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How to Increase Penis Size: 4 Male Enhancement Options

Penis Enlargement Before and After

They say it’s all about how well you perform in bed. But no matter how hard you try to convince yourself, size does matter. In fact, a lot of men associate size with better performance and ability to satisfy their partners in bed.
level of satisfactionThis is because if you are happy with your size down there, then you will be able to give a certain level of satisfaction not just to your partner but to yourself as well.
So what are the different ways on how to increase penis size? Or the better question is can you still increase penis size? The answer is yes.
There are so many techniques available that can help you on how to increase size of the penis. But before you learn about these methods, here are also some facts you should know about penis size.

Facts About Penis Size

Aside from your personal achievements, your member down there is one of the factors that define your ‘manhood.’ However, it should not stop with how big or well-endowed you are.

Your size is just a fraction of who you are as a person. Further, there are just so many things you should learn about your manhood.

  • size does matterFor women, it’s not just about the size rather how well you are in bed. But for most guys, size does matter – a lot.
  • For most women, it’s not about how long but how wide your member is. This is because some women are terrified with the idea of having a long member entering them as opposed to those with broad ones.
  • When in a flaccid state, the average size of the penis is 3 to 4 inches from the tip to the base. When erect, the average size can be up to 7 inches.

If you are still worried about your size, then there are still ways on how to increase it.

The Different Ways On How To Increase Penis Size

There are a lot of options you can choose from when it comes to male enhancement.
Whether it is by natural means, exercise, herbs or anything Medicine and technology has to offer, here are four best ways to increase penis size.

Option No. 1: Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pump is a type of mechanism that consists of a tube or cylinder that sucks air. Then you put your member in and the vacuum can help draw extra blood in it to make it stand up and bit bigger. Then a ring will be placed on the base of the penis to prevent the blood from leaking.
The downside of vacuum pump is that it only lasts as long as you have the ring on. And you cannot go beyond 30 minutes since it can result to tissue damage or penile injury.

Stretching ExercisesOption No. 2: Stretching Exercises

There are different ways on how to do stretching exercises. An example of this is jelquing. You simply massage your penis by pulling it from the base outwards in a continuous manner. This helps push the blood from the base through the shaft and into the head.
There are also penis stretchers available which can help in adding inches to your member. It uses weights which you have to wear on your penis for eight hours everyday to gradually pull it to its maximum length.
However, there are a lot of risks involved with stretching exercises especially when it is not done in a proper way. There is a possibility of tearing the tissue, bursting the blood vessels, scarring and even necrosis of tissue, which requires surgery.

Option No. 3: Over The Counter Products

ProductsThis means pills, gels, creams or oils that promise to increase your size in just a few months. These products claim to have herbal ingredients which are known and proven to increase your member.
But when it comes to this type of products, extra care must be observed. This is because there are a lot of scam products that can only do more harm than good in your body and pocket.
Therefore, it is important to always check the ingredients. If it contains something you’ve never even heard of or there are no clinical studies to prove their claim, then there is a possibility that the product is a scam.
Also, always make it a point to read customer reviews about the product. It provides information from actual users on whether the product is worth trying for or not.

Penis Enlargement SurgeryOption No. 4: Penis Enlargement Surgery

If you want instant results on how to increase the size of the penis, then this can be your best bet.
There are two types of penis enlargement surgery:

  • Lengthening the penis which involves cutting of the ligament that connects the penis to the pelvic bone to make the shaft more visible.
  • Widening the penis which can be done using implanted fat, silicone of fat tissue grafts.

While this option may provide you with the results you want, there are also a lot of risks involved. This includes infection, nerve damage, reduced sensitivity and at times, difficulty to get an erection. Scarring and uneven penis can also happen if you go through widening surgery. 

ProExtender, The Best Way To Increase Penis Size

Increase Penis SizeTrue, there are many ways to increase penis size. But did you know that there is one product that gives you a little of everything and is proven to increase your size down there?
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  • Volume increaser pills to pump up your semen and ejaculate volume.
  • Exercise CD which contains penis enlargement exercises that can surely improve your penis size and overall sexual health.

So if you are looking for ways on how to increase penis size, then try ProExender. Why try tons of products when ProExtender has everything for you?

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