexibility, and stamina in bed.
Are you ready to become the fitter, leaner, sexier you? Here’s how to do it.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Kegels

You must be tired hearing about Kegel exercises but believe it or not, it’s not just for women who recently gave birth in order to help them get back their uterus’ pre-pregnancy state. In case you don’t know, working out those muscles down there can do wonders for your sex life.
Kegel exercisesFor further information, you have what experts call as pubococcygeus or PC muscles that support your pelvic organs. And how important are these muscles? Well, the PC muscles contract during orgasm.
By doing Kegels, you can have stronger and longer-lasting erections and be able to control jerking off too early, so you won’t be called as one-minute man. If you have problems getting it up, Kegel exercises can also help.
The best thing about this exercise is you can do them anytime, anywhere – at work, while driving, during lunch time, you name it. You can see the difference after a few weeks of constant Kegel exercises.

Do The Walk

walkingNo, not Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. Just the ordinary power walking to pump up your blood up to down there. Proper blood circulation is very important in keeping your libido going strong.
Doing brisk laps around your neighborhood or any place that allows you to walk, jog or even run, if you want to keep things fast – can improve blood flow to your entire body.
Why is this so? The better your blood circulation, the more blood it will make down south, making it easier for you to get aroused. As a matter of fact, a simple caress from your girl can give you tingling sensations not just down there but to your entire body, giving you that I’m-ready-for-action feeling.
Just aim for at least 20 minutes everyday and you’re good to go.

Get Six-pack Abs

You may say that you don’t have all the time in the world to work out your “hidden” abs a la Ryan Reynolds. Fine. But at least try.
Six-pack AbsThe truth is it’s not just about having six-pack abs. Strengthening your core – the muscles in your middle and lower back, abdomen and pelvis – can be useful especially when you’re trying different positions. To make it more blunt, your core can contribute to your thrust.
How should you do this? Crunches, of course. This classic core exercise works out your pelvic muscles, which can help make your climax more intense. If you’re too tired of this usual exercise, try the quadruped.
To do this, make sure your hands are aligned under your shoulders while your knees are aligned with your hips. Then lift your left arm and right leg, so they are at the same level with your spine, hold it for a few seconds, release then alternate.

Build Your Upper-body Strength

Upper-body StrengthHere’s the thing – women love guys with sexy arms. And it’s not just for physical reasons.
Having toned arms also shows you have strong arms and a strong chest, which can be very useful in sustaining several positions in bed.
So, if you have flabby arms, that’s okay. That doesn’t mean women won’t have sex with you. But come on, work out a little. Start with push-ups, since they are the perfect upper body strength workout. Once you get used to it, add variations.
If the regular pushup where your feet and toes are resting on the ground is too much for you to handle, try keeping your knees down and lower your chest as you bend your arms. Just make sure you’ll graduate on this variation since this is actually a workout for women.
Thank heavens YouTube has tons of video tutorials for push-ups, so you’ll never run out of options.

Work Out Your Legs

Work Out Your LegsHave you noticed some of athlete’s legs? Yes, they have fit and lean bodies, but in order to support that, they need to have big and strong legs, too.
If you haven’t been working out your legs, assuming that you’re perfectly fit and didn’t go through any operation that can jeopardize your legs, now is the time to do it.
Why? All kinds of sexual positions can be easier when you work out your legs’ strength – dog style, missionary, standing up – you name it. Sure, your arms should be strong enough to hold your girl, but you need to make sure that your legs can support your body too, and hers.
And when it comes to leg workout, doing lunges is your best bet. It targets all three muscle groups – quadriceps, hamstrings and calves – and even your glutes. Don’t worry. Working out your legs isn’t that hard.

Flex Your Hips

Flex Your HipsEvery time you have sex, there’s this one part of your body that is constantly moving. No, it’s neither the hands nor your lips, but rather your hips.
Yes, your hips are one, if not the most abused part of your body during sex. And of course, the best way to prepare your hips before it goes in the battlefield is through hip exercises.
To make sure you won’t experience any pain during the act itself, learn to loosen your hip flexors through dynamic stretching. This is important, because the hip flexors allow you to bend at the waist and lift your knees. In other words, movements that are necessary in the bedroom.
Unless you want to look like you’re 70 when you’re still 30, then go ahead and don’t flex those hips. You’ll look funny anyway and by the time the strain fades, your girl will be walking out the door.

Say Hello To Weights

You must be thinking, how in the world will your sex life be affected by lifting weights? Isn’t it for bodybuilders only? Of course not, so don’t be so naïve.You’re old enough to know that lifting weights isn’t exclusively for those who want every muscle in their body to bulge angrily.
lifting weightsUnless you want to build muscles like Arnold or Sylvester, there are specific weight techniques for that.
The truth is lifting weights can strengthen your bones and work out every major muscle group in your body. If you’re not too convinced, there are also studies that show lifting weights can increase your testosterone levels, an essential hormone needed to boost your sex drive.
So, the next time you pass by a sports equipment store, make sure to grab some dumbbells, so you can lift weights during your free time. Stop making excuses. That’s just lame.

Yoga Isn’t For Women

yogaA lot of people associate yoga, pilates and other “soft” forms of exercises with women. Believe it or not, even men can do them. And if you really rock that “Tough Guys Wear Pink” shirt, then you should rock out “Tough Guys Do Yoga,” too.
Yoga allows you to practice “Ujjayi” breathing. This technique is focused on proper deep breathing, because according to studies, brain activity decreases when you take deep breaths, giving you a sense of well-being and peace.
In relation to sex, yoga teaches you how to become calm and make it easier for you to shut down thoughts in your brain that can ruin a sensual night with your significant other.

Work Out With Your Girl

There are no specific muscle groups targeted here, but exercising with your girl can surely improve sex, your relationship and everything in between.
Just think about this. You decided to wake up extra early to play badminton or tennis or whatever ball sport with your girl.
Work Out With Your GirlYou see her sweat, she sees you sweat and you both had a good laugh of what happened during your game. Doesn’t that turn you on?
The fact that you are starting to get fit and healthy goes to show that you can use that newfound energy, stamina and flexibility in between the sheets.
Plus, it increases your attraction to each other because of the changes you two are experiencing together. That should be enough reason to get you up and moving.  
But if you’re really thinking of ways on giving your guy down there a stretch, combine these exercise tips with ProExtender System. It is a penis enlargement system that allows you to have a larger and longer penis without the side effects.

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