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Homemade Penis Extender Made Easy with 4 Household Items

Penis Extender

Admit it guys, you wish you have bigger and longer member like what you see in adult videos. After all, bigger size down there equates to better performance (which is not always true, by the way).
penis enhancement productsNow you are wondering, “how do they get that big?” or “what products do they use to increase their size?” And with the abundance of penis enhancement products in the market, it is difficult to choose which one really works.
One way of making your penis longer is by using penis extender. However, extenders can be costly and making a homemade penis extender can be your option. If you are thinking of D-I-Y extender instead of buying from the market, here are some tips on how to make a penis extender.

What Is A Penis Extender?

Penis extenders are considered as one of the popular penis enlargement devices that are used by ancient Indian tribes.
It is a type of device that is attached to your member and will be used to stretch it to lengthen the size. It has the following parts:

  • penis enlargement devicesTwo Contraption Rings. The head ring which fits the head or glans of your penis and holds your member in place while it is being stretched, and the base ring which is fit for the base of your member.
  • Two Rods That Connect Both Rings. This can be adjusted until you achieve the desired length.

The stretching can help make the penile muscles larger and firmer. This is because when the penis muscle is stretched, it will result to a small tearing and cell duplication of the corpora cavernosa, the muscle holding the blood during erections. When the muscles heal, it will stay longer, making it an effective enlargement device.
Penis extenders are designed to help men with Peyronie’s disease or the “crooked” or “curvy” penis. Over the years, this device has been used by a lot of men to stretch their penis in order to make it longer.

Does It Really Work?

Yes. Although there are men who claim that this type of device is not effective, studies and real life testimonies from actual users suggest that penis extender does work. In fact, a study was made by urologist Paolo Gontero and colleagues of San Giovanni Battista Hospital at the University of Turin in Italy.
actual userBased on their findings, men gained an average increase of 0.9 inches when in flaccid state and up half inch when erect when a penis extender was used during the first six months.
Although the extender used did not live up to its claim of up to 1.3 inches increase in length, the bottom line is penis extender can really help increase your size.
Further, the study made by Gontero suggests that the gradual stretching of penis is advisable in order to increase its length. 

How To Make A Homemade Penis Extender?

Keep in mind that everything comes with a price. For some men, buying a penis extender can be too much in the pocket (say $200) that they would settle for homemade penis extender. If you are thinking of making your own too, here is the step by step procedure on how to make a penis extender.
What You Will Need:

  • A long theraband.
  • Thin and long thread or piece of cloth.
  • Belt.
  • Piece of cloth which will be used to wrap under the theraband.

Here’s How To Do It:Belt

  • Without wearing anything, wrap the belt around your waist.
  • If you have a foreskin, gently grab the head without pulling the foreskin back. Otherwise, carefully grab your penis behind the head.
  • Wrap the theraband around your member for at least twice. Use the thin cloth or thread to fix it. Place the cloth at the underside of the penis, then fold it as you wrap the theraband. Use an adhesive tape to secure the theraband.
  • Take the thread of cloth and pull it gently to your feet, then between your cheeks to the back then pull it at the height of the belt to fix the thread of cloth at the belt. Make a knot that can be easy for you to open so peeing and unwrapping it won’t be a problem.
  • Then wear your brief or boxers over the homemade penis extender.

There are other ways on how to make your own homemade extender. However it may require mechanical skills and tools from the hardware such as latex tubing, gate hook, metal washers, PVC coupling and the like.
If you are not comfortable with how this works or you have no idea of what these hardware materials are, commercially-sold extenders are there to help you.

Homemade Extender vs. Commercial Penis Extender

homemade penis extenderWhile making your own homemade penis extender is an enticing idea, there are few safety concerns that come with it too. A good penis extender is built with comfort in mind so you will be able to wear it 24/7.
Keep in mind that using the device already requires a lot of care to prevent injury or permanent damage on your member. A normal ring and an elastic band is not enough to make your penis longer.
Also, you should consider the sturdiness of the device. A penis extender is not as simple as stretching your member. There is science behind it which makes the device effective. Putting it in your own hands and not being able to make a homemade extender properly can do more harm than good, especially in your penis. 
So why would you bother making a homemade extender when you can actually buy from a trusted and reliable brand? If you think that the extenders are not working, then you probably have not stumbled upon ProExtender. 
ProExtender SystemIt is developed by Jorn Ege Siana, a medical doctor who specializes in penis lengthening.
Since its first inception in 1994, ProExtender System has been helping millions of men around the world, not just those who suffer from a crooked penis but also men who want to increase their size down there.
And ProExtender can assure you of the highest quality medical enlargement device that is sure to give you the results you deserve.
Why make your homemade penis extender and put yourself at risk when ProExtender is already there to help you?

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