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Just for Men: 10 Things Your Sex Ed Teacher Should Have Taught You

Just for Men: 10 Things Your Sex Ed Teacher Should Have Taught You

Sexual education is a significant part of a person’s development. The world of sex is vast and complicated. So, it is imperative to know about as much of it as we can before we take our first steps and enjoy our first sexual experiences.
There are diseases to be aware of, the facts about pregnancy, rape and abuse, and plenty more besides that. Every young person should have the right to learn about these things to protect them, and their prospective partners, in the future.
sexual educationSometimes, sexual education teachers will have their own views on various subjects that might get in the way of delivering the facts.
Some may even withhold information or alter it to suit their own opinions. Such methods can only have negative effects on the young people involved.
The proper method of sexual education should be an open one in which the information is divulged clearly and openly, along with details on the proper precautions to take and the seriousness of the matter at hand.
Each person should be free to make their own sexual choices while being aware of the risks involved.Unfortunately, the half information on sex can leave young men lost in the sexual world. They are unable to make the right choices and do the right things without the facts on sex they require.
shame or embarrassmenBoys often try to figure things out for themselves and make mistakes, or keep all of their sexual feelings and questions inside out of shame or embarrassment.
They often have to turn to the media to gain some sort of insight into how a relationship works and thus receive an often unrealistic image of sexual life.
Men of all ages need to know the things they might not have been taught. So, today we are listing ten necessary sexual ideas you need to know.

1. It’s Completely Normal To Be Different

This one should be obvious to all of us, but regrettably there are still some people living in the past.Homosexuality is completely natural and there’s nothing wrong with having homosexual or bisexual feelings.
Similarly, transgender people are perfectly normal, too. And thus, people should not judge them. History is also full of countless examples of mankind practicing homosexuality.
homosexualityWe should recognize all of these different types of sexuality as being completely natural, since that’s what they are.
Science has started to reveal that homosexual feelings arise because of the hormones. They may also occur at a genetic level. It is therefore completely natural for a few people to feel differently.
We all have the capacity to be sexually attracted to a wide spectrum of people and our desires can vary over time. It is perfectly regular to have homosexual urges or to feel sexual curious in different ways.

2. Men Don’t Always Have To Be Fighters

It’s true that women, through simple biology and genetics, are generally the physically weaker sex.Their muscles basically do not develop at the same rate, or to the same extent as men. It can therefore be next to impossible for women to fight off a man who is attacking her.
However, some people consider that a man should always be able to escape an attack when others harass them. Yes, we are referring to men’s rape. The man’s rape is labeled as he “wanted it,” because he didn’t fight back. This assumption is complete nonsense for several reasons.
cases of female rapeFirst, not every man is a fighter and not every man has the strength to overpower another. If a large man or even a physically strong woman attacks a weak man, it’s not his fault for being unable to fight back.
Also, just like in cases of female rape, male victims can be drugged, tied up, unconscious or drunk at the time of an attack. This renders them much less capable of defending themselves.
Finally, there is also the case of a person in a position of authority using their status over a victim. For instance, the boss of a company or a higher ranking officer in a military brigade can use his power to force people into doing things they would never normally do via blackmail.

3. Love And Romance Don’t Always Lead To Super Sex

One of the most common things people in sexual education classes can hear is “Wait until you’re married.” Sadly, despite the good intentions this phrase might have, it’s not a wonderful idea. In fact, it can lead to a lot of distress.
Love And Romance If you spend years with someone, getting to know them and falling in love and thinking everything is perfect, it can still be an incredibly crushing sex experience.
This is because when they finally share a sexual encounter, they may discover that the two of them aren’t compatible.
Sex is a vital part of a relationship and a bad sex life can lead to all sorts of negative consequences. For religious reasons, there are people who simply refuse to have sex before marriage. However, if you have the choice then it’s well worth checking out your sexual compatibility with a partner before taking the huge step of marital commitment.

4. Guys Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Show Their Emotions

Guys are often brainwashed via the media that a man’s role is to be stoic and emotionless, to hide his feelings and never cry.
Afraid To Show Their EmotionsSimilarly, we are assaulted by the idea that men should only care about sex and are unable to care about anything more.
Every good man is capable of much more than that and has feelings that they deserve to be shared and explored. It is essential to teach young men that these media images are not representative of real life.
Thus, they shouldn’t be afraid to share how they really feel. Guys can cry and stress and care about just as many things as women.

5. Condoms Aren’t Foolproof

People often criticize a lot of teenage or unwanted pregnancies. People believe that the couple didn’t bother to use a condom and so got what they deserved.
CondomsHowever, it’s significant to realize that we can all use protection and still wind up with pregnancies or STDs.
Condoms are only effective in approximately 97 percent of cases. So, if you have sex 100 times then your condom will be ineffective in 3 of those encounters on average.
In fact, some studies have shown that condoms are even less effective than the boxes claim.
Some research claims that condoms have around an 80 percent level of effectiveness. This is because a lot of men don’t follow the proper instructions and use the condom in the proper way. If you don’t use it properly, you are increasing your chances of having quite a big surprise.

6. You Absolutely Must Have Consent

This is a key point. You should never pressurize someone into doing something they don’t want to do it.If they don’t consent, you are effectively forcing someone into performing a sexual act and that’s what rape is.
Rape between husband and wifeParticularly when someone is drunk or under the influence of drugs, it can be exceptionally hard to be sure that they know what they are doing.
Therefore, before starting anything, you need to have a proper, calm conversation about your individual wants and needs and confirm that the pair of you are both in agreement.
It is not just illegal to force someone into performing a sexual act, or even just a kiss or a touch but it can also have terrible psychological effects on the victim concerned. This sort of behavior can ruin lives, and so it’s vital to be sure every time.
This even includes couples who have been together for a long time. Rape between husband and wife is perfectly possible, so if your partner ever says no or tells you to stop, you cannot ignore them.

7. Female Genitals Are Mysterious For Most Men

Sex educators often separate boys and girls in sex education classes. They spend so much time focusing on the changes and parts of their own bodies that they end up knowing very little about the opposite gender.
pregnancyThe female sexual organs, female orgasms, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy – all of these things and many more are often poorly-covered or completely ignored in sex education classes.
For men, things are actually pretty simple. The penis is easy to understand. But, the vagina has various parts and functions that men need to know about if they want to please and understand their future female partners.
Even girls themselves can know quite little about their own sexual organs, and that’s why some women go through years without knowing how to have an orgasm or how to touch themselves.
For example, did you know that the vagina is an acidic environment? Male semen is of a much higher pH in order to neutralize the acids in the vagina and help the sperm cells survive for fertilization. Too much semen in the vagina can therefore easily upset the balance and cause irritation and other problems for the woman.
Things like this are noteworthy to know, but often remain a secret for many couples, leading to sexual health troubles.

8. For The Best Sex, You Have To Communicate

have a successful sex lifeThis is one of the most important things for everyone to know, but usually not taught in a sex education class.If you want to have a successful sex life and enjoyable encounters, you have to talk about it with your partner.
If you dive right in without knowing what turns your partner on and what she doesn’t like, how can you hope to have a good time?
Everyone is different, and there are so many things people can like or dislike, when it comes to sex. Therefore, having a discussion beforehand is always beneficial for both partners. If you share your fantasies and know exactly what turns each of you on, you can have amazing sexual sessions.

9. Sexual Problems And Dysfunctions Are Quite Common

You probably receive emails or see adverts for products to help with penis problems and erectile dysfunctions.These sorts of things are common because the problems themselves are also common.
Similarly, Sexual Problemswe hear so much talk about ways in which women can get orgasms, because so many of them find it hard to please themselves or enjoy sex.
This is all because most of us lack the proper education about the ways in which our bodies work.
For example, a huge percentage of women – estimations say around 70 percent at least – cannot have an orgasm from penetrative sex alone.Unfortunately, this information isn’t well-known and so many couples struggle with by themselves. Also, women feel guilty and awkward when they can’t have an orgasm, often thinking there is something wrong with them.
On the other side of the spectrum, men can also suffer from the problem of not having an orgasm from sex.This problem often happens by excessive masturbation, or it can be something more serious and require therapy.
ProExtenderSystemSimilarly, many men can also suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems. These people often grieve in silence, believing that they should hide their problems, not knowing that several effective treatments do exist.
An effective solution for a wide variety of male sexual health problems is the penis enlargement device offered by This enlargement system can help many men regain their confidence and enjoy a vastly increased performance in bed.
The device safely stretches the penis through repeated and regular use. It works to effectively increase the size and strength of the penis. The system can help you achieve erections more easily and maintain them for longer. You can have a larger penis and much more self-confidence during sexual encounters.

10. There’s Nothing Wrong With Masturbation

Heaps of shame and guilt and embarrassment are associated with the topic of masturbation.
MasturbationToo many young men and women are made to believe that the act of pleasing oneself is somehow wrong, immoral or even unhealthy.
However, as you should hopefully know by now, there’s nothing wrong with masturbation, and it isn’t going to have any negative effects on your overall health. Well, as long as you don’t do it too excessively.
On the contrary, masturbation is a great way for younger people in particular to relieve sexual tension, free themselves of stress, and start to get in touch with their sexual sides.
Why Aren’t We Getting the Sex Ed We Need?
Unfortunately, there are a lot of obstacles in the way of providing a proper sexual education for the young people of the world.Due to the various policies and social stances of certain countries, some of them have no sexual education program whatsoever, so people have to learn everything by themselves.
Some governing academic bodies believe that children shouldn’t learn about things that they consider immoral, like homosexuality. Other academies believe that teaching kids about sex makes them more likely to start trying it and encountering unwanted pregnancies and problems.
teaching kids about sexHowever, as any rational person should know, if we don’t educate younger people about the rights and wrongs of sexual life, then they are much more likely to make mistakes.
Similarly, if sex remains a mysterious taboo subject that kids arenot allowed to hear about, it just makes them even more interested in it. They more likely try out things on their own, which can also lead to trouble.
Sex is an unavoidable and beautiful part of life that everyone needs to know about.The right information on sex may help to cut down on the rates of rape, the spread of STDs, and the occurrence of unwanted pregnancies.
In many countries, sex education is compulsory at the primary and secondary levels of education. And, so the parents cannot also interfere and remove their children from these classes.This is the right idea. But, we still need to be sure that the people delivering the talks and classes are well-versed in sexual knowledge and don’t allow their own opinions to infiltrate their classes.

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