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Male Enhancement: 3 Things to Eat to Boost Your Manhood

Boost Your Manhood

Enlargement Supplement for Men

Today’s busy environment makes it difficult to have the relaxing and intimate time you need with your partner. Thankfully, we now have male potency pills which can not only restore your sex life, but your intimate relationship as well. Sometimes a problem with being too small can become your worst nightmare, and even the kind of food you eat becomes an issue.

male enlargement supplementsWhy is this so? Because your sexual appetite could diminish because of the food you eat or the chemicals that were in it.

Lack of libido could greatly upset your relationship, leading up to a break-up or divorce; however, if you eat a healthy diet especially one designed to make you sexually active, and incorporate male enlargement supplements into your diet, then you should be able to restore things back to the way they were when you and your girlfriend or wife first met. 

How Amino Acids Contribute to Improved Sperm Production

Your ability to produce offspring highly depends on sperm count and sperm motility issues, and if your stats are on the higher-end, then you’ll have a greater chance of success. Are you aware of these issues? You need an enlargement supplement for men that has the right ingredients that increases your libido. 

Sperm Count & Sperm Motility

The number of sperm in a millimeter of semen is how doctors determine your sperm count. It becomes a fertility problem when you have a sperm count of less than 40 million/mL as it is regarded as less than normal in being a healthy-breeding person.

number of spermA rate of 50 percent or greater is considered normal when we refer to sperm motility or how your sperm is moving forward toward the uterus.

When your motility rate falls lower than 50% it means that you may not be fertile enough to have a child. Eating the right foods, getting proper exercise, getting enough sleep and leisure time as well as using male enlargement supplements all contribute to a healthy life and healthy sperm production. 

Some Helpful Amino Acids

Utilizing amino acids to increase your sperm count and improve sperm motility is not only a possibility but will also yield excellent results. Fortunately, our male enlargement supplements have the right ingredients, including essential amino acids that help revitalize your libido, sexual stamina, sperm count and sperm motility all together. But just to be on the safe side we encourage you to talk to your doctor first before making a decision.

Here are some steps to utilizing your diet, amino acids, and male enhancement drugs to facilitate your fertility issues: 

Nature’s Produce is Still the Best Remedy for Most of Our Health Problems

granolaConsume pumpkin seeds, granola, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and nuts together with dried fruits to take advantage of their high L-carnitine content.

Reducing inflammation of your seminal vesicles and epididymis as well as your prostate in general is what the amino acid L-carnitine does. It also improves your sperm motility. You will find that most of these health-giving benefits can also be found in male potency pills.

L-arginine rich foods should be the next thing to include in your diet. This amino acid breaks down in your body as nitric acids and what it does is loosen up your blood vessels and promote healthy circulation.

Like everything else in your body, improved circulation in your groin area increases sperm count and sperm motility. Red meat, fish, poultry, and dairy products are foods that have high levels of L-arginine. Incidentally L-carnitine and L-arginine are key elements in an enlargement supplement for men.

raise your spermCoupled with zinc, L-lysine can raise your sperm count and make you fertile.

The foods that are rich in this amino acid include peas, beans, tofu, peanuts,
lentils, oysters, wheat germ, mutton, and dark chocolate. Simultaneously eating foods rich in both zinc and L-lysine will undoubtedly produce excellent results.

Take an amino acid-rich male enlargement supplement to get your fill of fertility-improving amino acids that you struggle to get in your diet. Food as well as a high-quality enlargement supplement for men are your best source of amino acids. So if you neglect your health you also neglect your fertility – think about it!

A dose of amino acids from male enhancement drugs along with herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial components can also be purchased over the counter in most drugstores.

3 Prostate-Friendly Foods and Male Enlargement Supplements

Prostate-Friendly FoodsAside from your sexual and reproductive health, your diet also plays an influential role in your overall wellness.

Experts agree that foods and male enlargement supplements have the right nutrients that support prostate health, even eliminating certain prostate issues that are associated with aging.

An enlarged prostate and prostate cancer are among the most common health issues in men aged 50 and above, so this is essentially good news for you if you’re within that age group.

Here are some dietary and male potency supplement strategies that you can implement in order to take care of your prostate health and function:

Fruits And Vegetables1. Eat Lots of Fruits And Vegetables –  We were blessed with fresh fruits and vegetables by Mother Nature throughout our evolution; we should not reject her sustenance. Isn’t it obvious why your health is not optimum sometimes? It is because you consume more junk food than real food.

Veggies and fruits help your prostate health as much as it does your overall physical well being. Tomatoes and other fruits get their vibrant red/yellow/orange colors from a powerful antioxidant, which is the compound called lycopene.

It is said that lycopene helps improve prostate health. The herbal extracts found in most male enhancement drugs are quite similar to the ones found in fruits and vegetables.

Research shows that tomato-rich diets are associated with lowering the risk of prostate cancer, in fact, it has been observed shrinking existing tumors. Our male enlargement supplements already contain zinc so if you pair that with lycopene it will boost prostate health and increase your libido as well.

Saw Palmetto

Photo by Ted Bodner / CC BY

2. Saw Palmetto – Believed to be a great enlargement supplement for men in ancient wisdom, it is considered a useful treatment for prostate enlargement, particularly known as benign prostatic hypertrophy.

Medical science now confirms what ancient knowledge already knew. Aside from treating prostate infections Saw palmetto has also a range of other uses, including hair regrowth and hormone restoration.

3. Zinc – Zinc helps people grow and breathe, along with taste and digest their food. The lack of zinc in prostate cells gives way to cancer cells possibly populating, and may threaten your health. Eating beef, seafood, and dark-meat poultry is a good way to synthesize zinc in your body.

Consume zinc-rich foods and take male enlargement supplements to promote a healthy prostate; however, do not use too much zinc as it too can be hazardous to your health. Ask your doctor the recommended daily allowance for zinc and get natural male enlargement.

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