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Just for Men: 7 Reasons You Don't Always Want Sex   

Just for Men: 7 Reasons You Don't Always Want Sex   

Men crave sex all of the time, right? Men are these savage beasts that yearn and thirst for sex. They will barbarically rip a woman’s clothes off and do anything to appease their sexual appetites at any given time. Any guy who does not long for sex is seen as weird, weak or even not interested in women.

Well, actually, anyone who thinks this way is not only extremely sexist, but also blatantly wrong. Men do not necessarily desire sex every second of the day.In fact, there are many women who are frequently scheduling sex therapy appointments because their husbands are no longer craving sex.
sex therapy appointmentsWhile the myth that marriage kills sex is not entirely true, there are a few other reasons why you guys might not be in the mood tonight. After knowing these reasons, we are sure you will change your one-sided view for men.

1. You Have A Mistress And You Don’t Even Know It

Once your sex life begins to take a plunge, your partner might automatically assume that there is another person involved in the relationship.However, the mistress does not exactly need to be a woman.
Many men become passionately involved in a demanding career, and this in turn affects their sex lives. Not quite the mistress you had in mind? Well, analyze your lifestyle and think about if your job could be squeezing its way in between the sheets.
Believe it or not, work can offer men many of the benefits and pleasures they experience during sex. The money, the ego boost, and the accolades associated with promotions and praise can act as a turn on for some guys.
How To Fix This Issue
How To Fix This IssueIf you find that work is the culprit of your less than desirable sex life, then you have to make some changes. Luckily this type of distraction is easy to break.
We are not suggesting that you quit your job or make any drastic changes. There are a few simple revisions you can make to your daily routine.
For example, try to limit the amount of work you bring home with you. Whether it is physical paperwork or conversation, try to leave business at work. If you work from home, then designate an area of the house for work. Any time you are anywhere else, try to avoid work conversation.
Also, try to designate time during the day for your partner. Find an hour that works best for both of you, and shut off your cell phone. Stay away from your work, and instead spend the time with your partner.
We are sure that you’ll see positive changes in your relationship if you lessen your zeal for work at home. Let’s discuss some other things that might be detracting from your sex life.

2. The Mistresses’ Best Friend

passionate working men are stressedEspecially if you are a man devoted to your job, then you experience stress on a whole new level. Not only passionate working men are stressed, though.
Besides work, home life, relationships, children and money can all cause a man to go a little grey. Stress is one of the most common causes for a man’s drop in sexual desire.
How to Fix This Issue
This is easier said than done. While sex should be your release, this might not be the case if the root problem is your relationship or home life. The best way to determine how to eliminate your stress would be to seek professional help.
Your libido can improve greatly after speaking with a therapist, or even having an outlet to talk to and iron out your feelings.

3. You Are Too Independent In Your Sexual Actions

masturbationThe issue might be that you are, well, taking your sex life into your own hands. Quite literally, actually.
No one really wants to negotiate or barter for sex. There might not be enough time to fit sex into your busy life, or you might just want to do it yourself.
Either way, your masturbation might get in the way of a healthy sex life if you are not aware of your habit.
Don’t get us wrong. Jerking off is fantastic. However, masturbating too much to porn or other fantasies to an excess can seem much easier, quicker and satisfying than gearing up for sex with your partner.
Too often we assume we need to be these rugged men who do not negotiate or beg our partners for sex. Instead, we get it where it is needed. And, while we are not going to go out and cheat on our partners, we will just satisfy ourselves, instead.
However, being a little dependent on your partner and shying away from your sexual independence can do wonders for your relationship. If you are only taking care of yourself, then who is taking care of your partner?
How To Fix This Issue
communicate with your partnerYou can absolutely fix this problem. And, we promise you that you and your partner will enjoy less of your hands on approach.
It might be uncomfortable at first, but you have to communicate with your partner. Chances are that they have noticed your lack of presence, or penis, in the bedroom.
So, it should not be a secret. Let your partner know that you want to make more of an effort to have sex more frequently, and see how they feel about it.
Perhaps, you both are not attempting to be intimate at the right time of the day. Switching it up to make time for morning sex, or making more of an effort to be sexy at night, instead of putting on sweatpants can make a world’s of difference.
The two reasons we have discussed so far are relatively easy to cure at home. However, there might be some more serious issues causing your lack of intimacy.

4. The Problem Might Be A Little More Than You Anticipated

Erectile dysfunctionThere are many different psychological reasons for you to become less than desirable in the bedroom.
Erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, and premature ejaculation can all allow for a guy to become anxious at the thought of sex. Especially if you are unsure of your partner’s reaction, you can naturally feel like sex can wait for another day.
How To Fix This Issue
First and foremost, understand that your anxiety will drive the course as you attempt to solve this issue.This fix might be as simple as joking about it with your partner, and working through it.Any loving partner will be understanding and never pressure you to fix the issue. Instead, calming down and approaching the problem with a trial and error technique might be all you need.
If this does not exactly take the cake, then there are a few other solutions, as well. Too much porn can cause erectile dysfunction, or the inability to reach an orgasm.
loving partnerSo, try scaling back on that and see what happens. Also, sex therapy can work wonders for anyone experiencing premature ejaculation.
For older men, the issue might be more of a performance anxiety-type issue. The cause might be low libido. Thus, bringing this issue up to your doctor and having your testosterone levels checked can help resolve the problem.

5. You Are Not On The Same Sexual Page As Your Partner

Women often view sex differently than men. However, not in the stereotypically way you might expect.Women see sex as a means to express emotional closeness with their partner. We have sex because we are emotionally close to one another.
Yet, men on the other hand experience sex in the complete opposite. Most men feel that sex is a means to achieve emotional closeness. Whereas women feel that you have sex because you are close, men assume that having sex makes you close to one another.
While it might not be possible to change her mindset, you could try changing yours up and see how it works.
How to Fix This Issue
emotional connection before sexAs we have mentioned previously, you can always open up communication with your partner about this issue, which is certainly ideal.
Talk about what your partner would like to have happen before having sex, and make sure to express your desires,too.
Attempting to make more of an emotional connection before sex might help your partner want it more. Instead of jumping right to the physical act, like most of us want to do, partake in some foreplay, compliment her, and take the time to get close first. Without your genitals, of course.

6. Assure It Is Not A Physical Cause

There are a few biological causes that might lead you to less of a presence in the bedroom.Excessive alcohol consumption, heart disease, antidepressants and low levels of testosterone can all cause low libido.
How to Fix This Issue
visit your doctorThe only way to determine if this is the culprit of your catastrophic sex life is to visit your doctor. Your physician will run some different tests to determine if any physiological effect is causing your low libido.
Depending on the results, your doctor might recommend different solutions. Medication, lifestyle changes, or injections might be required according to your doctor.

7. Fear Of Inadequacy

Too many men feel as though they are inadequate in the bedroom.Whether it be erectile dysfunction or the feeling that the size affects the quality of sex, there are many different reasons a guy might feel as though he is inferior in the bedroom.
How to Fix This Issue
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