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Men's Health: 7 Ways to Tell if You Need Sex Therapy

7 Ways to Tell if You Need Sex Therapy 

No one wants to admit that they need a therapist. After all, doesn’t that mean that we are inadequate? It seems much easier to either ignore our problems or attempt to fix them ourselves; however, how effective is that?
At one point or another, everyone experiences sexual dysfunction.From premature ejaculation to erectile dysfunction or low libido, everyone experiences sexual dysfunction or one form or another.
Some people are able to ignore their issues, but this does not lead to a healthy and happy sex life. No matter how much you tell yourself that having sex one or twice a month is healthy, it is not.Sex should be consistent and pleasurable. If at any point in time it is not, then trust us when we say a sex therapist can help.
What Exactly Is A Sex Therapist And What Do They Do?
What Exactly Is A Sex TherapistA sex therapist is a doctor, counselor or healthcare professional who has been highly trained to help solve your sexual problems.
You can think of a sex therapist as a type of professional problem solvers. If you have any type of sexual problem, ranging from low libido to boring, mundane sex, then they can help you.
You can go to a sex therapist yourself or with your partner. Often times, the therapist will meet with you individually to talk about your issues. It is not that uncomfortable discussion you are imagining though.
Typically we picture laying on a long, leather couch being asked about our childhoods. That is not even close to what you can expect.Instead, your sex therapist will want to hear directly from you what your problems are. They might not even speak for the first five to 10 minutes depending on how long you can discuss your issues.
They then will prompt further explanation with questions such as, “How often do you have sex?” or “When was the last time you enjoyed sex?” Once your sex therapist has a foundational understanding of your issue, then they can recommend exercises, tasks and various types of homework for you and possibly your partner to work on.
sex therapistThe session can last anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes depending on your doctor, and the frequency will vary based off of the type of help that you need.
Now that you know what to expect from a sex therapist and a therapist session, let’s talk about whether or not you need one.

7 Ways to Tell if You Need Sex Therapy

First and foremost, you have to understand that you are not the only person pondering this question. Studies show that men who seek sexual therapy for 12 weeks, regardless of whether the appointment is in person or online,
report significant growth in their sexual function and pleasure. Still not sure if you want to go for it? See if our sex therapy experts recommend that you seek some therapy sessions.

1. You Have A Continuous Problem

Regardless of what the issue might be, the rule of thumb is that if it is consistent, then you should seek professional help.Whether the issue is premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, you should certainly make a consultation with a sex therapist.
erectile dysfunctionYour sex therapist can provide you with exercises to perform at home before your next session. You will then report back to them as to whether or not the issue is beginning to resolve, and hopefully your therapist can help you manage the problem in the form of a few sessions.
If you are having consistent sexual issues, then there is sure to be some other negative effects this is having on your relationship.

2. Your Sexual Problems Are Affecting Your Relationship

A lack of intimacy and rejection lead to relationship issues.Your sexual urges are never going to align perfectly, but if your partner is not sexually satisfied, then they will begin to feel resentful.
Many times, women internalize this lack of sex and assume that you are not sexually attracted to them, or that something is wrong. Stress caused by a lack of intimacy can make you or your partner rather edgy. This tension causes you to fight about practically anything, be it children, money or cleaning.
Affecting Your RelationshipIf your relationship is suffering because of your sexual problems, then it is time to pick up the phone and make an appointment.
Your sex therapist can help you find the area where your relationship is fragmented. In addition, your sex therapist will provide you, and possibly your partner with some homework as to how you both can work on this issue.
Sexual problems can make you and your partner feel rather angst-driven and edgy, but they also can cause more of a psychological impact, as well.

3. You Feel Embarrassed Or Guilty About Your Problem

Thanks to the abundance of porn and sex culture our society has created, we feel the constant need to be these rock-hard cowboys ready to give it to anyone who even looks at us.This hype around sex and sex drive might cause you to feel self-conscious about your own sex life.
Perhaps you are embarrassed that you are not as sexually driven as you think you should be, or maybe you are not having as great of sex as you think you are supposed to be.
Feel Embarrassed Or GuiltyIf you feel guilty, ashamed, or even depressed about your sex life and performance, then it is time to call a sexual therapist to provide you some help.
Sometimes, it comes down to your perception of your sex life. Your therapist can help you work through any misconceptions you might have, in addition to helping you become more confident and happy with your own sex life.

4. Sex Is Becoming Painful

Sex should never cause you or your partner pain. Often times, medications, health problems, and even positions can cause pain during sex. Your sex therapist can help you pinpoint the cause of pain during intercourse, in addition to recommending different positions that will better suit your body size and circumstances.
Your sex therapist can also refer you to another medical professional as they see fit. As if they do not have enough tricks up their sleeves, a sex therapist can also offer you some relaxation techniques that will help improve sexual performance and in turn decrease your anxiety.Most of these problems and red flags have been focused on you. But, there is one sign that she might be showing you that necessitates a trip to the therapist.

5. She’s Just Not That Into You

therapist can help you It is perfectly normal to experience the occasional plateau in a sexual relationship. Perhaps she is stressed or tired, and simply not in the mood. However, you can only hear the, “I have a headache,” excuse for so long.
Our expert’s rule of thumb is that if this lack of desire persists for more than a few months, then it is time to go in to see a sex therapist.
If you and your partner are not having happy and healthy sex for over two months, then a therapist can help you work to get to the root of the problem. It might be difficult at first, but your partner may be more willing to open up to a professional therapist.
This third party can work to coax any issues out of both you and your partner, and in turn help to solve the problem at hand.

6. You Can’t Get Her To Orgasm

Every man wants to be able to make his woman moan in pleasure repeatedly. However, if after consistent effort you cannot possibly make her orgasm, then a therapist can be of assistance.
Get Her To OrgasmAny woman who sees you making an effort to help her achieve pleasure should be flattered. She might be uncomfortable at first, but assure her that it will be well worth it.
The therapist can help both of you understand the female anatomy, in addition to various positions and techniques that can help her feel the ultimate arousal.

7. You Want To Try New Things

You might not realize it, but a sex therapist’s ultimate goal is to help you have better sex. Therefore, if you are looking to spice up your sex life, then try seeing a sex therapist. They can help you and your partner explore topics such as BDSM, sex toys, and other topics.
Be wary that even though you can learn about these things at home, a sex therapist is the expert. Don’t you want to learn about these topics from someone who knows what they’re talking about? Sure, you can read up about them on the internet, but here is someone who will professionally help you and your partner experience ultimate pleasure. What could be better than that?

How do I Find a Sex Therapist?

How do I Find a Sex Therapist?The best place to start is at your regular physician’s office. They can refer you to a quality sex therapist, or perhaps they can even help you without needing one.
If you are absolutely set on never seeing a sex therapist, then there are a few things you can try at home to help solve the problems you are experiencing.
Making more of an effort to romance her and connect emotionally can certainly help her get into the mood better.
You can also enhance your sexual stamina at home using tried and true products, such as This product comes with male enhancement supplement along with penis extender to help you improve your sexual functioning.
Never settle for a blasé, boring sex life. You and your partner should constantly seek pleasure in one another. So, get your groove back with the help of a therapist today.

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